Addiction x TV = Lazy Mei…

The past week I’ve been uber-lax about updating my blog… and I feel soooo bad that I have. It’s mainly due to Ally McBeal, this Fish Tycoon game, the Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars and My Zoo games on Facebook, other online gamey type things, and lotsa doodling n stuff during Ally McBeal, since I’ve seen it before, its mainly background chow, half paying attention to it while I’m doing other things. I haven’t even been keeping up with the summer anime! Not even Saki and Shangri-la, my continuations from Spring… Only Haruhi 2 and Umineko no naku koro ni. And Aoi Hana kinda, but I’m one episode behind on that too…

Random, cute Goto-P pic. Love their artwork.

Random, cute Goto-P pic. Love their artwork.

Part of the reason I’m holding back on the anime is the limited download bandwidth I have here… 20GB for 5 people… ain’t great when my brother spends every second of the time he’s awake on Youtube trawling for funny videos… Now his girlfriends here he should be distracted for a bit lol.

Might aswell update on everything in the past week since I’m here lol. Seen 2 movies since my last entry, The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl(favourite actress of the moment) and Gerard Butler, not really a big fan of him, but he’s scottish, so he’ll do for eyecandy lol. Saw The Time Travellers Wife also. Was one of ‘those movies’ much like Marley and Me, you NEED tissues, you WILL cry. Eric Bana(Hulk, Troy etc etc, he’s in Funny People this year too, tho with his real accent… not big on the australian accent much…)and Racheal McAdams(Mean Girls, lol. Tis a good movie, against my better judgement.) were in it. Started watching Early Edition online, first 3 episodes, then I decided nuff was enough and I found the first season cheap on Amazon marketplace, ofc it was never released in the UK, but I found a seller in the UK thank god, meant I didn’t have to wait ages and get charged any kind of customs. Oh! Another couple of things regarding online shopping, my little brother kept bugging me for the Limited Edition Shana, black haired. So I had to find one for a decent price, not an easy feat considering I’m weary of buying from HongKong, but it all turned out alright, arrived very quickly aswell, he’s very happy with her. And when/if he gets bored with his Yuki and Shana, I can take em off his hands lol. Annnnnd for a change of boardgame pace, I found a vintage Cluedo via Ebay. A 1965 edition, my dad said if he got Cluedo he’d want an old version, so I found one for £7.50 including shipping. Even had the old string rope, not the plastic one. (Cluedo is called Clue in the US for some reason… don’t know why…)

Not sure what else… been trying to organise get-togethers with friends but its proving troubling lol. Need to have a TV marathon with one of em. Which brings me back to Ally McBeal, I’m almost done with season 3, which means onto season 4!! The Robert Downey Jr season! :woop: First season I watched lol, then got addicted to it, watched season 5, James Marsden and Bon Jovi in that season. Not bad really lol. Then I got the series boxset for christmas lol. £50 for five seasons lol. Still need Gilmore Girls seasons 5 to 7. Importation required. Need to look after my monitary funds at the moment… which means no big figure buys… only one I’m waiting on is Freeing Nagi which I preordered in January, which they must be having trouble getting ahold of… since it was released in April…:sulk: There are soooo many other figures I’d love… but I decided not to work over the summer hols, so tis my own fault, I wanna save money for Mabel anyways. I’m guessing christmas will be the time I’ll be able to order her finally lol.

Need to see more movies soon.. the new childrens Rodriegues(sp), Shorts, and Dorian Gray, and The Final Destination, AND Inglorious Basterds. Plus other things I’m sure lol.

Oh, another thing, finally decided to start my little side project. ‘A Girl’s Guide to Ecchi‘, it’ll take me a bit to get into the swing of things, but I know I’ll enjoy it lol. I saved the wordpress blog http ‘girlsguidetoecchi‘ months ago, in anticipation of this lol. Just took a while, and the right moment to set it going lol.

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5 Responses to “Addiction x TV = Lazy Mei…”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    Ally Mcbeal? Never really seen much of it.

  2. Snark Says:

    “Part of the reason I’m holding back on the anime is the limited download bandwidth I have here… 20GB for 5 people…”

    If it makes you feel any better, I have to share 7GB between three people >_<

    • meimi132 Says:

      Holy schmidt…. that sucks ass. Major ass. We used to have 5GB but I(and my bro) literally forced my parents to upgrade the package.

      Is yours download+upload too?

      • Snark Says:

        Nah, thankfully the limits download only. Still, we’re pretty much crippled by ludicrously slow Australian internet speed (if I remember correctly, our top speed is 1mb/s whereas the international average is round 12mb/s) >_<

  3. Kairu Says:

    Yeah…I know how it is when you dont blog for a while. Just recently got back into after getting sucked into the MMO blackhole (I still play, but make sure to update from time to time)

    Sucks for your bandwidth limit. Mine is unlimited for the time being, but I use EVDO with Alltel and now that they merged mine will change to 5GB a month. Hate living in the country ><

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