What My Top 10 Actors Say

Ok.. I couldn’t do just 5… it was friggin’ impossible!! I couldn’t leave one off without feeling bad…. Though there are 11 I can think of, properly favourite, so one was kicked. Who? I won’t say, cos I still feel bad…

(Literally ALL the eye of the tigers have embedding disabled… so looks like you’ll have to go to yt anyways… evil.. but I supplied the HD one above, so its easy to find lol.

Now, the only one I put in order is Tennant, cos he is my all time favourite, and that will NEVER change. Unless a taller awesome scottish guy comes along. Who’s a more accessable age lol. The rest are in no particular order.

david Tooth_and_Claw_232

From Tooth and Claw from series 2 of new Who.

  1. David Tennant, 6’1″, 38, doesn’t look it… :swoon:

Because the man is pure brilliance. The voice, the body, the hair. Everything about him is AWESOME, but not completely perfect, ya know what I mean… he’s not…. conventionally conventional. There are flaws, but they just add to his character lol. I could listen to that voice saying anything… for hours… he’s just too lovely. And looks awesome in anything. ANYTHING.  Some say he looks elfen, delicate features or whatnot, which could mean I like pretty boys. So untrue. He does fit the pattern of innappropriately aged men lol. Though… he’s the one who started it… I was 15… he was 34. Casanova. All to blame hahahaha. He fits into the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ archetype though. TDH for short.


From High Fidelity, 2000

  • John Cusack, 6’3″, 43

Not only is he a brilliant actor, a joy to watch, he’s cute too. Not too cute, but cute. And lovely. And so funny. Serendipity is possibly my favourite Cusack flick. Though High Fidelity comes damn close. Then Grosse Point Blank and Being John Malkovich and Con Air. Theres more… but not now lol. He fits with the older man type. TDH.


My favourite photo of Misha to date. Though its hard to pick lol.

  • Misha Collins, 6’0½”(exact same height as me…cutting it close lol), 35

He’s just… he’s yummy. First noticed when portraying Castiel in Supernatural in season 4. Just… so…awesome… so adorable as the ignorant/innocent… character. (Can’t say too much….spoilers n whatnot, my friend might read this.) But I tracked down the majority of his other stuff, and he’s just as yummy. Yummy with slightly naff hair and hick-accents and even russian, thought russian I’m not against lol. Can’t wait to meet him at the convention later this month, 2 weeks away! :woooooooooooooooooo!!!! I get to have a picture with him! Eeeeeeeeeeeee! (I’ve let the fangirl out. If you couldn’t tell. lol.) He fits into TDH too, but with gorgeous blue eyes instead of gorgeous brown. I don’t know quite what I’ll do when I meet him….. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Currently my favourite photo of Jensen I thinks....

  • Jensen Ackles, 6’1″, 31, getting younger slowly lol.

All because of Supernatural. After I gave in and watched Supernatural late last year, I had to make a choice between Jared Padalecki, aka Sam, or Jensen Ackles, aka Dean. As you can see, I went for Dean, sure he’s 3 inches shorter than Sam, but Dean is… Dean…. just….Dean…slightly morally questionable and more bad boy than his younger brother, but not too bad boy, that’d be boring lol. You’d understand if you watched Supernatural and are either a girl or gay lol. Jensen wins over Jared, but the team of the two of them are soooooo cute. He’s of the TDH variety, but with slightly lighter coloured hair lol. He’s a bit younger than the majority of the list too haha. Only 11 years older. He’s engaged to his long term girlfriend Daneel Harris. I’ve only seen her playing total bitches in tv shows or movies, I dunno what she’s like in real life, she’s gotta be nice though, cos Jensen is weirdly shy sometimes apparantly lol. Unless he’s the bitch and she’s the butch LOL. That’d be hilarious if true.


The first image of JJ that made me take notice lol. Also the pic that prompted me to watch Fringe lol.

  • Joshua Jackson, 6’2″, 31, CANADIAN!

