Clannad After Story Fujibayashi OVA – Still not convinced…


Earlier tonight I saw the Fujibayashi OVA, I didn’t even realise there was one before today, and only an hour or so before I found and dl’d the episode in question. I will enjoy pretty much any Clannad someone throws my way, even when its my least favourite characters.

I’ve never been a fan of, nor do I believe I’ll become a fan of anytime soon, Kyou Fujibayashi. And yet her, and Tomoyo still reign high as the top favourite girls of Clannad, kicking butt all through Saimoe. I just don’t get it. What their appeal is opposed to the lovely Kotomi or undeniably awesome Fuuko?

By one of my fave artists, Goto-P. Full 3.4mb version, click with caution.

By one of my fave artists, Goto-P. Full 3.4mb version, click with caution.

Even this OVA didn’t warm me to the Fujibayashi twins much. After the first series of Clannad, when, even though it was obvious to Kyou that Okazaki liked Nagisa, she still tried to set Ryou and Okazaki up. Which is something no one should ever do, it was most unfair for Nagisa while she was away sick. Yes it was nice for her to do this for her sister instead of going for Okazaki herself, but its still wrong. It’s like when the Doctor in one episode of Doctor Who, the Madam de Pompeder one, where he abandoned Rose and Mickey, to jump through the mirror and save the girl, even though he didn’t know if he could get back. Its a betrayal of character and I hate when they do it with any series. Which is why I didn’t really like the Tomoyo After chapter of the first season… I know its alternate realities and whatnot, but I still don’t like it… just don’t sit right with me…

The twins. And Botan! Probably the best part bout Kyou lol. She owns Botan lol.

The twins. And Botan! Probably the best part bout Kyou lol. She owns Botan lol.

If someone could just explain to me why Kyou is so well loved it would help, ALOT, cos I really don’t get her appeal. Out of the twins, I’d pick Ryou. I’m not sure who’d I’d pick out of Tomoyo or Kyou, since they’re both bottom of my list of the main gals. Out of the two below, guess who I’d pick?

moe%2047150%20clannad%20fujibayashi_kyou%20ibuki_fuuko%20ikeda_kazumi%20seifuku%20thighhighsOut of the, well developed, fiesty young girl or the undeveloped childish & stubborn but lovable young girl, who would I pick? Honestly? And if you pick wrong, obviously your new to the blog or haven’t been paying attention to my previous posts lol.

Anyways, as for the Fujibayashi OVA, was nice, end was predictable, specially the bit in the classroom. Totally saw that coming. But nice. Animation looked a bit strange in places, but overall good as usual. Still don’t like em together though… but thats not the proper Clannad universe anyhow, so nothing to obsess over. I just hope they make an OVA for Kotomi and Fuuko. Fuuko deserves her own show, so much more to give lol, the DFC Hitode Warrior lol. I’d love to see how the blossoming relationship between Kotomi and Okazaki would go, and she had known him the longest out of any of the other girls aswell. Seeing a Fuuko+Okazaki relationship would be hilarious, since she would probably reject him on the spot. Gotta love her.

So yeah, explain to me why Kyou is so wonderful. You could do Tomoyo aswell if you want, since most Kyou fans would probably like Tomoyo too, going by my prior knowledge anyways.

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12 Responses to “Clannad After Story Fujibayashi OVA – Still not convinced…”

  1. gundamjehutykai Says:

    TOMOYO!!!! She’s awesome. In fact, she kept me going through the whole of the first season due to her awesomeness!!
    Never really had an affinity for Kyou tho. She’s a distant 3rd from Fuuko.
    And I can’t believe that you want an OVA for Fuuko and Kotomi! Those 2 had their own arcs!!!! Well, Tomoyo kinda did as well but still!!!

    I guess Tomoyo’s appeal has something to do with how she’s really feminine, despite being able to beat up entire gangs by herself. The sense that she’s really strong yet very vunerable, as though she could shatter with just a push in a certain way. But only the Clannad OVA really shows that off in any way. Because she didn’t get her story told completely, we only see the strong side of her for the series. She also has one of the saddest stories out of heroines (including tomoyo after)

    Dunno about Kyou. Probably the tsundere factor although, again, the show doesn’t really show it. There’s a lot of tsun-tsun (the beating them underfoot bit) but not really any dere-dere (the lovey dovey part). Maybe in the closing moments of the OVA showed it but that’s it.

  2. nintendokid Says:

    I didnt know about this OVA ill go downloa now

    but anyway….HOW CAN U NOT LIKE HER!Shes cool,funny,i wouldnt call it moe ….more good looking i suppose ,plus she owns Botan he so cute!
    but ok i stilll think fuko is frekin hilarious ,i mean aswome and the kotomi story was kool but i have to say she is aswome but i think there kinda like kagami and tsukasa ,anyone?

    but id say in this order if clannad girls (favourite ness not looks)

    3.Nagisa ( the bit in clannad AS where she shocks her dad with the “secret” topped it off 4 me)
    5.umm name escaes me begins with ah tomoya

