Who actually buys anime DVD’s?

Ahhh Nagi, Kannagi is one of the series I most want on DVD, but it has yet to be released.

Ahhh Nagi, Kannagi is one of the series I most want on DVD, but it has yet to be released.

I read Neo’s big fansub article in the new issue, 61, and felt compelled to write something, cos I do download fansubs, yes its illegal, but I, unlike alot of people, buy the series when they’re out. And I only watch anime I know I like, I don’t go downloading everything under the sun, that would be a complete waste of time.

In the past year, less actually, I’ve bought more anime than I ever have before. Online, at conventions, in stores. I like to think I do my part for the anime market. And this is mainly thanks to being able to watch and test out anime using fansubs. Anime like Clannad, Ouran High Host Club, Onegai Twins, Kanon, all anime I bought because of the fansubs I watched. Some series I buy just cos I know I’ll like them, To Heart, Midori Days, I hadn’t seen them before, maybe one episode of Midori Days on a anime preview disc from Newtype or something. Other stuff I bought when I saw it cheap, like Bleach, and, god forbid Naruto…(just tried the first part of the first season, didn’t get through the first disc… Bleach was better, have the first season of that. There are also occasions when I rented anime from the library. Did that with Elfin Lied and few others. Tsukihime I got because I had the first volume in a big-multipack of anime and loved it, mostly volume 1’s in the set.

I do what I do with fansubs with american shows which have never made an impact on british tv, How I met your mother specifically. I bought seasons 1&2, downloading 3, the bought 3, and then downloaded 4 and am waiting for the dvd release this september. I rarely dl american tv without the intention of buying it at some point. (LOST!!! :WOOOP: There also Castle and Dollhouse, will be importing Castle when they’re released, since its questionable whether or not it’ll get a UK release… It so should…)


I will say this now, I very rarely buy single disc volumes. I did when I was younger, bought Haibane Renmei and .hack//Legend of the Twilight and a fair few others that way, would have saved so much money if I waited for the boxset. Also got Haruhi in the single discs, but there were super-enticing freebies to consider, so I just had to. I LOVE boxsets. LOVE them. Best thing ever. I know that its a much-much better deal than anime is in Japan. The pricesthey charge are… phenominal… And its just for 2 episodes, 3 if your lucky. I remember thinking that £20 for 3/4 episodes was such a ripoff, still do a bit, but alot of anime has decreased their price to around £15. Still… more than I’d like to pay for that many episodes. Freebies is a BIG incentive. I paid around £25 for each volume of Haruhi. Most I’ve ever paid for a 14 episode series, will probably remain that way, unless they release like, Sky Girls, Lovely Complex and Nogizaka Haruka at the same kinda price. (Those are 3 series I WANT so much, but will probably never getreleased in the US or the UK. So fansub is what I put up with.) I might add, I don’t care if a dub is included in the release or not. I only ever use the dub if I’ve got an anime on in the background, and usually I switch to the original Japanese cos the english is too hard to listen too… awful… compared to the original, with all the super cute voices.

I’d be more than happy if anime companies or distributers just streamed them online for a limited time so I can watch them and not fill a hard drive with anime. Or did something like 4oD, and make them available to download and watch for a 24 hour period and then they expire. I just wanna keep up with the releases in Japan, and not be limited to the very limited release in the west. I just hope and wait with baited breath that the series I’ve come to love via fansubs  are released in the west, in the UK would be preferred, but I’ve had a multiregion DVD player since 2003, so a US release is fine.

Stuff I NEED to buy if/when its released + Stuff to buy thats already been released –
Higurashi(the tv, the movie, the ova’s, all of it!!)
Code Geass
Kannagi(GAWD I hope thats getting a release, it should, considering the fandom in Japan, and its got its english fanpage now, its either advertising a DVD release OR a 2nd season, both of which I’d be happy to see.)
Lovely Complex
Kara no Kyoukai movies(love Type Moon, Canaan is awesome.)
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
All the To Heart related anime. I have the first season, but theres a series for ToHeart2 and ova’s and stuff.
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (been meaning to watch the the other series too, but got disctracted by Bamboo Blade and Witchblade. Lots of blades it seems lol.)
Sky Girls
Strike Witches

And theres anime that I saw on tv and want very much.
Pokemon, seasons 1,2+3
Monster Rancher
The rest of Moomins
Flint the Time Detective

And a bit of Kyon to finish off. Lovely semi-undressing Kyon.

And a bit of Kyon to finish off. Lovely semi-undressing Kyon.

If more fansub watchers were inclined to buy the dvds when they get released, fansubs might not be as widely frowned upon… but cos they dont… they are… Its the squealy pocky-prostitutes of the world that are the main problem I say!! lol. Actually Neo said that, “the fans who squeal over actors and prostitute themselves for pocky don’t actually spend money on dvds”. Which I’m fairly sure is true… since they’re spending all their money on pocky when they’re not getting it for free. Don’t get me wrong, I will squeal for certain actors(Tennant, Pine, Cusack etc) and certain JAPANESE voice actors(Sugita, Noto, Nonoka etc) well, theres a few dub voice actors, like Crispin Freeman, voice of Hideki Motosuwa AND Kyon. And he was in Howls Moving Castle as the prince at the end. Soft spot for him, and a few others, but otherwise… bleh. I would never however, prostiture myself for pocky.

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18 Responses to “Who actually buys anime DVD’s?”

  1. エド3 Says:

    I prefer Jdrama/anime not to be licensed outside of Japan. Besides, dubbing is pointless, sounds awful, and just shouldn’t be. Fansubs are not illegal if they are not released in your country right?

