My Otacool Room

Finally got round to posting my Otacool entry on lol. Took a while, but I’m in time… I think…

One of the pics from the post. Go there to see em all!! lol

One of the pics from the post. Go there to see em all!! lol

Will go back to watching Bridget Jones Diary now. Yay for Colin Firth! Boo for Hugh Grant…

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11 Responses to “My Otacool Room”

  1. Mitoko Says:

    Ok, this is gonna be kinda lengthy >.<

    So I read your journal quite often, and I really admire your collecting skills, especiallyy since you've practically just started with figure collecting and everything, I'm on the same boat (ALAS, I do not collect figures, but I spend enough time looking at them to want to so bad… I'm slowly getting there ^^; ) And I look at the anime you recommend, and think they're really cute! You got me to pick up the Haruka one, since I love the slice of life otaku series, and I found it to be a series that I know I would hate…. but I love it XD I don't usually like the moe characters, but Haruka really does it for me (And she's so hot too <3) So yes, i also wanna say that you have a great taste in anime XD

    And that you and Dancing Queen from How a Girl Figures are like, my girl blogging idols XD You guys seems so sweet, you're very good with regularly updating, and my God, I love looking at your candid pictures of your room or of your figures, it got me to start doing it too, with the tiny amount of figmas and frauleins that I have. Also, I picked up Revoltech because of how gorgeous Yoko looked when you first put up pictures of her, she looked not so dainty like the figma girls, so I got a Mikuru Fraulein, and I have to say, it was instant love ❤ I'm not as afraid of the Frauleins as I am of the figmas breaking, so yes, thank you for that, if it wasn't for your Yoko post, I would never have even looked at Frauleins ❤

    WOO ok. And your room is God-ly ❤ Much love!!!

    • meimi132 Says:

      Awwwww thank you!! This just kicked me back into gear lol, as I’ve been a bit lax with updates the last few days lol. My next post will be Kannagi related! :woop:

      And glad to know you liked Nogizaka Haruka!! Haruka is too lovely, just too lovely! And its Mamiko Noto doing her voice, so double-win lol. Plus Yuuto is eye candy enough to keep me content lol. Such a gentlemen. Tis a totally predictable series, and I spose thats part of the reason why I love it lol.

      And Frauleins :woot: !!

  2. Persocom Says:

    I guess I missed out on the OtaCool thing huh. I had a hard time figuring out my login/password for figureFM cuz I’ve been autologged into for over a year lol. I’m not used to FigureFM yet either, feels weird. Nice room though! It’s always nice to see people’s room and how the evolve over time

  3. T.I.P. Says:

    Saw your post over at Really nice room you have there. Don’t you have fears of a figure or two dropping off that cabinet/closet when you close the doors? ^^;;

  4. phossil Says:

    haha, you have a lot of scraps in your closet..
    Nice room. Love your oppai mousepad. 🙂

  5. Zanber Says:

    My my, I see an ancient monitor there!

  6. roserosa Says:

    Woah lots of figures and lots of David Tenant lol.

    I saw an L nendoroid…damn I want one so bad but they’re expensive so it’ll take me ages to save up…lucky you *is jealous*.

    Also you only have Loveless vol.1, I’m guessing you’re not too keen on it because it’s shonen-ai/yaoi…well shonen-ai technically as there’s no sex…hmmmm still got collection of manga there, I know I’m lacking shelf space for my manga as well.

  7. lovelyduckie Says: hm? I’ve been meaning to become active there. I recently posted pictures of my room on DChoo but it’s not nearly complete enough to be part of a contest.

    • lovelyduckie Says:

      I almost forgot…I love Bridget Jone’s Diary. I prefer the books but the movies are also very charming. Pride and prejusdice rules in any age! Should be a Pride and Prejudice anime imo…but put in a different setting.

  8. Kairu Says:

    I just saw an awesome oppai mouse pad. Im amused.

  9. Anouilh Says:

    Nice collection you got there! I’ve only been collecting for a year and a bit now but you’ve collected tons more! Oh! I see an L nendoroid from Death Note which I’m thinking of buying! Miku nendoroid and a Belldandy figure! 😀

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