60,000 views! Arigatou Gozaimashita!!

Yesterday, before midday I think, my counter hit 60,000. Twas the next benchmark! :woop: I *think* the next one shall be 100k. Since 80k seems too soon… 60,000 hits in 366 days.(Leap year lol, close enough.) Twas an average of 164 hits a day.

Some more Chie!!

Some more Chie!!

 So thank you! I didn’t post this yesterday cos I’d already posted 2 things yesterday, and it seemed a bit like overkill lol.

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8 Responses to “60,000 views! Arigatou Gozaimashita!!”

  1. Panther Says:

    Haha 60K is an unusual landmark, people commonly go for 50K, but congrats nevertheless.

    • meimi132 Says:

      lol, I started out doing weird milestones. First it was 10k, then I think I did 20+30… so I decided to wait till 60k to post again lol. next shall be 100k!

  2. Michael Flux Says:

    Ah, congrats on the 1 year anniversary ^_^ I only hit 4 months as of now :p

  3. Snark Says:

    60K in a year huh? That’s pretty fucking impressive 😉

  4. jusuchin85 Says:

    Congrats on the milestone! Keep ’em coming, Meimi-chan!

  5. xJAYMANx Says:

    @Meimi-chan: Haha, I thought you loved the number 8… Did I miss milestone 58,888? ^_~

  6. phossil Says:

    Congratz 🙂
    very impressive…

  7. optic Says:

    Congratz. ^^

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