Keeping up appearances…

I am seriously far behind on the summer anime I chose to watch… Only one I’ve kept with is Umineko. Not even Canaan I’m up to date with! Others I’m being lazy with are Aoi Hana, Sea Story, Saki and Shangri La. There are others I’d like to have watched, Sora no Manimani and Kanamemo, that just don’t look like it’ll happen this season. Might dl when they’re complete, or if I’ve run out of stuff to watch. Like that’ll ever happen.


Summer really is upon me now. My mothers gone into ‘holiday’ mode, where she wants to do lots of holiday-like things. Trips out, seaside etc. I wanna go canoeing most of all. And any boats. I love boats. Water too, even the mucky brown water of the Thames on the boat ride I went on yesterday was awesome. Trip to london was yesterday. Was awesome. Got meronpan, so I was happy. Got a recipe for how to make some aswell, so I will have to try that out, will post its success/failure when I do so lol.

Not only that, my Kannagi vol 1 DVD came on saturday. Mucho chuffed. Kannagi is one anime I will force my little brother to watch, whether he likes it or not. Right now he’s watching Shakugan no Shana and wants a Shana figma. I never got into it… he keeps telling me of the unsuitable stuff and language thats going on, but its rated 12 mostly so he should be fine. If I wanted to traumatise him, I’d show him Akira, Higurashi or ‘The End of Evangelion’ lol. I read Akira when I was 11/12, FAR too young for that kinda grossness lol. Saw the anime not long after.

I also gave into Animepaper and donated a bit so I could dl unlimited wallpapers. And got some Papers at the same time, so dl some pretty scans I can’t find elsewhere/can’t be bothered to find elsewhere lol. I only donated because my little brother ran my free account dry by picking Shana wallpapers…. damn him…

Lastly, I ordered me a Figma Drossel!!! I regretted soooo much not preordering one from HLJ or something, since now the prices on ebay are crazy. No doubt it’ll probably get a rerelease, being Disney-related and all, and they love milking any franchise, but I’m impatient. And I want my Drossel NAO! She’s so pretty… and because its a robot, the joints look fantastic! As to where I found her for a reasonable price, I saw an ad on, for a site called Otacute. They look legit, albeit new. Just hope it all goes smoothly cos I want her, and dont wanna have to pay through the nose for her…

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6 Responses to “Keeping up appearances…”

  1. Persocom Says:

    I want Drossel too.. But, I already have a few things coming and money is tight again -.- Hope Otacute works out for ya ^^

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    My goal over vacation was to watch all of K-On! and Candy Boy. I watched all of K-On! and only watched the first 4 episodes of Candy Boy because I didn’t realize the series had 7 episodes. Next I’ll finish Candy Boy and Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

  3. Snark Says:

    Goddammit, wish I could afford Drossel, but with the whole slew of other figures that I want, I had to give her a miss T_T

  4. Gunstray Says:

    Oh Shi~ Ive been poisoned already by Kodomut into wanting a Drossel. Otacue looks legit though, I want to buy the MonHun wep set

  5. T.I.P. Says:

    Drossel is already on the re-release list. But that list have promptly been filled. :\

  6. phossil Says:

    Everybody is getting Figma Drossel. I think I should buy one.

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