I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry….

I’m a bad blogger…. a very bad blogger…. I up and leave for a month n a half(thought it was longer than that actually…) with no explanation…. I *think* I can safely blame Twitter. It’s eaten up hours of my life… and I can’t understand why lol… but BOY does it feel good to be typing longer than 140 characters without it flashing up a red message! I’m so so so sorry…. I’ll make up for it… I will… I’ll watch lots of hentai and read lots of H-doujinshi! And it’ll all be better!!

Here, she's got most of her chest on display. Its a start....

Not only that… I’ve been a terrible otaku…. been keeping up with hardly any anime… I hate the internet at my uni….. cos torrents go SO SLOWLY….. means I either have to watch streams or download them *very* slowly…. which sucks ass… I haven’t even been keeping up with figure releases. I’m just glad I have figures preordered lol. Alter Yui, MF Nanoha Movie Figma, CM Corp Haruka, and another one I think…

Anyways.. I hope you can forgive my prolonged abscence and we can get back to the way things were before I got excited and went to Collectormania on the 28th of November, as I think thats where the problem began… getting hyped up for it… then afterwards…. convention fever set in and I felt I HAD to go to another (Minion-related/SPN-specific) one. Even considered going to Barcelona or Italy for one haha…. but then… Roadhouse came along and solved all my problems!! A Supernatural convention in the UK, run by the same people who did Collectormania(which was AWESOME!!!), so I had to get a ticket. Did so on the 27th I think it was…. Couldn’t before, no money. Birthday+Xmas money helped alot hehehe. Got a Gold Pass. £195. Loopy amount of money… LOOPY… DAFT. But I’m so excited lol… Two awesome guests already lined up and more to come!!

Must….stop….fangirling… I can do that elsewhere if I need to… which I will need to do lol…. might revert to Live Journal for that… if Twitter doesn’t suffice lol…

(Full size pic of Maid Clalaclan can be found here. And the one I was originally gonna use, before I realise there just wasn’t enough chest on display, is here.)


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10 Responses to “I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry….”

  1. louki Says:

    Yes, you’ve been a really bad girl.

    Apologize is not enough, now you will have to blog everyday and talk about hentai or ecchi stuff if you want to be forgiven by your readers :3

  2. BCOtaku Says:

    Bad girl!
    Hmm Actions? Post more often and don’t keep us waiting =3 And maybe by adding me to your blogroll? =x

  3. MaftyNavue Says:

    Well this time it’s a roll of blog then..
    actually it’s not definitive that a blogger that don’t update his/her blog in x months is a bad blogger..

    • meimi132 Says:

      It may not be definitive…. but I still feel bad about just leaving it for such a long time without rhyme or reason.

    • Guy Says:

      If they didn’t tell you beforehands, it probably is.

      A blog is not a blog when it is not read, it is also not a blog when it has no material. How can it be a log when nothing is logged? Heh.

  4. Optic Says:

    Happy Late B’day. ^^
    I can remember ur one because it’s the same one as mine. lol

  5. Blowfish Says:

    Bad Bad Meimi,Wicked naughty Meimi!

    Reading and watching Ecchi stuff is only the beginning of the long and hard way to forgiveness 😄

    Welcome Back little Miss Meimi!

    Dont you have an Anime Club at Uni?
    I bet there are dudes who have tons of Anime on their HDs. Wear some nice clothes,flash some cleavage and I bet they are more than happy to share their Anime Collection with you 😛

  6. Tommy Says:

    Welcome back. I think a lot of people were busy for the last month or two anyways.

    I used to have that problem with the slow connection at my residence…that was until I FOUND OUT THEY USED T3 CONNECTION IN THE LIBRARY!!! 1MB/S!!! I think the connection is faster, but the hard drive had a hard time keeping up. You can hear it run. Have you tried downloading at your uni’s library? But do it during non-peak hours on one of their computers.

  7. Guy Says:

    Good to have you back. Seems half the blogosphere almost up-and-left, or at least vacationed for the last month or two, myself included, mostly. I did get some stuff out, but barely…

    Also, holy smokes, 195 pounds for a convention ticket? Is it made out of solid gold? Heh.

    Try using rapidshare/megaupload (and sites like Cyber12) along with J-Downloader, it often beats torrents, especially for slightly older series, doubly so when you’re behind a firewalled router.

  8. lovelyduckie Says:

    Welcome back 🙂

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