Now theres a bunch’a characters I couldn’t give a rats ass about…


Not one of those characters was on my list of ‘I hope wins’ or at least, ‘I hope gets into the late stages’….closest that comes to it is Mikuru… and she’s not a favourite by any means. My little brother will be happy that Yuki, Shana, Mikuru and Haruhi are in it, but he doesn’t like Kyo and Tomoyo(like me), so the only two Clannad girls to get through won’t make him happy… Theres just too much tsundere… there should be a tsundere-free saimoe, a totally seperate one completely void of tsundere….

Image came from the front page of the ISML site.

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19 Responses to “Now theres a bunch’a characters I couldn’t give a rats ass about…”

  1. Snark Says:

    Is Subaru from Nanoha in? If she is, that’s who I’m backing. If not…well, meh -_-

    But yeah, we totally need to bring back SaiGAR.

  2. Guy Says:

    Plenty of characters I like here.

    Katsura Hinagiku for the win!

  3. moemoekyun Says:

    moe war !!!

  4. Q Says:

    Well tsundere is a popular character type recently, so that’s why there’s a lot of them.

    I am not a big fan of these competitions, so these things kinda go by without me noticing usually. If I like them, then that’s cool. If I don’t I just let things pass by.

  5. Persocom Says:

    meh. not surprised.. if kagami wins again i’ll be disappointed. not that i don’t like her.. this list is missing fuko and ayu :/

    • meimi132 Says:

      I get what you mean, its boring if the same characters win over and over, they shouldn’t be allowed to enter for the next year if they won the year before really…

      And yes! The list is missing Fuuko and Ayu. And Kotomi and Makoto…. And a few others….

  6. louki Says:

    YUKI FTW !

  7. blur Says:

    Taiga, Tomoyo, Kyo, Mikuru. In order of preference.

    Rin and Yuki can get whatever attention span I have left.

    I used to vote. But after a month or so, I lost all interest seeing how the characters I vote for never wins. Lol!

    • meimi132 Says:

      Thats how I felt… my favourites didnt do too well… Only Kotomi and Nagisa did ok… but I wanted Fuuko to do well… and Nagi…. where were all the Nagi fans??!!
      I lost track in the last round, kept forgetting to vote, not that’d have made a difference at that point anyways….

      Out of those u picked, Mikuru, Yuki, Tomoyo, Rin, Taiga, Kyo for me. I’ve warmed to Tomoyo, but still dont like Kyo one bit…

      • blur Says:

        “Nagi…. where were all the Nagi fans??!!”
        Exactly!! Lol!

        Every round no matter who the opponent was. I’d vote for Nagi. Only Nagi. But she always loses. Until some point… I just went “Pffft… What’s the point anymore.. Faithless.”

  8. Will Says:


    anywho heartgold rocks by the way! finally got a patch to stop it from freezing and now it works like a dream. dunno if your blog is the right place to post this but eh.

  9. lovelyduckie Says:

    #1 Kagami
    #2 Holo
    #3 Haruhi

    Those would be my choices at the stage in the picture

  10. phossil Says:

    In my case I cant make a fair decision. I like them all!!

  11. vixums Says:

    Would love for Mikuru to win ❤ But eh, I see what you mean about the Tsundere characters. The fanboys seem to be all over them… as well as some girls. I'm not a fan, personally. I prefer the cute and helpless girls!

  12. thetsundere Says:

    I see a lot of good characters here! ^^

  13. nintendokid Says:

    but there all so aswome!

  14. Tommy Says:

    LoL, I can’t help but think about the Yuki vs Taiga battle. ‘Tis gonna be one epic battle if they were in a fighting game. ^^

    I don’t give a rats ass about saimoe, period.

  15. suki Says:

    ^^; Haven’t really jumped on the Saimoe wagon yet.. >_>;;;

  16. dazza3949 Says:

    #1 Fate
    #2 Kyou
    #3 Nanoha

    are my picks, but dissappointed Kotomi didn’t make that group :(, she’d be my number 1

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