Do you read episode guides?


Before you watch an anime, or while your watching, do you refer to the episode guide?
This doesn’t always apply to new season anime, unless they’re based on manga, games or novels. Doya willingly look at spoilers for a series? Or do you like to be kept in the dark?

Today I found out that my idiot little brother decided to read what happens in the episodes of Clannad After Story that he hasn’t seen yet. I caught on when he kept asking me about the ending, and telling me his ‘theories’…. GAWD he annoyed me… Who does that?? Ruins a series like Clannad for themselves??? I mean seriously? Wheres the fun??? Now that he’s ruined it for himself I don’t really wanna let him watch the rest… Such an ass… I even said to him not to read anything online bout it… I’m letting him play the game, but theres no way he’d get the After Story good ending before he’d seen the end of the anime, without playing day and night that is.


The only time when I’ll read an episode guide/synopsis is when I don’t think I’ll be watching the rest of a series(did that with Gilmore Girls but then I got addicted…), or if I’m ABSOLUTELY desperate. I read some stuff about Heroes series 2 cos I had no willpower, but I’ve never read anything about Lost, cos that would ruin the mystery, right? Which is what my dumbass brother did with Clannad After Story…


So, do you succumb to the spoilers or do you love the thrill of the unknown?

I think the image comes from Moe Imouto… but I really can’t remember. I remember now!! Both the big pretty pics came from xJaymanx’s blog!!

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6 Responses to “Do you read episode guides?”

  1. Gunstray Says:

    I Started reading EP guides due to my hectic schedule(not this summer though) though I mainly read EP guides if its a long series( contains bout 20 or more episodes)

  2. Snark Says:

    Generally I avoid episode guides, but I do sometimes visit the tv tropes entry of series I’m watching before I’ve finished them -_-

  3. Shounen A Says:

    If I read them, I read them after I’ve seen an episode.

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    I avoid episode guides, I HATE HATE spoiling something for myself. Also for that matter I don’t feel the need to make a post about EACH individual episode of a series, I think the most enjoyable posts look at the series as a whole (or a big chunk of it). Even if it’s a series I adore/worship…I really don’t feel like talking about each individual episode. If I did it would probably be just me thinking about the differences between the manga and the anime in that episode.

    But I should note I like the way Wolf Hurricane posts about series he is actively watching. He does a spoiler free summary and at the end says if he thinks it’s a series still worth recommending or not.

  5. Harts Says:

    >”The only time when I’ll read an episode guide/synopsis is when I don’t think I’ll be watching the rest of a series”
    Same here, if I don’t like the first eposides or if someone suggest something older to watch that I’m am not sure of, then I’ll read the synopsis of one or two episodes.

  6. Yi Says:

    I don’t read episode guides for anime. I do read it for some shows like Grey’s Anatomy or Lost. If I missed an episode, and am too lazy to try to find it, or if I haven’t followed a show for a while, and do not feel like watching a whole season. But for anime, only after I have seen the whole series.

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