Stupid (UK) Government…

This screen came from DC, the updated statement from Minori.

This screen came from DC, the updated statement from Minori.

It’s pure bad luck or idiocy that the ero game that appeared on Amazon UK was RapeLay… Just awful that that was the game that got noticed… cos its one of the extreme games, that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, that its got a really bad reaction…(fair enough, tis a nasty sounding game) if it was a lesser Visual Novel and not a simulator like that…it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as its gotten right now… Its caused reprocussions for the otakus of the world. Now companies like Minori are beginning to restrict access to those outside of Japan… its disappointing and sucky that something like this has happened… after the years of overly violent games on the market, finally somethings coming about that makes them stop and think about the indecent stuff on the market… Took this long…


The recent developments regarding censorship of games has been disheartening for our kind. Since yesterday Minori musta got alot of stick regarding the blocking of most of the world from their site, cos as you can see, they released a new statement. And they said that if people don’t like the fact they’ve blocked their site, post about it, contact the government etc etc. I’m posting about it. I feel compelled too. It doesn’t feel so much like Freedom of Speech to me, more Freedom of Art or something regarding imagery.

The good face of eroge.

The good face of eroge.

I’m just so annoyed that it had to be the UK to start this chain of hell… We’re never gonna get any more decent legal english translations if this malarky continues… its just not fair… When I showed my dad the wiki page on RapeLay he was pretty appaulled. Said he couldn’t understand how something like that could be made, with so much hatrid. (Along those lines, tis not an exact quote.) Its just awful that it had to be that game that caught someones eye… I spose Bible Black woulda caused some uppity sod in parliament to complain, but not as much as RapeLay has… I wasn’t really aware of anything when the Urotsukidoji movies were released, but I know they were wrought with controversy on release in the UK… illegal at first…? I really can’t remember…

Chie, not wearing very much... lol

Chie, not wearing very much... lol

I’m just amazed that RapeLay ever got onto Amazon‘s database… tis a disgrace on their part frankly. Porn is pretty grisly anyways, not just the 2D kind,  but the 3d kind is just…

Little history of eroge, or ero games, hentai games if your ill-informed here. Was happy to see a mention of To Heart, Leaf and Key. They’re some of my favourite ero games and eroge developers.  I’m just bummed at the possibility that censorship on my favourite things will grow… what happens if they decide to hit anime next? What if they get even more ott and decided gratuitous fanservice/ecchi anime like Strike Witches, soft core anime like Queens Blade, or fanservice+violence like Witchblades is unsuitable for release in the west…  Ecchi becoming illegal would be insane… Ofc this is a worst case scenario, and hopefully won’t come about. Hopefully they’ll be enough protest at the blocking of eroge makers sites that they get their freedom back.

Its images like this that can be misconstrude, but theres nothing close to RapeLay in any of the To Heart games. They are the romcom of eroge far as I'm concerned.

Its images like this that can be misconstrude, but theres nothing close to RapeLay in any of the To Heart games. They are the romcom of eroge far as I'm concerned.

Anyway… I must stop this rant… I could have swore, ALOT but I didn’t lol.

Oh, also, RIP Michael Jackson. Died earlier tonight of a heart attack apparantly, so say the reports. I wonder if he could have faked his own death to live his declining years in peace, away from the press, but its frankly doubtful lol, people will try and believe this though, out of desperation, like the ‘Elvis is an Alien’ theory.

First screenshot came from here. Most of my other visual novel CG sets must be on the big computer… shame… meant I only had Clannad and To Heart 2 AD easily on hand.

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13 Responses to “Stupid (UK) Government…”

  1. phossil Says:

    Now where can we get eroge games??

  2. whatsACoder Says:

    stumbled it too in dannychoo… not a fan of eroge but according to minori he just wants to protect the culture of japanese from the people outside

  3. Snark Says:

    I must say, the blocking of international IPs was an interesting reaction to this whole affair. Definitely didn’t think it’d go that far.

  4. hikky Says:

    That whole thing is so strange, if you think about it. I’m wondering about how Amazone could approve such a gametoo.
    Just blogged about this.

  5. Q Says:

    Actually, if you think from those politicians’ point of view, it’s perhaps not surprising why they would try to prevent people outside Japan from accessing eroge.

    For outsiders, the first thing that will come to their mind will probably the H scenes and anything erotic – i.e. they will judge what eroges are by that, and as a result of prejudice they will find them profound and reject such things to exist in the ‘normal’ society, unlike Japan where it is more ‘accepted’.

    On top of that, as a person living in the UK you may know that there’s not a lot of Japanese stuff in the UK anyway. Be it food, merchandise, anime etc, finding them is not easy or cheap. In other words Japanese stuff in general are not so popular in the UK, so how would the politicians, who mostly probably won’t want to spend time going indepth about Japanese culture, want to have such games in their country?

  6. roserosa Says:

    Hmmm I can see why there have been blocks been put on some sites, because otherwise the coverage will get worse and worse and a company couldn’t survive.

    Now as for eroge, I’m not that keen on it but I’ve been on a few of the websites of different games so I’m aware that not all games are porn, I’ve found some really nice pictures before. The websites all say 18+ so shouldn’t the game have a warning as well?

    C’mon, it’s not like they’re been marketed to young, innocent people. They are games for adults and they aren’t all terrible. So yeah, I can understand why your ranting.

  7. Persocom Says:

    I don’t mind that some games get banned, but to crack down on all games because of a few horrible ones is too much. We’re in 2009 now and it feels like the world is retrogressing in what we accept. It seemed a while ago that this would just be a small thing, but it’s caught on to other companies as well and it seems the eroge industry is starting a sickly path to dying a slow death. I do think that if enough people stick up for the good games we might have a chance of keeping them going though.

  8. T.I.P. Says:

    I doubt ecchi would become illegal anywhere, if it does, then there would be no more music videos allowed…since most of them wear next to nothing.

    RapeLay is base on a pretty ridiculous setting, but I guess it appeals to the fantasies of some otakus? I doubt they’ll ever go as far as banning all ero games from crossing the border, just the rare ones with bad taste.

    • meimi132 Says:

      I’ve always wondered how some music videos can be as raunchy as they are and get away with it… I remember mud wrestling in one…

      And yah, don’t think they’d ban them all. Thankfully. The Nitro+/JastUSA join is something to be very thankful for lol. Random Crazy Happenstances all round!

  9. The Envoy Says:

    The world is becoming a little too paranoid by the day.

  10. poekaungmagic Says:

    I don’t like this blocking.

  11. flying whale Says:

    “Ecchi becoming illegal would be insane…”

    It’s more insane that you defend those filthy things without hesitation.

    And it’s more insane liking anime because of that crap wrongly called ecchi (h). That only portrays anime as something ordinary, disgusting, aimed to low-life and perverted people.

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