    • meimi132 Says:

      Thats a… different way to think about it… but I’d still consider it illegal, even if its not released in your country. Cos its copyright infringement or something like that.

    • Asian Ed Says:

      Although there may not be a licensing company in the country where you live, it is still considered illegal. You’re still using the content without license, except that there isn’t a local body who would want to go after you for it.

      I think there’s some legislation being talked about that would allow international copyright enforcement to be easier…

    • Saku Says:

      unfortunately, licensed or not, it’s still a copyright infringement.

      I still buy anime DVDs and it’s usually a boxset but then I am really picky on which DVDs I buy because it has to be something that I really love and something that I can watch 10 times or more ^^

    • pauldy Says:

      It hurts to admit…. but as with the others, it is still is a violation of copyright. There’s no Anime DVD distributor in my country anyways.

      Actually with that thought in mind.. i’m thinking of quitting anime all together…..if i was an uber moral practitioner xD
      After all, Anime is made for the Japanese people only…. or that’s how its supposed to be..

  2. Marshmallow Says:

    I love buying anime on DVD. It’s nice to have a hardcopy of the shows instead of just files on the computer, and I love the cover art and bonus items you sometimes get. But then, most of the time, I just don’t get around to buying them. If only stores here actually sold anime on DVD, I might actually buy more, but Best Buy’s selection is pathetic, and the only anime I’ve ever seen at Walmart is Dragonball Z and Pokemon… makes me wonder how the libraries here have so much anime.

  3. Aka Says:

    I think part of the reason I tend not to buy the DVDs is by the time they come out, I’ve forgotten why I liked the series in the first place.

    I have of course bought some box sets, usually when I see deals. But I think if they were released closer to the actual airing of a series, like in Japan, I’d likely buy more.

    I do keep an eye out however for the really good series. I will be buying Spice and Wolf I/II, and Clannad/Clannad After Story, Eve no Jikan, Kara no Kyoukai, Bounen no Xamdou, and Gurren Lagann. But that’s a fairly small list out of the amount of anime I watch.

    As to the legallity of anime not released in your market. I believe it’s neither legal nor illegal, it’s a bit of a grey zone, some of both and neither at the same time. I consider it legal until it’s released in my Country. Then it becomes illegal to possess the fansub and distribute it. Because I’m not hurting any businesses until there’s a business in my market that’s providing the material.


  4. Snark Says:

    I’ve always been a big supporter of dubs, so I always try to buy dvds of shows I like whenever they become available…thus leaving me horribly poor…in addition to having very little space in my room to keep anything else -_-

  5. Korus Says:

    Here’s an interesting article about it I read. I knew overseas licensing was expensive but $35,000 an episode! http://anime.suite101.com/article.cfm/is_the_anime_market_collapsing

  6. roserosa Says:

    I don’t usually watch fansubs or anime online, my best friend does but I usually download it. I admit, I started watching the Death Note dub online but I’ve been buying the DVD’s and I watched one series on Crunchy Roll which I think is a legalised sub…not too sure though. Okay, I’m watching a fansub of Kyo Kara Maoh but that’s because I don’t want to import-plus the fact Wolfram sounds like Izzy from Digimon due to having the same voice actress weirds me out a little-but if or when they release the DVD’s out here, I will buy them.

    You’re right, people should try and buy the seasons if they’re gonna watch it online illegally.

  7. Asian Ed Says:

    I’ve always leaned towards buying the series that I enjoyed as fansubs. Typically, things I watch will fall into either the “buy on release” category, “might buy if on sale” category, “buy the box set when it is available,” or “not going to buy.” There’s also the super special category that is rarely used called “buy every piece of merchandise I can get my hands on as long as it’s reasonably priced.” So far, only two have gone there… Shakugan no Shana and ARIA. 🙂

  8. blur Says:

    Unfortunately, most of the distributors in my country does a pretty bad job. There are actually PIXELS appearing every now and then. Can’t expect anything else when they can jam 13 episodes into a single dvd.
    The subtitles has terrible grammar and spelling mistakes. The dvd’s are in a plastic box with a single piece of paper as a cover (think leaflet quality).

    But even so, I still did get a few. Only when their on discounts though.

    • Asian Ed Says:

      To me, that has “bootleg” written all over it. Either they’re ripped off fansubs or they’re really bad Chinese translations that aren’t in any way sanctioned by the original owner.

  9. blur Says:

    It has the a copyright seal by the concerning government body. But I’m guessing the licensing in our country works differently. -.-”
    Now sure how it works actually.

    So now, I’m looking towards buying anime dvd’s from outstation sources instead. Lol! Better quality + Nicer covers!

  10. optic Says:

    I always try to buy the shows I love. To ensure I save money myself, I usually wait for the boxset but nowadays, more and more distributors are releasing them as that or as 2 part set which is great. We can buy more and save more.

  11. lovelyduckie Says:

    I don’t buy anime anymore really. I saved up for a grand VHS anime collection and then the media format changed…ok. So then I gathered up a grand anime DVD collection over the years and the media format is starting to change so I sold off all my DVDs. I’m sick of playing this game where everything I buy becomes outdated and less enjoyable compared to the new media format its released on. I rent anime and will pay to download it, but I’m not buying DVD/Blu-Ray except for very SPECIAL small items.

    I do however buy and cherish manga. I could sooner live without anime then manga.

  12. Anouilh Says:

    Considering I’ve been collecting DVDs for a good number of years I’m unlikely to stop as I still enjoy watching it on my living room screen. If they change the format it won’t matter as the old stuff is still good with some of the HD-upscaling they are packing with Blu-ray players these days. Once they start to roll out anime on only Blu-ray it won’t be hard to switch unlike with VHS to DVD.

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