What My Top 5 TV Shows Say


The guy who's succeeded in making me wanna pay full price for DVD's, the one, the only, JJ Abrams.

GAWD picking these were HARD. Bloody awful. Even only counting live action tv series, so discounting Futurama n stuff from the mix, didn’t help much. From a list I got down to 12. Picking  just 5 was evil… EVIL. I should do one for american, one for british stuff really. This list isn’t though, its a mix of all. In no order. Can’t pick a favourite, love em all for different reasons. (I had to leave out Friends!! And Grey’s Anatomy! And Scrubs! And so many awesome shows….

  • Dr Who
  • Early Edition
  • How I met your Mother
  • Lost
  • Supernatural

This list says… well I’m not sure… its a random mix of… well… scifi, slice of life/fantasy, backwards rom com, mystery/scifi/fantasy/mind-fuck and mancandy-fanservice/horror lol. You can read what you like from it. Its far to eccletic to make any sense out of lol. The full list might be easier to understand. All I know is that I love them. Again, for different reasons. Dr Who is like… a combo of childhood nostalgia combined with my favourite actor being in it for 3/4 years lol. Early Edition, nostalgia again, was a tv show I always remembered, always recalled, but didn’t remember the name and retain that information till early this year I believe. HIMYM is fluffy and lovely and cheeky and funny and LEGENDARY. Lost is just… well its Lost. Like marmite, you love it or you hate it, I’m of the former state of mind. Totally in love with the series, so much so I can barely see past its faults lol. And Supernatural. Only in the last year have I become a fan of this show, and boy do you become a fan. Total fangirl for it. TOTAL fangirl. Someone was right when saying some shows have viewers, some have fans, supernatural has the latter.

Full list of favourite shows below the cut. By all means, bash my taste lol. I won’t mind, but I’ll bash back hehehe.


From left to right, JJ Abrams, Anna Torv, and one of my new favourites, Joshua Jackson, the 6'2 Canadian.

(Pic above from Fringe, one of my new favourite shows lol Came from here.)

How I met your Mother
Dr Who
Gilmore Girls
Early Edition
8 Simple Rules
Grey’s Anatomy
Black Books

I may have missed things off, but you might say, if I can’t remember them, do I love them that much? lol.

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7 Responses to “What My Top 5 TV Shows Say”

  1. glothelegend Says:

    Lost is greatness. Only one more season.

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    I drafted up a post of my favorite (normal) TV Shows but kept forgetting to put the final touches on it. I’ll probably post it soon now that you’ve given me some inspiration.

    I had a hard time liking Fringe, I gave it a few episodes but I didn’t take to it.

  3. purplezest Says:

    OMG WHERE IS SKIN?????????????????????????????????????????

    i may go cry

  4. Kairu Says:

    > How I met your Mother
    I watched season 1 and it was good. I laughed a few times. But the 2nd to 4th season? I dont know if it’s gonna be good. But yeah, best comedy series I watched.

    > Lost
    OH GOD this show is awesome. Im just on episode 8 season 1 and I gotta say that its made of pure win.

    > Supernatural
    I hate this show. Repetitive shit. I dropped it on episode 10. Also, Dean kicks ass. So gar man.

  5. thetsundere Says:

    LOST is the best thing ever. So glad to see there are still loyal fans out there!
    All my friends think I’m weird that I still watch it.

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