JJ combines 3 of my favourite things. Tall, Canada and JJ Abrams. He’s in Fringe. Awesome new series from JJ Abrams. I notice lots of J’s in my list lol. More to come too. He fits TDH too. In a slightly pudgy faced way. But he’s awesome in all the stuff I’ve seen him in, in a cute, droll, sarcastic way. I started watching Dawson’s Creek because of this guy! Thats like… the lowest I’ve sunk to watch favourite actors… and I’m becoming strangely addicted… DAMN ME…. damn the fluffiness…. damn JJ being in it….


JDM. The Comedian to most guys out there, Denny to me.

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan,6’2″, 43

Another older guy. This time I’m blaming Grey’s Anatomy. JDM was Denny Duquette. My favourite guy in the show. Grey’s fans will know of him. Most of you lot won’t lol, some will I’m sure, cos Grey’s Anatomy will be a guilty pleasure, like Dean has ‘Dr Sexy MD’ in Supernatura lol. (A clever combo of House MD and McDreamy from Grey’s.) JDM is….pure sex. The voice is gorgeous. And the eyes…. there used to be a fansite called JDMSchool, but it went away… I don’t know why, but all I know is the creators of the site were far too scary, refered to him always as Daddy for his role in Supernatural as John Winchester, Dean+Sam’s daddy. Also, JDM is the sole reason I finally decided to watch Supernatural. Theres a clear path from one actor to another lol. He again, is TDH.


RDJ in an awesome car advert.

  • Robert Downey Jr, 44, 5′ 8½”

Shortest of my whole list. First noted while watching Iron Man. Who didn’t? Seriously? The mans hot stuff. Not long after I saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by order of one of my friends. But its when I came to uni the fangirling really took off. I bonded with two other girls over RDJ, to begin with lol. We had movie nights, I managed to procure a large amount of his filmography which we watched one by one lol. Charlie Bartletts one of my favourites. He makes up for his lack of height in awesomeness. I watched season 4 of Ally McBeal, got addicted, watched season 5, then started from 1 lol. Got the boxset for christmas. Fits the DH part, but not tall. Tall for some girls I’m sure, but not me lol. I should also mention, RDJ is the reason for the JDM phase, which lead to the Ackles, which lead to Misha. lol. A trail. What did I say?


From Love Actually, a movie I dont actually like lol.

  • Colin Firth, 6′ 1½”, 49

I can’t remember why I was watching Love Actually… but I do remember Colin Firth’s pretty face staring at me on the DVD case. So I’m blaming that. He may be a archetype for the posh british kinda guy, but least he’s not like Hugh Grant, bumbly british guy… bah…. Firth is…. yummy. He’s the oldest of my list, unless I start counting the semi-fangirlisms lol. He’s just… I dunno… I saw Pride n Predjudice when I was like 5-6, so it can’t be the Mr Darcy thing… He’s got a lovely voice to boot. I went on a Colin-kick a few months ago, got like 6 movies with him lol. Not all good ones. Last Legion is… bad…. very very naff… but he’s in it… so it makes up for it lol. I think late 30’s, early 40’s is optimum Firth age in movies lol. And yes, he’s very TDH. No blondes yet I hope you notice lol. Not sure why that is…


He's riding a unicorn fercryin' out loud! Worship the man!!!!

  • Neil Patrick Harris, 6’1″, 36, didn’t know lol… was still thinking he was 34 lol.

Now, this guy… less mancandy, more pure win. He’s Barney! Barney Stinson is the pinocle of awesome. The pinocle of Legendary. And he’s not bad to look at lol. I prefer Ted though. (Josh Radnor) Both who I saw in How I met your mother. Later night fluffy comedy. Loved it. And Ted’s just so cute. But NPH has to be on this list cos he’s pure win. He’s in Starship Troopers! In Harold and Kumar go to White Castle(or Get the Munchies here in the UK lol)! And, he is Dr Horrible. He’s epic. I refuse to watch Dougie Houser though, would scare me and scar me lol. First blonde of the list lol.


So smexy.

  • Nathan Fillion, 6′ 1½”, 38 Same age as Tennant.

