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My Otacool Room

July 30, 2009

Finally got round to posting my Otacool entry on lol. Took a while, but I’m in time… I think…

One of the pics from the post. Go there to see em all!! lol

One of the pics from the post. Go there to see em all!! lol

Will go back to watching Bridget Jones Diary now. Yay for Colin Firth! Boo for Hugh Grant…

Which sounds better?

July 26, 2009

Which sounds better, ‘Oh Girl, Oh Boy…’ or ‘Oh Boy, Oh Girl…’? (As a title.)

So, hands in the air please!! Votes required!!

One of the pretty-pretty CG's from TH2AD.

One of the pretty-pretty CG's from TH2AD.

Need to watch MOAR!!!!

July 24, 2009


Being very lazy with the anime comsumption so far lol. Watching Paprika atm though. Awesome movie. So freaky though. Got him to watch Kannagi, Sky Girls, Shangri La… not much else. He needs to watch Canaan though. And Haruhi. And Clannad!!! Mwhahahaha!!! Kanon I will spare him from, since Clannad is more than enough mushy girliness for any guy who’s not used to it lol.

Should be posting more really, but busy!!! With anime and games and munchies and fun! lol. Already yawning though… sucks ass… shouldn’t have got up so early… damn me.

Moefication Marathon

July 23, 2009


Tomorrow, I’m gonna do my best to pollute another with the miracle that is moe. I already got him watching anime a few years back, but he needs moe. He’s missing out on Clannad and Kannagi, stuff like Sky Girls and Strike Witches. Theres so much he hasn’t seen. Sadly he is one of the many who fell to the blunt edged sword that is Naruto. Bleach too, but Bleach is better than Naruto, I actually watched the whole first season without turning it off lol.

The deal I made to get him to watch the stuff I prefer was that I would in turn, watch the stuff he prefers. So that means stuff like Naruto, FMA(am indifferent to FMA really), Desert Punk probably, and not sure if Bleach will be part of the marathon, since he knows I’ve seen some before. The Naruto torture will be worth exposing him to the greatness that is Clannad, Haruhi, Kannagi and many others, not all moe and girly stuff mind. Will be fun. And will go on a while. Below are the majority of what I plan to expose him to. Might be a few more from the new season. Depends.


Sora no Manimani

July 22, 2009


I finally got round to watching the first episode of Sora no Manimani. And really enjoyed it. Its a nice slice of life. Quite funny too. My little bro may like it, must try him on it. Saku-chan is super cute, slightly loopy, but lead females obsessed with males from their past are usually a bit loopy right? Works in reverse too of course.


GAME messes up = WIN

July 21, 2009
One of my 360 Mii ripoffs lol.

One of my 360 Mii ripoffs lol.

(I like these avatars better cos you get to pick the outfit, and they’re not SD/Chibi(my little bro made his look like Neil Patrick Harris, which is epic.). Bear in mind, I don’t wear glasses, they just went well with that outfit lol. I always wanted to wear glasses when I was younger though, thought they were cool. I remember lying about a house number across the road being fuzzy just to go to the optitions lol.)

Today, after we saw Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince(will talk bout that tomorrow), my little brother went to see about a hard drive for the 360, since we only had a 512mb Memory unit… He wanted the 60GB starter pack, with the headset(which he probably wouldn’t use), an ethernet cable(which we have many of already), a 3 month gold membership(which I already have lol). When we found a place that had them in stock, in GAME for £59.99. We bought it, were handed the bag, or at least my little bro was, he didn’t check the bag, which, in hindsight, woulda been a good idea. But in some ways, its better he didn’t.


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