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How boring…. it changed again, now its ‘anime’. Seriously though, who would search anime at an anime-esque blog? Theres a catagory for it fercryin’ out loud… with 122 entries… 123 when I post this one.

So…. anime…. what can I say that I haven’t already said? It’s good? Yus… been there… Why I love it? Hard to explain, but I do, why its so different from american or british cartoons? It just is. Its awesome. American cartoons failed to satisfy me not long after CCSakura and all that jazz. Some ofc still do, but there arn’t many. Most kids TV today is complete crap, it makes me sad to think how much the quality has dropped since the 90’s and early 00. Repeats are the only haven, and for those with Sky tv or some equivilant, your fine, but Terrestrial or Digital freeview is somewhat limiting…


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7 Responses to “Top Searches – Anime”

  1. Koshiko Says:

    I thought I had seen all, if not most, Card Captor Sakura images… yet I have never seen this one, so cute~

    Mine’s Gundam 00 wallpaper xD;; I haven’t checked it recently though, but each time I have, it seems to be no.1 ^^;

    • meimi132 Says:

      lol, same here actually, I hadn’t seen that CCS pic before today, very odd… Just checked moe.imouto to see what images there were I could use, and since I hadn’t seen this one before, I thought I’d use it.

  2. vixums Says:

    UGH CCS ❤ I think the longest anime that i put up with for longer than 52 episodes in one marathon! Everything about that anime is ~hanyan~

  3. thetsundere Says:

    I really like that Sakura image – never seen it before, and it has this almost Range Murata vibe to it (mainly the clothes).

  4. acesan Says:

    We may think our era of cartoons is the best, but try looking up some in youtube and you’ll find nostalgia is making them seem a lot better 😛

    Of course there will always be some classics!

  5. stefkov Says:

    I remember rushing back home from my first few years of High School just to watch Medabots.
    Those were the days of awesome cartoons. I’m sad that that was now 8 years ago.

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