Gelgoog-otousan Complete

Finally got outside to take some pics before the sun started to dim.

Finally got outside to take some pics before the light started to dim.

 Finished off using a dark grey Gundam Marker (GM38), grey artist brush pen(with lots of pigment in the ink), black 0.05 pigment pen and flat matt plastic varnish, or more commonly to gunpla makers, topcoat. Of course the dry transfers too, applied before the topcoat was, thougth that’d be best.

front outside

back outside

side outside 2

I love how clean the dry transfers came off onto the plastic.

slight angle outside

top view

In the outside light, you can’t see the ink in between the panels etc very well. Shame. And some more pics, from inside, take yesterday I guess, can’t really remember lol. Only bad thing bout outdoors is it makes figures look shinier than they are normally inside.

front inside

back inside

side inside

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17 Responses to “Gelgoog-otousan Complete”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Heh nice work! ^^ Love how the red turns out after the flat coat and the grey panel lines. Btw how many coat did you do? I usually coat about twice, should reduce the shine when its outdoors. Got to love the dry transfers, I find them much easier to use then the wet transfers and stickers.

  2. purplezest Says:

    wow its turned out gr8, shows the amount of work paid off 😀
    and the decals add that extra bit of something lol, looks gr8. u gonna be bringing him to uni?

  3. Snark Says:

    Holy fucking shit, I’m going to have to start asking you for tips on gunplas now 😛

    …and also more pictures of Gelgoog riding on cats 😛

  4. rockleelotus Says:

    he looks awesome all pimped out, you did a great job ^^
    i havent even breaching into the world of topcoating yet!

  5. Snark Says:

    I have seen your new photos of cat riding figures.

    Let it be known that you are now officially my favourite person ever.

    Also, can we have cat-riders jousting next? =P

  6. Tommy Says:

    It looks really good. I’ll be asking you for pointers when I start building my gunplas. 🙂

  7. acesan Says:

    Great thing about Gunplas is the feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing one. Unlike figures you just unpack out of the box and voila! And frequently I don’t even get that far lol

  8. phossil Says:

    I think I should start doing Gundam kits too.

  9. Orcinus Says:

    It’s a matter of time, Meimi, before you’re struck with Advanced Modellers’ Syndrome.

  10. moemoekyun Says:

    never made char’s mobile suit >_<

  11. suki Says:

    Sugoi suoig ^_^ Lovely work! Can’t wait until I can settle down to do my mods

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