Guess the Fuzzy Gundam Crotch!!!

Yeah yeah yeah…. I know… they’re technically not gundam(which does narrow it doesnt for you lol), but ‘Guess the Fuzzy Mobile Suit Crotch!!’ just doesnt roll off the tongue in the same way, now does it??

Crotch #1

Crotch #1

Crotch #2

Crotch #2

(In my head I’ve been typing it like Joey says things in the ep of Friends where he’s auditioning for a gameshow host job. Bamboozled ftw. Wicked Wango card and wotnot lol. Love it.)

(I had to find it, just had to. For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it before(SHAME ON YOU).)

Anyways! Back to the plot. No ofc I’m not really getting you to guess which MS crotch that is! Or am I? 😀 I’m an enigma, wrapped in mystery, wrapped in pasted, baked in a pie! And flat packed at Ikea lol. (Tis like 3:30am here, forgive my slightly odd/hyper rants lol, probly the matt varnish fumes hehehhehe.)

Tis a teaser for my MS. Which? You’ll see. When? Who knows. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, maybe I’ll forget altogether and post another gundam crotch guessing game lol.

Peace out.

If you look at it long enough your eyes start to burn. :icchan grin:

If you look at it long enough your eyes start to burn. :icchan grin:

(The above pic was taken while I was switching nendo bodies round and having a general fiddle with the setup. I love this. Its just so…so wrong…. in so many ways. lol

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9 Responses to “Guess the Fuzzy Gundam Crotch!!!”

  1. Guy Says:

    Kaga/Miku on L’s body actually looks perfect.

    It looks like a girl wearing flannel in a cold night. She looks like the girl next door 🙂

    Need to give that body the shy Yoko face.

  2. Gunstray Says:

    Heheh Miku head would be freaky if it was either on Light,or Ryuk…OMFG I cant get the image out of my head!!

    Btw what episode of friends was this scene, I havent seen this yet

  3. chubbybots Says:

    hmm the first crotch might be lunamaria’s hawk zaku, the second one seems like a gouf crotch 😉 any prizes for guessing it right? haha

    • meimi132 Says:

      Your correct with the Gouf crotch! But wrooooong with the Hawk Zaku, though now I’m gonna look that one up lol. Prizes??? How very dare you!! Prizes!!??? lol

  4. chubbybots Says:

    Argh!! Damn thought I got both right lol, I happen to be painting my gouf currently ^^. Aww no prizes…lol 😉

  5. Snark Says:

    Gundam crotch shots?


  6. Ederuferuto Says:

    Miku looks soooo adorable!

    I love switching nendo heads and limbs. Results are interesting =P

  7. purplezest Says:

    i don’t think its tht wrong hehe, anything L related makes it amazing hehe. and loveeeee that ep of friends. we should really have a go at playing that crazy game – someone must have posted it somewhere some mental friends fan – u just know they have lol.

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