Nathan Fillion. Capt Mal. Capt Hammer. And, most recently, Richard ‘Rick’ Castle in Castle lol. He’s tall. He’s Canadian. He’s got brown hair. And he’s got that crooked hot thing going on. Slightly rough around the edges rather, same as RDJ and JDM has I spose lol. Definately TDH. And Canadian! :woop: Not as good as Scottish, but better than Irish lol. First noted in Serenity. Then watched Firefly. I know, shoulda been the other way round, but if I didnt see the movie on ITV4 I probably never would have seen it at all lol. Love that movie.

So… what do these guys say about my taste in men? lol. Well, men over boys definately. 30 is a great age for guys. So’s 40, but when you’re not even 20 (yet, December) its not really feasable lol. I do prefer dark over blonde… but its not exactly important lol.

And do you see any Zac Efron-likes in this list? NO! Thats cos I have decent taste lol. Lowest I’ve sunk is Chad Michael Murray in One Tree Hill. (I didn’t mean to…. :sob:) And my youngest mancandy is Steven Strait. The perfect Jacob. He’s 23 I think. And tall enough. 6’2″ Mmmmm…… and yeah, 23, just IMDB’d him to double check lol.

And, because I just gotta, a few more pics I wanted to use, but didn’t. MANSPAM!!!!!!!!!


Ahhhh the lols.


Cas and Dean. The winningest couple in Supernatural lol. Destiel ftw!!!!


Kinda reminds me of Liev Schreiber in this pic... which aint a bad thing if ya know what I mean. LOL


A pic with Anna Torv from Fringe.


Even with a blue mohawk and eyeliner, you still would. Don't deny it. He wears a kilt in the movie too. It's soooo good lol.



david Tooth_and_Claw_231

One of my favourite episodes, because he does his real accent, and shivers go up spines.


Even in a bowtie. And I hate bowties.

jensen-ackles-jensen-ackles-168015_500_333Dean on the Impala. Doesn’t get much hotter.


End of his epic Eye of the Tiger lip sync. I mean epic. Its so good. And he's so cute when he's smiley like that.

Doesnt happen enough in Supernatural. Dean smiling like that I mean lol.


From a pilot of a series called 'Reinventing the Wheelers', which I really wanna see.

4h5m61.jpgI think lol’s are deserved here. Specially if you watch it over and over….which you shouldn’t lol… I must stop now…. ok now…. NOW!!!

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13 Responses to “What My Top 10 Actors Say”

  1. kluxorious Says:

    Robert Downey Jr is the man.

  2. purplezest Says:

    OMG OMG OMG your worlds most EPIC post hehe

    i approve to all except » Joshua Jackson, but u already now that – i would either insert Simon baker or jeremy sumpter there hehehehe

    i am clearly going to be coming back to this post over and over lol

  3. Snark Says:

    I’m going to take a wild, unsubstantiated guess that you like tall men.

    I could be wrong though.

    • meimi132 Says:

      Sadly for me, most of those guys arn’t even tall compared to me, just around about the same height. Only one who’s taller for real is Cusack(by 2.5 inches), and JDM+JJ I spose, but only by 1.5 inches.

  4. glothelegend Says:

    Brad Pitt? He’s the man. Fight Club? Awesome. Inglourious Basterds? Awesome. Brad Pitt kicks acee.

  5. lovelyduckie Says:

    Colin Firth really grabbed me as Mr. Darcy in the A&E Pride and Prejudice, otherwise I haven’t cared for him too much. I don’t really think about who my favorite actors are too often…if I had to say a list it would probably be David Boreanaz (Bones), Zachary Levi (Chuck), and Johnny Depp (Chocolat, Sweeney Todd, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

    • meimi132 Says:

      I was too young to notice Firth as Darcy when I first say it (aged 6 or so I believe.) He is yummy in that. Bought it for that reason alone.

      And I think you mean Boreanaz of Buffy or Angel fame DON’T YOU? lol. Zachary Levi is also yummy, didnt like him in Less than Perfect, his character was a bit of a douche, a pretty douche, but a douche. Now he’s older, with better hair and STUBBLE lol. Johnny Depp ofc lol.

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