What would you like to see?


Now, as I’ve been fairly busy, I’ve been lazy with both my blogs, more lazy with Girls Guide to Ecchi, so I’m asking, what would you like to read about regarding girls and ecchi stuff?

I’ll take recommendations, suggestions etc, even watching hentai, playing more eroge, reading ecchi/ero manga. Only thing I will reject outright is Bible Black. Ultimate refusal right there lol. I’m doing pretty much the same thing Snark was doing with shoujo/moe stuff, only I’m doing the opposite, with ero/ecchi stuff.

This weekend is the London Expo, and I’m hoping the american Hentai stall will be there again, like last year, cos they had Clannad and ToHeart2 Another Days!! For extortinate prices ofc, but I’m willing to pay £60 for ToHeart2 Another, even though I can’t play it… one day SOMEONE will make a translation patch… they must……….

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13 Responses to “What would you like to see?”

  1. Snark Says:

    You…you are the best person ever.

    And for your first assignment, I say Angel Blade! It’s pretty much a superhero anime…but with tits. And weird three-pronged dickgirls. And an evil overlord who milks herself.

    It was weird.

  2. vixums Says:

    I think you’ll love Moetan, for the lovely loli X3 When I watched it I was QUITE taken back, some shots came out of nowhere! That’s anime wise.

    Negima?! is an echi I recommend everyone, the fanservice in there is ridiculous >.< A good kind of ridiculous though, if you love the panty shots! Have fun at the convention, miss~

    • meimi132 Says:

      Moetan is super cute, do want to watch that, Negima+Love Hina, Ken Akamatsu stuff, read that when I was younger lol. Though I’ve got behind on Negima, am on vol 15, and I know theres way more now haha.

  3. Snark Says:

    As an aside, the girl in the picture is fucking hot. Who is she, and what crappy game do I have to play through to bang her?

  4. Guy Says:

    I want you to delve into the realms of Harry Potter slash, and report your findings.

    Then again, that’s too easy. I want you to delve into the lands of Harry Potter Yuri slash, and report your findings 😉

  5. BewareofthePhilzor Says:

    Boku to Pico.

    I consider myself straight, but cute boys in girls clothing kinda gets me :-p lol … but its something I suspect some girls could enjoy. Cute crossdressing = ❤ almost as much as cute girls.

    I don't know much hentai though. I haven't ever actually sat and watched any full episodes myself.

  6. Tommy Says:

    Does she really have to ask? Everything please.

    As for your real question, I don’t really know…watch some soccer/football. Girls in soccer jersey is always a +.

    If it has to be otaku-based, then probably Gundam (which I suspect you already watch), playing eroge, or watching hentai would be fine.

    • meimi132 Says:

      But soccar(football) is LAME. I would watch american football or baseball or hockey before I watched football!!! Hockey has purdy shirts. Great for PJ’s.

  7. Blowfish Says:

    Bible Black was totally evil.Seriously I am a goody twoshoes and hated that whole thing.You think youre doing a good thing?Nah net moment youll rape someone <.< Stupid game…Just thinking about it makes me wanna wash my eyes.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I liked it! 🙂

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