Late Night Loot

About 3 hours ago now, I got back from London, from the London Expo, and shopping excursion lol. Twas awesome, as always. Always more fun with someone though. Went with my friend Katie(Purplezest), after the main event(expo) we hit all the shops we wanted, and then some! As its going on for 2am here, and I woke up at 5:45 yesterday morning for the expo, I feel I should be going to bed sooner rather than later. Detailed run through of the day will come later. And the first in the ‘Guy it up!’ series lol. Have watched Angel Blade episode one… dang thats some weird shit…. I thought that DVD my dad accidentally bought me was weird lol…..

Onto the loot for now though!!!

Tis not everything. Tis alot less than usual though. Tis cos I was controlling myself lol.

Tis not everything. Tis alot less than usual though. Tis cos I was controlling myself lol.

Of this lot, you can see, from left to right….

, the cow-print thing under the paper bag are my new pajama bottoms! As I’d been needing some new ones, and David and Goliath have the most awesome stuff! Which is long enough for me! I was amazed they had stuff long enough for me…. flabberghasted and overjoyed even! In the bag… well you’ll see in a mo. Theres Milk Duds on top of the Hoi Hoi-san box, which I had to get, cos I knew I wanted her ever since I saw her on DC months back, and she’s sold out pretty much everywhere. The Milk Duds I got on a whim because of How I Met Your Mother, in the scene where Barney, Ted and Marshall are trying to think of the best candy name for oppai. Milk Duds was one. Dubble Bubbles were another, and there were many more lol. Twas so funny. Then theres Botan next to Hoi-Hoi-san! I finally have Botan!!! All thanks to Porcelaine Priss, without which I never would have got a Botan of my very own!!! Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!! Soooooooo much! She was wearing a very cool Penguin Musume cosplay when I saw her today. The goth-loli-kimono outfit from the awesome figure, that I happen to want lol. And finally, under Botan, a bag of Daifuku which I procured from Cybercandy. The first time I went into Cybercandy, I asked if they had any Daifuku left, this was literally years ago, over 4 years ago, probably 5 by now. Today, they had some. For the first time in who knows how long!! They had strawberry and chocolate flavour, natural I went with chocolate, I wish they had the pudding flavour, but no dice. I was just amazed they had it at all. I also got 3 cans of Root Beer, all different brands, and 1 bottle of Ramune, aswell as a Twinkie, as I had to. As Zombieland burned them into my memory for weeks after seeing it lol. Damn Woody and his Twinkie quest.

This was what was in the bag.

This was what was in the bag.

When I was talking to Porcelaine Priss after procuring my Botan, she mentioned this Japanese confectionary place called, Kamakura Minamoto Kitchoan, up the road from Japan Center a bit. Tis a good thing too, as Japan Center are doing some refurbishments it seems, as there was no fresh meronpan, no fresh anpan, there were books and gifts where the supermarketty bit used to be, the resturant/cafe bit is still there though. But it meant no Meronpan or Anpan… and I wanted the anpan to go with Botan lol. BUT, instead, I got some dango! Mitarashi dango to be precise, not the Dango Daikazoku kind, pink green and white lol. Kinda sad it wasn’t, but this was yummy too. Glad I liked it, cos I haven’t liked all the different kinds of Japanese sweets so far. Still unsure about bean paste… but I wanted to try some taiyaki, so I got the closest thing they had to it lol, which is what you see above the twinkie. What I didn’t realise is Kamakura Minamoto Kitchoan is a chain, not just one in London. It was soooooooo high class inside, made me slightly uneasy just being in there lol. Classical music playing, very quiet, nervewracking is what it was… so much prettyness though. Not sure how much of it I’d actually eat, being insanely picky as I am, but I plan to slowly make my way through what they have to offer whenever I’m in London now lol. And I’ll always get some more Dango. A 3 pack next time, instead of just a single stick.


I know, lame quality pics, taken with artificial light, as it was 11pm when we got in lol. My two new 1/100 Zaku II kits. Both ver 2, wouldn’t have got em otherwise. Reserved them specially too, as they were the last in stock. Had to have the Char’s Zaku II. Its Char’s after all!! These had be pre-meditated for weeks haha. Now I just gotta find the time to build em….. hmmmmm tricky…….

