Summer Season Anime – Freshly Squeezed Anime Goodness

Pretty pic from Umi Monogatari, or Sea Story.

Pretty pic from Umi Monogatari, or Sea Story.

So far I’ve tried 5 of the new Summer anime, and I have Canaan all ready and dled to watch later tonight, but GG subs always seem to lag for me, the audio is quicker than the video and subs, anyone else get this problem? Its better in VLC, but the subs arn’t pretty and the singalong subs are usually out of whack, not a fan of VLC…

Am including a trailer or opening for each of the anime I’ve tried so far, so you can see what your missing, if your not already watching stuff.

Umi Monogatari – In ep 1 it had a kinda Aria feel to it, but in episode 2 it went all magical girl on us, so I can’t tell what its gonna be more yet, serene slice of life or magic battles a-go-go? Image from above came from, guess where? Moe Imouto!!


Opening, very Aria-esque imo.

Umineko no naku koro ni – I was gonna have to watch this whether I liked it or not, due to my love of Higurashi, and murder mysteries, gotta love em.



Weiss Survive – Seen 3 episodes of this and doubt I’ll be continuing, looked alright, but the only short animation for me is Eve no Jikan, saw the 5th episode today, still love it. Can’t wait for the 6th.

Since the episodes are super-short, heres the first 2. No english subs I’m afraid. Too lazy to search, lots of spanish subs it seems though lol.

Aoi Hana – Very sweet series, yuri ain’t my number one choice of entertainment, but when its well done, I’ll watch *almost* anything. Will be continuing with it unless it takes  a serious nosedive in quality.



Element Hunters – Just wanted to try it to see what it was like, but it seems that a fansub group called Fabulous ruined it for me lol. Made it funnier I’m sure, but not great when I’m trying to show it to my 11 year old brother… he ofc, laughed like a drain, any dirty word and he’s in histerics. And apparantly, its meant to be semi-educational, teaching the periodic table of elements n what not. Since my brother likes science tis good for him, not so much for me.



Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahō – Cute, but sily. Not even Ai Nonaka is enough to keep me watching I think…. will try the second episode when its out, but I doubt it’ll stick.


Ending, since there was no opening this episode.

Needless – Now this, for me at least, could be the dark horse of the season, found myself enjoying the first episode, regardless of the nasty op music and rather annoying text that appears when they scream their attack in battle. Could easily do without that. And also, when I saw the rather yuri ending a few days before seeing the whole episode, I thought it was gonna be all yuri, completely shocked when I started watching lol. Taught me a lesson of research the titles first. I usually do mind.

The ending, since I can’t find a trailer, this is the first thing related to Needless I saw anyways lol.


And there are still 8 things I wanna try too lol. I doubt I’ll be sticking with Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou unless it pulls something brilliant out of the bag in ep 2, I only considered giving it a good chance after finding out Nonaka Ai and Haruka Tomatsu were voicing to main characters. Plus the main guy is voiced by Kusuda’s seiyuu(from Hatsukoi Limited) who I now have a soft spot for lol. Yay for the Kappa!
The ones I know I like are Umi Monogatari, Umineko and Aoi Hana. Needless might be a suprise entry in my watch list, depends what next weeks is like.

Oh, and while writing this I was half-watching Pani Poni Dash ep 1. Had seen some of it before, but might give it a real go, since Nonaka Ai’s in it too lol. And the cute sister’s seiyuu from Read Or Die TV. Heres ep 1, just cos I can hehe, parts 1, 2 and 3.

One more pic from Umi Monogatari, love the artwork for it. It was created of a Pachinko machines characters right? Anyone care to back this up?

Pretty pretty underwater folk, with their semi-vulcan ears lol. Girl on the right aint from underwater though, she's from the sky world if you couldn't tell by her attire lol.

Pretty pretty underwater folk, with their semi-vulcan ears lol. Girl on the right aint from underwater though, she's from the sky world if you couldn't tell by her attire lol.

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5 Responses to “Summer Season Anime – Freshly Squeezed Anime Goodness”

  1. Snark Says:

    Hmm, I might give Umi Monogatari a shot if the magic battles are well done.

  2. Gunstray Says:

    Im eager to see those chemical hunting kiddos get beaten up by pottasium…

  3. Persocom Says:

    Umi Monogatari sounds good, must find the first 2 episodes I guess? Needless was lolwtf. The other umi one was pretty decent. I watched Fight Ippatsu Juuden Chan or whatever it’s called and that was weird but ok I guess. Lots of strange ones this season. Canaan was interesting and I’m definitely going to watch it. Aoi Hana seemed good too though it’s a bit slow paced.

  4. Ashper Says:

    Just grabbing Umi Monogatari, looks good ^_^

  5. optic Says:

    Been reading a fair amount of good impressions on Umineko no naku koro ni. Maybe I judged it too soon. :S
    When my holidays is over, I won’t be able to continue series at this pace so I must pick wisely.

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