GAME messes up = WIN

One of my 360 Mii ripoffs lol.

One of my 360 Mii ripoffs lol.

(I like these avatars better cos you get to pick the outfit, and they’re not SD/Chibi(my little bro made his look like Neil Patrick Harris, which is epic.). Bear in mind, I don’t wear glasses, they just went well with that outfit lol. I always wanted to wear glasses when I was younger though, thought they were cool. I remember lying about a house number across the road being fuzzy just to go to the optitions lol.)

Today, after we saw Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince(will talk bout that tomorrow), my little brother went to see about a hard drive for the 360, since we only had a 512mb Memory unit… He wanted the 60GB starter pack, with the headset(which he probably wouldn’t use), an ethernet cable(which we have many of already), a 3 month gold membership(which I already have lol). When we found a place that had them in stock, in GAME for £59.99. We bought it, were handed the bag, or at least my little bro was, he didn’t check the bag, which, in hindsight, woulda been a good idea. But in some ways, its better he didn’t.

Because when he checked in the bag, we had a suprise, it was not the thing we paid £60 for, it was the 120GB hard drive, which they were selling for £97.99. My dad was a bit pissed off that GAME messed up like this, but it really was a good deal. Since the 3 extra things you get the 60GB starter pack were pretty much useless to us at the mo, only half useful bit was the second 3 month gold membership, and if my bro wants one, he’s got enough money, he could buy 12 months if he wanted.

Whether or not it was cos they didn’t have any of the 60GB packs in stock, or if it was out of sheer stupidity, we’re not gonna be taking it back, it was their very-very stupid mistake to make, but its a great deal, considering the price difference and hard drive space difference, not that we need 120GB for the 360, but it does mean my little bro can store his favourite anime(Clannad, Haruhi, soon to be Code Geass. I want him to watch Kannagi…)on the 360 while I’m at uni.

EDIT: Funny thing is, on GAMES online store, it lists the 120GB HD as out of stock, and the 60GB pack as in stock. Ironic huh?

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11 Responses to “GAME messes up = WIN”

  1. Asian Ed Says:

    Err, can’t store video on XBOX hard drive unless it was purchased from marketplace. Music can be ripped, but videos can’t be transferred. You either stream from a network device or a USB hard drive hooked to the console.

    Unless of course, you have a hacked unit…

    • meimi132 Says:

      Really? Well thats lame…. whats the point in having such a massive harddrive then? :sigh: Ah well, still a better deal in the long run, long as it don’t crash n burn.

      • Asian Ed Says:

        Makes a lot of sense, I’m sure the film studios would have a fit if videos were allowed to be stored on the console. Doesn’t mean you can’t leave him a portable drive with stuff on it. 🙂

  2. Anouilh Says:

    If you get the RROD afterwards, you know the 120’s to be a bad choice as I found out.

  3. Snark Says:

    120GB for £60? Absolute sweetness.

  4. T.I.P. Says:

    They messed up pretty good, and I don’t think anyone would bring it back. Just wait for their reaction when they do their inventory count. 😛

  5. lovelyduckie Says:

    “I always wanted to wear glasses when I was younger though, thought they were cool.”

    Same…and then my wish came true…unfortunately

  6. nintendokid Says:

    Aswome!This happens to my frined all the time,whats ur xbox live gamertag

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