  3. potatoechips Says:

    hey man I’m with you.. I watched the whole series and the OVAs and I still don’t find kyo that “awesome”. let’s see… kyou is like the fanservice machine of the series. tsundere= fanservice. 99% of kyou fans have to be men. People don’t get to apreciate a character for his determination, but for it’s coolness or physical atributes, that is kinda dissapointing. same for Tomoyo, but tomoyo have a lot more qualities that make her a better character than kyou, like she does have a purpose. The only think I can really admire of kyou is her love for her sister.
    In my opinion, both characters are fragile inside. That’s why I enjoyed the character’s development in the main story the most. the OVAs didn’t left me such a moral, just a beautiful story but nos as touching as the one with Ushio.
    I think that kind of preference is just matter of fanboyism

    • meimi132 Says:

      In my case fangirlism lol.
      I usually pick favourite by a combo of cuteness and personality, which is why, for me, Fuuko+Kotomi come out top. Fuuko has determination to spare, doing all she does for her sisters wedding, yet not being seen by her sister during that time. And Kotomi, shut-in and strange she may be, is one of the more tragic characters, but so moe. With her violin and her teddies, love her. So much….

      • potatoechips Says:

        xD also in my case, fangirlism… but I said that because clannad is a seinen, mainly for guys. I have my favorite girls too, in fact this is the kind of series on wich you like the female characters more than the male ones. my favorite has to be Nagisa, then fuuko and then Kotomi xD the sweetest. while guys would generally choose Tomoyo and Kyou, the sexiest, and hate the rest (generally nagisa or fuuko). See the difference?

        • meimi132 Says:

          Totally see. Why can’t the guys see the charms of Kotomi and Fuuko? And not be overthrown by the fullsome charms of Kyou and Tomoyo… overrated by the guys who like to be controlled… which seems to be a fair few lol. And I thought there were a fair few DFC fans who would like Fuuko, and Kotomi… well who wouldn’t like her? Honestly? lol. My order is Kotomi/Fuuko, Nagisa, then the other 2. Not really counting Ryou cos she don’t seem to do much, but I’d pick her over Kyou.

          I keep telling my parents Clannad is aimed at guys, but they don’t believe me lol. Tis cos I’m letting my little 12 y.o brother watch. He seems to like it, laughs alot at Sunohara being beaten to a pulp hehe. And at Fuuko, and since he like Yuki in Haruhi, Kotomi would be his kinda strange, quiet, book loving vacant-stare kinda girl lol. I love Kotomi for all of the above and more. Mamiko Noto is too good. Ai Nonoka is also brilliant as Fuuko though.

    • gundamjehutykai Says:

      well, Nagisa was THE main girl for the game so her story got fleshed out a lot more than the other characters. It’s a bit unfair to compare her story to the others. Only Tomoyo could possibly compare since she got the game Tomoyo After, but man, that was a sad game…

  4. blur Says:

    Hi.. Hope you don’t mind me barging in.

    Kotomi has always been my choice and will probably always be. Unless they somehow come up with a crazy OVA which miraculously drops the affectionate attachment I have for her. Which will be pretty darn hard. :p

    Coming in second would be an obvious choice of Nagisa. Sweet and Kind! Dream Wai-fu.. *There’s a comeback here but it’s a cheap shot and not to mention cruel so I rather not say it*

    Personally I have nothing against Kyou, or Ryou or anyone else for that matter. It’s just that their characters were needed to help Clannad achieve a sense that every character is unique with each playing their own important roles. Which in turn shapes Clannad & After Story to become my favourite anime ever. Not too fond of the movie however. :p

    Doing my blogging rounds today, I found quite a bit of Kyou-hate going around. Which actually makes me feel sorry for her. Lol!

    • meimi132 Says:

      Nooo do barge in! More oppinions the better!!
      I don’t have anything against the Fujibayashi’s or Tomoyo, just dont get the hype that surrounds them, they’re doing so well in Saimoe…
      And yah, the movie is nothing compared to the TV series. The art style is different and if I knew it’d reveal the (bad)end of After Story to me, I wouldn’t have watched it…

  5. xJAYMANx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Whoa, didn’t even know (or I forgot, lol) that a “Tomoyo” (2008) or “Kyou” (2009) OVA chapter existed! Gotta look into this…

  6. Shinryu Says:

    Everyone has their own preference when it comes to women, even fictional ones.

    My current girlfriend is like kyou; headstrong, always putting others before herself, good cook, kinda immature, hot.. i could go on 😀 Tomoyo is also a good heroine; smart, independent, strong (in more ways than one) mature and hot.

    That being said, i think it’s just your preference. Girls like kyou and tomoyo aren’t your type of girl. I think all the main heroines of clannad are very good characters, but their appeal vary from person to person.

    I do agree with you on one thing though, Kotomi and Fuuko DESERVE to have their own romantic OVA’s. They are too cute to not have their own solo romantic adventure with tomoya.

    • meimi132 Says:

      XD Well technically none of them are my type of girl… as they’re girls XD
      Out of the guys in the show…limited they may be… I might have to pick Nagisa’s dad… as Tomoya does have alot of issues…many daddy issues… still wuv Tomoya though XD

      I prefer em to be more grounded. Which is why Ohgi/Ougi of Code Geass is obviously the best. Lulu and Suzaku both having major issues XD

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