Surrogates – Review/gabble type thing. lol.

Found in a google search. No bugging for specifics, theres a watermark near the bottom if you really care lol.

Found in a google search. No bugging for specifics, theres a watermark near the bottom if you really care lol.

I wanted to see Surrogates mostly because it looked like it had a cool plot. Living through a robot-you and all that. Of course it can make life as creepy as it is when guys are girls in MMO’s and vice versa. As you’ll see if/when you see the movie. I’d say it was worth it to see Brucey with hair and a scary smoothed out face. I hate when faces are smoothed out by CGI. Its creepy. I remember calling some RnB chick fuzzy lady cos they did it to her so much lol.

So, good movie? Bad movie? I’d say leaning towards the good. Yes it was predictable, and the CGI was a little ropey in places, but not most of the time. The action more than makes up for it. Had a kind of Stepford Wives crossed with I Robots feel to it. It didn’t that the creator of Surrogates is the same guy who was the creator of the robots in I Robots, James Cromwell.
And at certain points of the movie it did resemble I Robot alot, and actually, now I think about it, Minority Report. When Tom Cruise is walking between the screens that talk to you, theres a shot in Surrogates which was very-very similar. Not in a bad way. But if your gonna do not-far-distant-future movies, they’re all gonna look a bit similar frankly.

Just ain't right... Brucey with hair....

Just ain't right... Brucey with hair....

From what I understand Surrogates was based on a comic/graphic novel(depends on how uppity you are bout that kinda thing lol.), I’m guessing the comic would be better(almost wrote graphic novel there lol, too used to it… but they’re all the same thing… comic is for wider use, say graphic novel and someone knows you ain’t talking about the Beano lol.) Ok, went a bit off kilter lol. I wonder if you can read comics online the same way you can read manga online?

Anyways, nuff of that. All in all, a good movie. Memorably maybe only because of Brucey being in it, I’m not sure, ask me about specific details next week and I’ll see if I can remember lol. I suck with names of characters. I remember Peters, Maggie, Stone…. and ya know what, I can’t even remember Bruce Willis’s characters name lol. Tom Greer!!! Though I thought it was spealt Grear… eh, little details.
Ahhhhh and I know where I knew Maggie from!!!! Doom! She was Karl Urbans little sister. Rosamund Pike is her name. Cool name if you ask me. Oh, she’s from the UK! Coolio! Had no idea, she does a good american accent.

Nice big pic for those who like a bit of Brucey. Maybe when he was in Die Hard. 5th Element max. But... just a tad silver for me lol.

Nice big pic for those who like a bit of Brucey. Maybe when he was in Die Hard. 5th Element max. But... just a tad silver for me lol.

The the man does put silver in fox… not as much as Clooney does though. Suitable that he’s the voice of Fantastic Mr Fox really lol.

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10 Responses to “Surrogates – Review/gabble type thing. lol.”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Bruce with hair is just not wrong….looks so erm…
    Still prefer hmm with that gritty die hard look, smooth and shiny head…kinda makes you want to rub it does it. Didn’t know it was done by the same person who did I robot till you pointed it out. Well better head down to the movies to check this out, the plot looks interesting ^^

    • meimi132 Says:

      Its not done by the same person who did I Robot is it? I just said they look similar. Then again that bluey-tinted scifi movie could be Michael Bay lol.

  2. Snark Says:

    As an aside, that tagline on that poster is one of the worst taglines I’ve ever seen

  3. chubbybots Says:

    Its is MB you’ll have the tons of explosions, a transforming ride and the military in it ^^

  4. vixums Says:

    You know, I actually liked the movie. I went to see it because the concept looked pretty cool, but as we were leaving, everyone was complaining about how dumb it was. I do kind of get an Otaku-like feel from the movie, I’m not exactly sure how to put it, but I did like it. I think we need more movies like it 😀

    • meimi132 Says:

      It wasn’t dumb in the slightest… in this world… its possable stuff like that would happen. With designer babies and all that.
      I got a kind of hikkamori feel from it. People staying shut in all day, living through a virtual means essentially. Like MMO’s.

  5. thetsundere Says:

    Woooww Bruce Willis with hair?!
    I did a double take when I read the caption >.> He’s almost unrecognisable…

  6. Mrugesh Says:

    Bruce is one of the best actors we’ve had. Hes ace in action but he can perform well in other roles as well.

  7. RyoBase Says:

    If you didn’t mention that the dude in the poster is Bruce Willis. I would have thought Hollywood hired some ransom homeless old dude and put him as a star. Also, thankfully that I won’t see Megan Fox in this entire movie or whatsoever.

  8. Sweetie Bracelet : Says:

    Bruce Willis should also get a lifetime achievement award for the many great films that he had ‘

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