Endless Eight – Really Endless?!?

Seriously… how could they think this was a good idea, 3 episodes fine, 4 maximum, but stretching it to 5!!! COME ON!!

Dammit Kyon! Stop looking dazy and hot and figure it out already!!!

Dammit Kyon! Stop looking dazy and hot and figure it out already!!!

Below is a complation of screenshots of likely clues about the solution to Endless Eight, and all my comments on DC regarding my disgruntlement and semi-outrage at the coming and going of another new ep of Haruhi with NO RESOLUTION! Just some hints at what Haruhi wants to do… Its almost worse than trying to figure out what the hells going on in Lost lol.

1st – 4 weeks… 4 weeks of the same bloody thing!!! WTH KYON?! Really… Even I wudda got it by now…

2nd – I almost cried when Kyon didn’t stop her…. GAWD I really am getting a tad pissed off now… what a waste of whats getting on to be half a series…

3rd – @Arein: Mmm… I so hope not…. that was my worst case scenario… :sob: What a waste of a series if thats what they do tho, unless its epicly good. (In reply to the possibility that Endless Eight will go on for 8 EPISODES. The horror, I considered in a fleeting moment, but not seriously…)

4th – I’ve already done my venting in outrage at the 4th Endless Eight ep. 3 woulda been enough… but 5 or more? Seriously… No more venting.. would be a long rant lol.

5th – And yeah… it will be a weak season… heading towards half a season of Endless Eight… I’m getting to the point where I might just read the part of the novel which reveals the fix. If it does… It better be solved in the 5th Endless Eight ep, and not continue for a full 8 eps… UNLESS they have bumped the series up to 24 eps, to make up for the repetition.
Then again… folks who have seen Higurashi have watched the same thing over and over with slight varients lol. But with Endless Eight there ain’t enough variety… If we got to see the other activities, like at the movies, and the others.. not just the swimming, festival, the fireworks, frog suits, cicida catching and baseball…  More variety and we wouldn’t be as pissy as we are right now…

I swear… if they don’t wrap it up next week… well.. I would say I’d quit watching, but thats a promise I can’t make. I mean, I’ve kept watching basically the same thing for a month now… 4 weeks…. :arrgggggggghhh: *Tennant-style head muss* NAAAZZZEEEE??!!!

The biggest clue we have is the plane imagery. Since Haruhi herself has said absolutely ZITCH on the subject of flying, only possible thing I cud relate flying to is her wanting to find Martians. Or maybe the favour she wants from the cicada’s is to be able to fly or something. I really have no clue, I’m guessing.

This has gotta be a fairly big hint in resolving the repeating time. 15,513 times, ne?

This has gotta be a fairly big hint in resolving the repeating time. 15,513 times, ne?

More plane... well, glider technically.

More plane... well, glider technically.

Seriously... come on.... if they dont finish this arc in the next episode...

Seriously... come on.... if they dont finish this arc in the next episode...

Theres also the cloud formation which is seen multiple times throughout the episode… would have to go back and check the other Endless Eight eps to see if its in them too.

Does that look like ANYTHING to you? At all? Nothing freudian? Zip?

Does that look like ANYTHING to you? At all? Nothing freudian? Zip?

 That cloud formation is seen in the movie they were watching too…

So many times... so many...

So many times... so many...

Please Haruhi… just tell us what you want!!

Don't just whisper to him! TELL US!!!

Don't just whisper to him! TELL US!!!

Ok… I think I’ve relieved my need to rant… *think* I could probably do so some more if I wanted.

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7 Responses to “Endless Eight – Really Endless?!?”

  1. Gunstray Says:

    Meh should I drop this now and save my soul

  2. Double H Says:

    Endless Eight my ass!! T.T

  3. lightningsabre Says:

    I was hoping to find the amount it repeated in the novel… but I think the novel was around 8000ish times, so yeah, no such luck finding a clue when this is gonna be over. I really hope they don’t sell the DVD like this in Japan because THAT’S the real outrage!

  4. RayZaruki Says:

    I… Wonder…. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS SHOW? Trying to impress the viewers? Or is it merely trying to waste our precious time? I have all the time in the world to do other things but in the end i chose to watch haruhi season 2 and all i get is this looping shit they give me? TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!! Okay if KyoAni is trying to show that they are unique and special in terms of anime production, let me tell you, YOU GUYS ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BLEACH’S BOUNTO SERIES ( yes the filler episodes of bleach that has a really unbearable and disgusting plot that even my 3 years old brother’s dick feels sorry for the show). Think about it, if Kyon really wants to stop the looping of time, he could just stop and ask Haruhi “Is there something else you wanna do? Cause i think you still aren’t satisfied with this level of enjoyment” instead of trying to guess what Haruhi wants. Furthermore, on 30th of august he has ONE WHOLE FUCKING DAY to ask Haruhi out and enjoy life with her, why bother staying at home and rot and do nothing? Is KyoAnime trying to promote anti-proactive behavior? Trust me, an idiot will do that if he knows that he is undergoing time looping 15XXX times. Lastly i would like to thank KyoAni for wasting my fucking time to watch this kind of fucking lame show. Erm….im sorry… maybe my use of language is too replusive…. but at the meantime can i just the producers of KyoAni to do me one last favour? Can you guys GO FUCK YOURSELVES? Thank you, i would appreciate that. I hope you all burn in hell and get tortured by Haruhi because she will probably regret that she allowed you guys to produce her. What a shame to such an cute and adorable character. What a waste to such good quality anime. What a disgrace of the entire human race. What a motherfucking company to waste people’s time to watch their titty little shit anime. You guys actually have the balls to produce this kind of shit. I think you guys should direct the next “DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION 2″ because i think the movie’s rating was around… let’s see 1/2 star out of 5 stars. OPPS, i forgot maybe the movie was even better than this anime by around 1000 times. NONONO, MAYBE 15499 TIMES. Dear producers, if you guys are really out of ideas or have nothing better to do, go masturbate, it really relieves your stress. Just a little suggestion, maybe you could watch some haruhi hentai to make yourself erected. OH man, im sorry im being very rude here to all the bloggers out there. oh it’s 3 am. looks like i gottcha sleep. IF THE LOOPING TIME EVER HAPPENS TO ME, I WILL BE PLEASED TO ALLOW IT to HAPPEN BECAUSE I will enjoy the opportunity FLAME and curse THIS FUCKING ANIME FOR ETERNITY. See you guys around, yea really…. and HARUHI PRODUCERS =D dont forget what i told you guys ^^ “go fuck yourselves” (literally) or maybe you can let some dogs to help you erect. HAiz, i think im just too pissed off with this anime. Trust me, if anyone ever appears to me and say HARUHI is a nice anime for their looping, i will literally KILL HIM or maybe not her. K THANKS BYE. ehhh, dont forget, go fuck yourselves ^^ love you guys. Cya all in hell. OH maybe i will go heaven for making this kind of comments. hehe. I bet the God feels irritated watching this kind of rubbish. FUCKING C.M.I show. BTW, im an indian. You can come india and look for me if you think my comments are unacceptable. THANKS. Fuckers

  5. RyoBase Says:

    Don’t worry Kyon will save everyone from this matter…soon enough.

  6. Alexdangelo Says:

    Suzumita rock! what the great idea! we will know where’s the truly fans!

  7. Kyonkuuuuunn Says:

    Maybe someday

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