1/200 HCM Pro Zaku Warrior

My little loot from my trip to Norwich on saturday. And technically I only bought Zaku, cos ‘Cat Paradise’ was in a 3 for 2 offer in Waterstones, and my brother was buying Haruhi manga(I did warn him it ain’t the same though…) I thought £6.95 was a bit much, but the Japanese packaging was too much to pass up, I woulda bought any of the Mobile Suits, was very much an impulse buy. But I recently found out I am, what you’d call, a Zeonist, a fan of the 1-eyed Mobile Suits, Gelgoog, Zaku, Dom’s(whatever Dom’s are… will have to search that lol). 1500 yen on HLJ. Still in stock atm lol, released in 2005 originally.


An itty-bitty gundam! So very tiny at just 9cm in height! About the same height as a Nendoroid, tiny bit shorter me thinks. More past the cut!

open flaps

Tis just the sweetest thing! It’s so tiny, but so detailed! The head panel and chest panel can be removed too, the chest panel was a bit loose, so I white-tacked it to keep it on hehe. I love all the little flaps that you can fiddle with, its just as posable as a 1/144 or a 1/100. Tis briliant. Well worth the £6.95 price tag I found him for(I wanna say her lol… not sure why lol).

zaku pose

You get some extra bits with him/her too. (I think I’ll stick with her from now on… theres something about it that makes me think her lol.) A extra hand, balled up, a hand holding a gun and a hand holding a axe-type weapon. Plus the little round bit thats meant to go on top of the gun lol. Not as much as one you’d build yourself, but still good.

zaku pose 2

 I love that the shield’s attached to the shoulder, tis awesome.


The detail, as I’m sure you’ll is agree, is damn fine for such a tiny figure.


Zaku Warrior trying to take down a giant Strike Witch. How will it end I wonder? lol

Slightly different pose to the one before, gun isn't pointing towards the camera.

Slightly different pose to the one before, gun isn't pointing towards the camera.

I want this one next!! PINK! Yay PINK!!! lol.

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5 Responses to “1/200 HCM Pro Zaku Warrior”

  1. thetsundere Says:

    LOL giant strike witch! Poor little Zaku ^^.

  2. Snark Says:

    Haha! A fellow Zeonist! This calls for a celebration!

    Yeah, despite being a diehard super robot fan who really doesn’t like Gundam much, I fucking love the Zaku designs ^^

    And Zaku vs Giant Strike Witch is the fucking coolest match up ever XD

  3. acesan Says:

    Get the pink one. I think it’s Meers one lol

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    Love the pink one!

  5. Tommy Says:

    The Principality of Zeon rocks!! I don’t quite care about the sides since they’re all fighting for their own cause. As long as something, or someone, gets blown up, I’m good. ^^;

    Cute, but I kinda like the original Zakus more. 😛

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