Need to watch MOAR!!!!


Being very lazy with the anime comsumption so far lol. Watching Paprika atm though. Awesome movie. So freaky though. Got him to watch Kannagi, Sky Girls, Shangri La… not much else. He needs to watch Canaan though. And Haruhi. And Clannad!!! Mwhahahaha!!! Kanon I will spare him from, since Clannad is more than enough mushy girliness for any guy who’s not used to it lol.

Should be posting more really, but busy!!! With anime and games and munchies and fun! lol. Already yawning though… sucks ass… shouldn’t have got up so early… damn me.

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8 Responses to “Need to watch MOAR!!!!”

  1. louki Says:

    Show him Gurren Lagann and Samurai Champloo 🙂

  2. Persocom Says:

    haha poor guy, well I do the same thing to my wife, we marathon anime until she passes out, then I keep going XD

  3. blur Says:

    Has he watched Sengoku Basara? :p

  4. thetsundere Says:

    I also need to watch Canaan and Clannad… so much anime, so little time. ^^

  5. lovelyduckie Says:

    I actually got my bf to watch and enjoy Kannagi. He became more open minded after liking Haruhi and Lucky Star.

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