Witchblade – Mamiko ‘Masamune’ Noto

Mamiko Noto is the only reason I decided to watch Witchblade. Seriously. Only reason. Would never have bothered otherwise since its not usually my kinda thing. Though every now and then I give stuff like it a whirl, for a change of pace from all the moe and school girls.


Am on episode 10/11 now (started watching 11, but fell asleep bought half way through, due to it being almost 4am lol.) Finding Masamune very endearing. It may just be Mamiko, but still, very very sweet. Rihoko too. Both very sweet. Have already figured out a few main plot points, doesn’t take a genius, but I’m still trying to avoid any spoilers. Wiki is not helpful for avoiding spoilers lol. Only saw something I’d already figured out though thank goodness.

Me likee Takayama-kun.

Me likee Takayama-kun.

He has such funny shaped eyebrows… still lovely though lol. Least its not all busty ladies. I have Takayama if I feel like fawning over anything 2D while watching Witchblade lol, after all, I’ve finished Sexy Voice and Robo sadly. And theres no second series….. No more cute robot-otaku(‘Itadakimax!!!’) Matsuyama-kun….


Theres a figure I wouldn’t mind getting of Masamune, the Alter normal outfit version, not the super-scant Witchblade outfit. I’m still looking around for her, will be hard I guess since she was released in 2007… Damn me being slow on the uptake. Lots of lovely photos of Danny’s Alter Masamune here. And lots more photos in general of figures, Tokyo, events etc at his flickr too.

One of the photos from Danny's set. So very lovely. Shame his game with glue marks on the oshiri.

One of the photos from Danny's set. So very lovely. Shame his game with glue marks on the oshiri.

Anyways, its quater to 3am here, I’m finally watching In Bruges, will probably stop soon, before 3, and hit the hay/watch some Witchblade. Can watch the last part of 11 and then the full ep 12. As I always say, I’ll try to post more frequently… but will it actually happen? lol We shall see, shan’t we?

EDIT: Little overview after 12 episodes, so far, still going strong, nice character development, enough reveals to keep you interested, I woulda been happy with less frankly, I put up with Lost after all lol. Theres also Maria, I’m looking forward to seeing her progress.

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8 Responses to “Witchblade – Mamiko ‘Masamune’ Noto”

  1. whatsACoder Says:

    Is witchblade in the us thesame on this one? I mean the “witch blade” the live action? is the story different?

    • meimi132 Says:

      Different story I think. I know the live action movie’s Witchblade wielder is a detective, Amaha isn’t a detective.
      Doesn’t the Witchblade get passed from woman to woman in the american version of the comic or something?

      • whatsACoder Says:

        really don’t know… just remember it when I was a kid ^^

        • Alex Says:

          yes Sara is a detective in NYC, other comics include Wonder Woman and other females characters bonding with the Witchblade. Witchblade started as a comic character in 1995 thanks to IMAGE comics. For the anime Top Cow wanted to make another season (box set) thay would introduce the Darkness.

  2. Snark Says:

    I want those eyebrows.

    Also, how’s Witchblade as a whole? I saw the first episode, which was pretty sweet, but never got any further -_-

  3. nyoron Says:

    Mamiko Noto was Amaha? … Never knew that.. But I guess I only became her fan way after watching WitchBlade. Never got to finish it though. Should do that soon.

  4. Alex Says:

    She was called Masamune because of her large breasts. Her name is Masane (tbh i thought it was Masune) but they also called her Melony. (as in Melons) get it? 😉

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