Kyon Fanservice

It's wallpaper size too. LOL

It's wallpaper size too. LOL

Am I the only one cheering for more?

Am experiencing a bit of computer trouble at the mo, so will be online even less than I already am for however long it takes to fix said trouble. It might just be the overheating has finally got to it… or dust in the fan… or a combination of both lol. Just thought I’d post this in the meantime, I lol’d. Am glad of some boy-based fanservice for once in a while. (Without suffering through any BL or Yaoi that is.)

Might aswell also state the problem, in case anyone who reads this can help. It started happening very infrequently, once or twice in the space of 24 hours and then not again for days even. (This all started happening when I came home… I blame my brothers bad vibes… he kills technology with them…) Then last night, it started BSODing very frequently. Not sure what set it off…, but every time I tried to dl an ep of Haruhi to show my little brother and it kept BSODing then…. but its just a blank blue screen. No text indicating the problem. And that is the main problem, cos I got no clue whats wrong. Even tried a registry scanner thing, and it decided to BSOD then too…. If you can help, and want more info, comment so and I shall provide such info. Thank you in advance.

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15 Responses to “Kyon Fanservice”

  1. Apple Says:

    That happened to my previous computer too. It was a laptop though. Apparently there was a flaw in the laptop’s design not allowing it to dissipate heat properly. BSOD started happening a few times in a week at first, then after a few weeks started happening everyday.

    So, in the end I have a fried graphics card and a computer that won’t start up.

    Did you install anything recently that could have caused this?

    • meimi132 Says:

      Sounds like what seems to be happening to mind… Thats kinda what I’m hoping has happened… much simpler than messed up hardwear in a way. Mine is a laptop. An Packard Bell Easynote from Mid 2007. Has always been weirdly hot…

      I haven’t installed anything since the big factory restore a couple of months ago. Was all working without a hiccup untill I came home.

      The fried graphics card dont sound great though….

  2. lastra Says:

    lol……… maybe these can help with your problem:

  3. Asian Ed Says:

    Most BSODs I’ve come across are usually caused by some sort of driver issue. Did anything change recently (update, new software install, etc.)? I’d start there.

    Also, you’re running Win7RC, right? I thought I remember you mentioning something to that effect. Did you upgrade from another OS, or was it a clean install?

    • meimi132 Says:

      Am running Vista. No clue what Win7RC is….*googles* Ah, windows 7, as I thought. Naw, still Vista here.

      • Asian Ed Says:

        Hmm… well, similar enough. 🙂 Did you do any driver updates recently like through Windows Update?

        • meimi132 Says:

          No driver updates. Haven’t been any driver updates on this machine for a while if I remember correctly.
          The last 3 updates before this started happening were all for Windows Defender, one on the 13th, 15th, and 18th. I don’t usually update as soon as updates are released, can’t remember how long they were sitting there lol.

          • Asian Ed Says:

            Maybe it is the overheating issue that someone mentioned then… It is a laptop, after all…

            In the US, the name Packard Bell doesn’t conjure up images of reliability. They pulled out of the market many years ago. >.<

  4. Coco the Bean Says:

    Is there a name for this kind of fanservice? lol. Besides manservice that is. xD

    I don’t know enough about computers to help with the BSOD thing. sorry >.<

  5. Blowfish Says:

    Just watch the first EP of Akikan.Theres lots of Mansservice^^

  6. Persocom Says:

    lol Kyon fanservice XD Well I guess they gotta give something for the girls too once in a while. I really liked those scenes every shot looked like it’d make a good wallpaper.

  7. Snark Says:

    Wish I could help, but I’m pretty much computer illiterate -_-

    I totally dig the Kyon fanservice though.

  8. T.I.P. Says:

    Oooo…Kyon’s smexy, I don’t mind seeing more Kyon fanservice…even though I’m a guy. lol

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