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1/200 HCM Pro Zaku Warrior

August 30, 2009

My little loot from my trip to Norwich on saturday. And technically I only bought Zaku, cos ‘Cat Paradise’ was in a 3 for 2 offer in Waterstones, and my brother was buying Haruhi manga(I did warn him it ain’t the same though…) I thought £6.95 was a bit much, but the Japanese packaging was too much to pass up, I woulda bought any of the Mobile Suits, was very much an impulse buy. But I recently found out I am, what you’d call, a Zeonist, a fan of the 1-eyed Mobile Suits, Gelgoog, Zaku, Dom’s(whatever Dom’s are… will have to search that lol). 1500 yen on HLJ. Still in stock atm lol, released in 2005 originally.


An itty-bitty gundam! So very tiny at just 9cm in height! About the same height as a Nendoroid, tiny bit shorter me thinks. More past the cut!


Cat Paradise – Gakuen Sousei Nekoten

August 29, 2009


One of my more recent favourite series is King of Thorn, and was very happy to see this manga in Waterstones, Cat Paradise, or Gakuen Sousei Nekoten. Both illustrated and written by Yuji Iwahara, fast becoming my favourite manga-ka, cos I think King of Thorn is absolutely brilliant, just fantastic! But this post is about Cat Paradise, so now more gushing over King of Thorn, apart from to say YAY for the movie coming out in 2010!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! I thought when I first read it that it’d make a great movie, all epic-like and whatnot. More after the cut!


Top Searches – Anime

August 22, 2009

How boring…. it changed again, now its ‘anime’. Seriously though, who would search anime at an anime-esque blog? Theres a catagory for it fercryin’ out loud… with 122 entries… 123 when I post this one.

So…. anime…. what can I say that I haven’t already said? It’s good? Yus… been there… Why I love it? Hard to explain, but I do, why its so different from american or british cartoons? It just is. Its awesome. American cartoons failed to satisfy me not long after CCSakura and all that jazz. Some ofc still do, but there arn’t many. Most kids TV today is complete crap, it makes me sad to think how much the quality has dropped since the 90’s and early 00. Repeats are the only haven, and for those with Sky tv or some equivilant, your fine, but Terrestrial or Digital freeview is somewhat limiting…


Top Searches – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

August 21, 2009

Today it seems that ‘ass’ has been edged out of place by Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. And I was quite looking forward to doing a post about ass lol. I still haven’t got through the whole Nanoha series… stopped ep 2 of A’s. Got distracted I think.




Top Searches – Digimon

August 20, 2009

Well it seems the second top search word is Digimon lol. Nothing suspect here lol. The list is changing everyday though lol, pedobear seal of approvals in the top few today lol, wasn’t yesterday, might not be tomorrow. Who knows. I did a big digimon post a while back, here. On how its not just a Pokemon ripoff, it aint. It kicks ass. The games kick ass. Makes me wanna play Digimon Championship right now… Wanna play the original PS1 game though… and I has my original digimon tamagotchi, and a third season digivice. My mate has the first season orange digivice, lucky boy… orange ‘n all…

Cute pic. My fave part of the (western) Digimon movie is the first part.

Cute pic. My fave part of the (western) Digimon movie is the first part.


Top Searches – Pantsu

August 19, 2009

The top 5 searches for my blog are, a little unexpected, but not totally suprising lol. The first one is pantsu. Which, is fair, cos I have used the tag ALOT lol. Very liberal with the word pantsu lol.



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