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So… 2010 ey?

December 31, 2009

Today is the last day of the decade…. its odd… its not like tomorrow will feel any different… but it’ll be the 4th decade I’ve been alive in…. and I’m only 20 lol. (80’s, very briefly(8 days to be more precise), 90’s, 00’s and soon… the 10’s…) What do we call the 10’s anyways? Tens? Least the Twenties and Thirties work nicely. But Tens? Is so… meh….

Something I intended to to be quick... and black n white... but I got carried away... even if it is lame, I like it LOL. Totally shows off my talent, riiiiiiiiiight? lol

(They’re my Cynicats! Cynical kitties! LOL)

Hopefully though, a new decade will be good stuff. Like better music still. Cos the noughties was pretty lame if I’m honest lol. Lots of good tv+anime though. And movies. Though I think I prefer the nineties for movies…. maybe… would have to cross check stuff… lol.

Anyways…. I won’t actually be here when this publishes, I’ll be round a friends. We’re having our outcasts new years lol, staying in, playing games and some drink. Though Will’s told me he plans to get off his face before midnight. Which will be fun I’m sure.

Happy New Year and all that! Hope you had a nice Christmas too ofc. I might do my present report sometime… mostly DVD boxsets though haha. I think I’ll set this to publish at 8:00pm. I like 8. Its nice.

I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry….

December 31, 2009

I’m a bad blogger…. a very bad blogger…. I up and leave for a month n a half(thought it was longer than that actually…) with no explanation…. I *think* I can safely blame Twitter. It’s eaten up hours of my life… and I can’t understand why lol… but BOY does it feel good to be typing longer than 140 characters without it flashing up a red message! I’m so so so sorry…. I’ll make up for it… I will… I’ll watch lots of hentai and read lots of H-doujinshi! And it’ll all be better!!

Here, she's got most of her chest on display. Its a start....

Not only that… I’ve been a terrible otaku…. been keeping up with hardly any anime… I hate the internet at my uni….. cos torrents go SO SLOWLY….. means I either have to watch streams or download them *very* slowly…. which sucks ass… I haven’t even been keeping up with figure releases. I’m just glad I have figures preordered lol. Alter Yui, MF Nanoha Movie Figma, CM Corp Haruka, and another one I think…


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