An Edwardian Butler?

Last…..I’m not sure when actually, we got given our characters for this year. I pulled ‘Obstinate Butler’ from the bowl of impossible things. But not only a Butler, he has to be.. Edwardian… Which is a freakin’ vague era, Victorian would have been so much more obvious lol. BUT since most Butlers look alot alike, I’ve got it easy, my other teammates(super happy with my teammates btw :woop: I was lucky. Sooo lucky!), not so easy. Ladies and Heads of the House, Maids n got knows what.

As I sit here eating Monster Munch with my left hand and trying not to get my keyboard greasy, I present to you my preliminary sketches. I took obstinate to be obstinant, which I thought was grumpy, unwilling, that kinda thing, thankfully I was right, so it didn’t put  a kibosh on my plans. I want him kinda slimey and slinky, so tall n lanky are a must imo.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

The parting of the hair seems to be sliding left ever so slowly lol, as you might notice in the other pics.

More pages below the cut.

After we(the team) decided on a style for our characters, we could actually get down to proper ideas, instead of random doodles. As we all associated Edwardian with pretty dark, dank times, we went for Tim Burton, sure he may be overused and common as hell in this course, but none of the other teams seem to have picked a Tim Burton style, which is very good for us lol. And Burton’s style isn’t terribly hard to mimic either, so all in all, not a bad thing getting Edwardian lol. Still lame that I could have got a ‘Dr Who Wannabe’ in the scifi group, BUT then I wouldn’t have ended up in an awesome team, AND its not ‘Dr Who Wannabe’ it’d be ‘The Doctor Wannabe’, being the Whovian I had to point that out, or rather, Tennant fangirl I am haha.



butler5Anyways, sorry for the *slight* delay lol, been, preoccupied(?) lol. The little pudgy guy on the last page isn’t my Butler, who I need a name for now I think about it…. He’s a character we gotsta model for our weekly task, that we missed one week of cos our tutor was ill. And if you noticed the Bunny Butler on one of the pages, I thought it might have been fun to have anthro-whatever characters, animal-human combos or whatever, like Sonic n whatnot.

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8 Responses to “An Edwardian Butler?”

  1. phossil Says:

    You have very good at drawning.

  2. rockleelotus Says:

    nice character development and style ^^ i remember having to do something like this for a character design class i took… i wasnt as thorough as you because its not my strong point or im just lazy ^^;;

    bunny butler is interesting.

    • meimi132 Says:

      This is my strong point lol. Pre-production n whatnot. I’m not as good with Maya n 3D stuff.
      I’m lazy too… far too lazy… its really not good…

  3. Matt Says:

    Nice work Em! You have a lot of skill and character in your drawing =) Sounds like great uni class- wish mine were like this(didn’t have any animation courses at my college). Hope you’re getting on well with everything^^

  4. chubbybots Says:

    I love Tim burton’s style of animating! Your butler kinda reminds me of a fiercer version of the main character in corpse bride! I remember I used to sketch with my friends dragonball characters…but definitely no where as good as yours! 😀

  5. Snark Says:

    …I don’t know why, but I’m getting MASSIVE Black Adder vibes from this guy. This is a very, very good thing.

    But now, I demand that you take your drawing skills to the next level by drawing a kickass giant robot!

  6. thetsundere Says:

    Tim Burton’s animation style is amazing~~
    Love your butler’s expression around the centre of 2nd page! Think you could do some versions in colour? Would love to see that ^^

  7. The Envoy Says:

    Butler seems a bit young ^^. But then again old butlers are a stereotype.

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