Which sounds better?

Which sounds better, ‘Oh Girl, Oh Boy…’ or ‘Oh Boy, Oh Girl…’? (As a title.)

So, hands in the air please!! Votes required!!

One of the pretty-pretty CG's from TH2AD.

One of the pretty-pretty CG's from TH2AD.

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11 Responses to “Which sounds better?”

  1. gunstray Says:

    Oh Shi~ I’ll go with “Oh Girl” Sounds kinda cute ❤

  2. Michael Flux Says:

    Another vote for ‘Oh Girl’ :p

  3. louki Says:

    ‘Oh Boy’

  4. Snark Says:

    I even the score with a vote for “Oh boy”!

  5. phossil Says:

    I feel it mor natural with “Oh boy”.–

  6. puppy52doll Says:

    oh girl, oh boy 😛

  7. Blowfish Says:

    I rarely hear people say Oh Girl so I vote for Oh Boy for sounding more natural

  8. Argyle Says:

    i mostly go with OH SHI~ XD but for this me go with OH BOY XD hehe

  9. blur Says:

    Oh Girl, Oh Boy…

    Cause that would spark everyone’s interest!

  10. Persocom Says:

    hmm… Oh Boy, Oh Girl I guess

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