1/144 HGUC Zaku I Sniper Type

I know, I made this a while ago, the first gunpla I really tried on. And I think I’m still most proud of it. I made it look prettiful and everything. Twas the first I did weathering on. And I think it turned out splendifferously. I realised I hadn’t posted pics of the final product before, only the pre-weathering version. And I do seem to be on a Gunpla theme atm, so it fits well. I took some other pics aswell, of Nendo’s. Which can be seen here, in my guest blog post at Orcinus Quay.

Phwooaaaar look at that piece!!

Phwooaaaar look at that piece!!

Notice the subtle tones on the legs and arms, and soldier armor. I could start babbling uppity artist nonsense right now, but thats no fun lol. I love watching/listening to people at galleries who come out with the most pretencious stuff you’ve ever heard lol. More pretty pics of my best-looking gunpla below the cut.




Thank god I didn't have to paint this backpack lol.

Thank god I didn't have to paint this backpack lol.

Proper deserty looking isn’t he?




Up top! Down low! Too slow! lol

Up top! Down low! Too slow! lol


Looks better in action poses.

Looks better in action poses.

Love pics of him pointing his gun at the camera. Tis epic.

Love pics of him pointing his gun at the camera. Tis epic.

The sandy weathering is subtle round edges n stuff, didnt wanna go overboard, though, part of me did lol. I haven’t had the courage to top coat him yet, cos he was sanded, roughly on purpose to give him that worn look, and I know sometimes on sanded gunpla, topcoat spray can make it go whitey powdery kinda, And I dont want that… he just looks so….nice…. Super proud of him.

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8 Responses to “1/144 HGUC Zaku I Sniper Type”

  1. Snark Says:

    Heheh, he’s definitely better then my first gunpla; I had no idea on what the hell I was doing -_-

    • meimi132 Says:

      Oh this isn’t my first. My first was a 1/144 HGUC Char’s Gelgoog. Love him. Then an SD J Ridden Gelgoog. Then I started building an MG J Ridden Gelgoog Cannon, but stopped when I came home from Uni, and finished him, but didnt decorate, then I bought Sniper Zaku. Only got serious bout doing em properly when I made him. Getting rid of nub marks etc. Then I basically took apart my MG Gelgoog and decorated him, markered the appropriare parts, transfers and matt topcaot. Ofc you didn’t ask for a history lol… I just got carried away heheh.

  2. Ningyo Says:

    Douchebaggery aside, what is that weathering technique? it does look great, along with the kit’s sand-brown color scheme.
    The weathering would be so much more magnified if you built a diorama, lol.
    But really, who without spare time can, rite :p

    Might I suggest some model cement? The weathering effect can be further brought out without bandai’s stupid plastic crack flaws between their pieces. Also, your inking seems less pronounced for this one, was it intentional, or is your camera just being evil?

    And I totally caught that little smiley at the footer.

    • meimi132 Says:

      lol, I went with a brown pen instead of black for the lines. And grey for some too. So it won’t be as black as the Pink n White Zaku’s. (lol, pink n white) And for the weathering I used the tamiya weathering stuff. Set C.

      Model cement is a step too far for me atm. Cos I’d have to paint over where I cemented right? lol

  3. Arein Says:

    Looks good though the head needs some more weathering imo..

    With the topcoat.. I’ll say this again ^^,

    – Spray 30cm away on a bright sunny day
    – Spray as thin as you can
    – Wait at least 15 mins for it to dry
    – Spray 2 – 3 coatings..

    Btw.. I’ve written some recommends on your Blaze Zaku post over at figure.fm ;D

  4. rxsiu Says:

    I love the sniper! If you really wanna go all out on battle damage, make some bullet holes. The way I do it is by putting a drop of mr.cement onto an area, then using a sharpened sprue from the kit’s runner, poke into the point where you put the cement drop and give it a bit of drill motion. Pull it back out and voila, bullet hole. All you need to do is put a bit of black in the center to make it look authentic. You might want to try drybrushing silver to give it a more scratched feel. I know the pics are crappy, but you can see the results on my GM Striker. http://rxsiu.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/hguc-1144-gm-striker-complete/

  5. Q Says:

    This is some light weathering, but still good nonetheless. Did you use other methods other than sanding?

    I did consider getting a Zaku Sniper before, but somehow I’ve pulled back with no exact known reason. Maybe I’ll spraypaint it back to ordinary green again if I am to get one 😮

  6. rockleelotus Says:

    he looks a lot better this way, i prefer my kits weathered and battle damaged ^^

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