Oh, theres a couple more little things, but as I’m wearing one of them and the others are in my bag, I’ll take pics of them tomorrow. They’re not anime-related anyways. Supernatural related. :wooooooooooooooop!!!: So glad they had some Sup stuff there. Wasn’t expecting to be able to get *this* at Expo. Sooooo glad I did though.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with this vid of Botan, in case you haven’t been lucky enough to see Clannad yet, and know the joy of Botan. And I fear I might have twisted my middle finger on my right hand, cos it feels really odd when I bend it…

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14 Responses to “Late Night Loot”

  1. vixums Says:

    I really like Porcelaine Priss’ blog, but I see she doesn’t update anymore ;-; But it’s nice to see that she’s still around, I guess just… not updating XD But let her know she has a fan hehe! I’m so glad you had fun! Your Botan makes me jealous, I totally want the Kagami version, but I’m gonna have to wait until Christmas… the cuteness of it is over whelming X3 You know, when I don’t get a lot of sleep for consecutive nights, I find that it doesn’t affect me until two or three days after I’ve gotten back in to my regular sleeping pattern, so I think you’re going to feel it eventually XD

  2. Matt Says:

    Nice to see you had a good time^^ lol. milkduds. Never had those, along with a lot of the stuff you have there.I really have to watch clannad,too. Gwah! do want those zaku’s though!

  3. Snark Says:

    On principle alone, I refuse to watch that video…the moe emanating from it…is EVIL!

    “Have watched Angel Blade episode one… dang thats some weird shit…. I thought that DVD my dad accidentally bought me was weird lol…..”

    lol, there’s a reason I wanted you to watch Angel Blade…cause I’m evil >=D Also, you must now tell us what your dad bought you.

    “My two new 1/100 Zaku II kits. Both ver 2, wouldn’t have got em otherwise.”

    Will you marry me?

    • meimi132 Says:

      But its Botan! PUHI PUHI!!!!!!!

      The anime my dad accidentally bought me came from a £1 store lol, trying to remember the title now… I remember it has aliens in it, and a giant dolphin wiedling spaceship..or something like… and the giant woman…well you can guess…. I’ll try and find out before I post again.

      And that all depends on how tall ye are.

  4. Snark Says:

    …ok, I watched the video, and Botan IS fucking cute. I still hate everything else in it though!

    Wait, are you saying the spaceship wielded a giant dolphin? Cause that’s the coolest damn thing I’ve ever heard.

    5’7. But I’m told I look damn good in high heels.

    • meimi132 Says:

      Gah, yus, typo. Something like that, can’t be certain though, and still can’t remember the title… think it had ‘Darkness’ in the title somewhere…

      And wrong answer! I would have accepted 5’10 and looks like either Tennant, Cusack, RDJ, Misha Collins or Jensen Ackles lol. Or just over 6’0.5 would have been fiiiine lol.

  5. Arein Says:

    This may sound weird but I somehow thought of you when I was building my Char’s Zaku II.. :3

    And you might have an effect on me, am actually falling for Zeon mobile suits ;D

    Lastly, I’m envious of your regular Zaku, can’t find any when I bought Char’s.. D:

  6. Blowfish Says:

    That Boar is kinda cute-ish
    You know what would rock?wearing your new awesome boxers under your skirt biribiri style

  7. gundamjehutykai Says:

    *shakes fist*

    I can’t believe that you got a HoiHoi before me!! Then again, mine got eaten up by the post along with my windows 7 copy. orz

    Strangely, Saber lily, which was posted several weeks after hoihoi, arrived safe and sound…

  8. Marshmallow Says:

    Hoihoi-san has a cute box~ so many sweets too…

  9. LEon Says:

    I have a Hoi-hoi-san too but yet to find the time to assemble her. LOL

  10. Optic Says:

    I wonder what is the other 6 abilities Botan has? 🙂

    Well, because of that ability, I got him. xD

  11. thetsundere Says:

    Mmm milk duds.
    and Botan is my ideal pet and so kawaii~~ a good part of the reason why I watched Clannad.

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