November Loot…so far…

Yesterday, about 11:30am, a package arrived. Twas my Asuka Langley headphones I’d backordered a few months ago from Otacute. (I assure you all preorders were made prior to getting to Uni. Those who I’m talking to know who they are.)

package 1

Censor-baby returns.

(This time omitting something much less lewd, my current address lol.)

At about 7-8pm that evening, two more arrived, both from Otacute, but one for me, one for my friend. We’d both pre-ordered Figma Aegis before we even moved into this accomodation I believe, and they musta been shipped the same day, as we did pay for them the same day I spose… it was just so… EPIC! After getting the smaller package containing the headphones I never expected Aegis to turn up the same day!!! More pics after the cut!!

7 days, shipped on the 4th, arrived on the 11th, thats DAMN good for SAL shipping I think you’ll agree.


Aswell as the usual epic freebie, (Prism Arc chara's this time), we also got...


...Mini figure-advertising posters! A4 size, got two with the headphones and 3 with Aegis lol.



They're just so cool....

I’m not generally a fan of the skull-candy-esque, in-ear headphones, the ones that really stick in, but they have a great range, very bassy when they have to be, and sooooooooooo purdy!!!!!!


Annnnnnnnnd Aegis!!!!!!!


The other freebie I got with Aegis, also from Prism Arc.


She's soooooo purdyful!!!!!

AND because she’s not wearing a skirt, she’s got tons more posability in the upper legs. Means she can sit like Drossel can. She came with 3 faces, that one, a cute side-glance one, and a battle ready looking one. 4 extra pairs of hands, so 5 total lol. One with holes in for all kind of fun stuff. Loituma. Hehehehe. She also came with a bigass pirate-glove-fist lol, and her ammo-bits that go on the sides of her wrists. She’s wearing em in the pic above. But not the pic below.


Saluting. So cute!!!!!!!!

I will most likely do a proper review thing, as I’ve got the next….:counts: 4 days free! :woooooooop: I’ll wait till the light is better, cause as you can guess, these were taken using only indoor lights…

She’s petite compared to alot of Figma, but mainly due to the fact her head isn’t as big, its tricking people into thinking she’s smaller. She’s in proportion, like my Koto Aegis figure, comparitivly small head to the rest of my figures of the same scale. More realistically human I spose lol. Aegis is super elegant. Love those leggies. And the little plastic bits on her feet help her stand up on her own. My friend was able to do it, but she always wobbles over when I try lol.

Quality is awesome. Some people are having issues with the paintwork on her headgear apparantly, but seems fine to me. I wouldn’t be gutted if I won another one lol. Then I’d have one to take around with me, and one to display hehe.

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17 Responses to “November Loot…so far…”

  1. zenical Says:

    I think I may have been poisoned by the eva earphones >_<

  2. purplezest Says:

    hehe just sooooooooooooooooooooooo epic, i just posted up the review of mine, took a second from guitar hero5 and eating to do it lol. now i want some of them headphones but lego ones also rock hehe

  3. Gunstray Says:

    Hahah, them earphones will make you the coolest kid in town…

  4. Matt Says:

    That figma looks great, as do the earphones!- I may have to get some of those>.< Freaky baby is back to give me nightmares….Just wondered- did you have to pay any import duty?

  5. vixums Says:

    I need some new earphones eventually awesome, but I’m not willing to pay as much as some people that I’ve heard about @_@ I just want to be able to hear my music pretty well on the go, otherwise I just leave it to my sound system to give me the pleasure.

    Are you on hiatus from buying things online or something? Is that what you’re referring to in the beginning of the entry?

    • meimi132 Says:

      I should be on a hiatus from buying anything that’s not really essential, specially figures n stuff. Since I’m not working at the moment, and in uni, I’m on a tight budget. But its.. not that tight lol…. I save for stuff like conventions hehehe.

      And yeah, I know what you mean bout the headphones…. there are some crazy expensive ones…

  6. phossil Says:

    Those evangelion earphones are for the ultimate EVA otaku!! Lol.

  7. Blowfish Says:

    yay! Queensblade Ads! 😛

    Im kinda confused why Rei is pictured on the Asuka Ear Plug Set?

    Are they actually really good or are you just saying this cause you dont wanna admit you bought some crap?Dont think that Bandai can keep up with the usual earphone suspects

    • meimi132 Says:

      (I wondered why she’s on the front too lol) I actually mean it lol. They’re better than my normal headphones(Sony). For real. I’m not a fan of NGE anyways, I just loved these when I saw em somewhere.

      If they were crap I would say so lol.

  8. Snark Says:

    ARGH! I…really wanted Aegis, but I’ve been spending too much money…so through sheer strength of will, I convinced myself that I didn’t really want her…now your post has reminded me of how much I fucking want to buy her >_< DAMN YOU MEIMI!!!

  9. Tommy Says:

    Grats on the new loot. I don’t know if I read it right, but did you say that they came TWICE? That’s pretty inefficient of the UK post office. 😛

  10. Ninjovee Says:

    …LOL. I’ve been wanting those earphones since I saw them in J-List… I didn’t know they had it in Otacute and it’s much cheaper too…

    …I just bought the very last one! =’D

    I blames you for thiiiiis! XD

    • meimi132 Says:

      Bwhahahahaha I should get a commission for all the ppl I direct to otacute lol

      Tis awesome that you did. :woooooop: You’re lucky actually, I backordered them, they might not have got any more in if someone didn’t lol. I may not have been the only backorderer though hehe.

      • Ninjovee Says:

        LOL You probably should get commissions! Although I’ve been meaning to purchase from there, but never really had the opportunity to. XD

        I’m so excited to receive the earphones! How were yours? XD

  11. lovelyduckie Says:

    Those freebies are nice, I wouldn’t mind those. I love the figma Aegis, I haven’t gotten mine yet but I’m really looking forward to her. I’m glad I got the Alter Aegis but if I hadn’t been able to get one this figma would be a decent substitute.

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