Harper’s Island

My two favourite characters of the show. Really just Cal, but they're such a sweet couple!!

My two favourite characters of the show. Really just Cal, but they're such a sweet couple!!

Ok ok…. I caved…. caved like another of my friends lol…. Watched eps 9,10,11,12 and 13 of Harper’s Island today, great deal of fuss and palava finding them to download though, would have been happy enough watching streams, but megavideo sucks ass with its 72 minute rule… SUCKS ASS!!! But I found a new way. A faster way. Faster that crappy ass torrents, as this place is evil and something about it blocks torrents, so I get the little red mark at the bottom bar saying ‘no incoming connections’ yet it still runs to over 100kbps at some points, but not often enough….stuck below the 10kbps mark for too long…. just long enough to make me go loopy. So, I wrote a little review/rant on the Harper’s Island region 1 DVD on Amazon.co.uk, cos I felt I had to rant a little about this superb little series. A diamond in the rough as it were. Sure some will complain over bits n pieces, my dad especially about ‘script clunkers’ which I didn’t notice lol. I dont mind if the writings predictable/cheesy/cliche, it did the job, and did it very well indeed. Didn’t see the killer coming. At all. The twists and turns were brilliant. And I implore to watch it if you haven’t already.

My little review thing;

I love whodunnits. I do. Diagnosis Murder. Midsommer Murder. Agatha Christies. Monk. All that jazz, but none of its very ‘hip’ or aimed at a younger audience is it? Which I am lol. Harper’s Island was right up my street.

The best thing of all though, not that it was a whodunnit for younger folks, it was a whodunnit that was nearly impossible to predict! Cos guessing whodunnit is all the fun right? Right?! You will have fun, trust me.

Not just if you like whodunnit’s though, I got my mother watching, and even when I’d gone back to uni, she kept watching when she said she wouldn’t lol. Got her hooked. Love shows that can get you hooked and gagging for more. You know thats when a show’s done it right essentially, in my oppinion. If you’re not desperate for more, whats the point in continuing to watch, really?

This delightful series featured a number of familiar faces for me, Henry from Ugly Betty, who plays a Henry in this too lol. Christopher Gorham is his real name lol, though to me, he’ll always be Henry. Jim Beaver!! Plays the sheriff, who we know and love from Supernatural as Bobby! I ‘wooped’ when I saw he was in it lol. Sully, Matt Barr, or to me, and those who’ve seen One Tree Hill, creepy stalker/fake brother guy, Derek! Also in Ten Inch Hero with the yummy Jensen Ackles, but he was playing a creepy guy once again. He does that good. Also reminds me a little of Gary Busey lol. Now Elaine Cassidy, I recognised, but couldn’t place her, still can’t really… Possibly from The Lost World… I’m not sure. And Uncle Marty!(Harry Hamlin) Who I’d seen recently on Veronica Mars as Aaron Echolls, the movie star/murderer lol. Probably a few more that I recognised, but those are the main ones.

Favourite character; Cal Vandeusen. Because he never did anything wrong. Not one thing. Was always moral. Not like most of the other characters which were morally corrupt in one way or another, and did essentially, deserve what they got. (lol)

Least favourite character; Madison Allen. I HATE little creepy children in stuff. (SPOILER) Especially when they don’t die. It’s disappointing, and in a whodunnit, I expect more balls! Balls enough to maybe once, let a kid die. Never a dog. Or a cat. Kids are fine though, and Madison had creepy eyes. GAWD her character was stupid aswell. Such a little idiot…. complete dunce.

Anyways, :clears throat: Its worth a watch, definately more than once, to work out what the fudge happens and when, and to see if you can catch it out. Suuuure there were some plot holes, but I’m pretty sure they covered those well in some ways or other(text messages from victims phones claiming they’d ‘gone home’, things like that), though not finding all these bodies strewn across what was meant to be a pretty small island was a tad farfetched. But its a whodunnit. You gotta go with the flow. You don’t think, that with all the murders in Midsommer, there’d still be people living there do you? Tis fiction for a reason!!!

And a little sneak peak of the newest members of my Zeon family.

Face full 'o' gundam crotch!!! Bwhahahahaah!

Face full 'o' gundam crotch!!! Bwhahahahaah!

(Tis an MSIA, not a gunpla, I just couldn’t resist when I saw him on HLJ a while ago, only just got him on sunday lol)

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6 Responses to “Harper’s Island”

  1. Snark Says:

    lol, are gundam crotches going to become your blog’s new thing? =P

  2. Denavir Harry Hamlin Uncle Marty « What’s Popular? Says:

    […] Harper's Island « Meimi132 no Itonami […]

  3. taket0mb0 Says:

    Those gundam crotches sure are scary XD;
    This ones really in your face! o:

  4. purplezest Says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG harpers island rules, still can’t get over the outcome (c i am being kind and not giving it away incase poor inocent people have not seen it yet) but OMG OMG OMG i may have to rewatch some of the episode to see if they dropped any none clues that i didn’t pick up think i may already have one hehe

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