I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry….

I’m a bad blogger…. a very bad blogger…. I up and leave for a month n a half(thought it was longer than that actually…) with no explanation…. I *think* I can safely blame Twitter. It’s eaten up hours of my life… and I can’t understand why lol… but BOY does it feel good to be typing longer than 140 characters without it flashing up a red message! I’m so so so sorry…. I’ll make up for it… I will… I’ll watch lots of hentai and read lots of H-doujinshi! And it’ll all be better!!

Here, she's got most of her chest on display. Its a start....

Not only that… I’ve been a terrible otaku…. been keeping up with hardly any anime… I hate the internet at my uni….. cos torrents go SO SLOWLY….. means I either have to watch streams or download them *very* slowly…. which sucks ass… I haven’t even been keeping up with figure releases. I’m just glad I have figures preordered lol. Alter Yui, MF Nanoha Movie Figma, CM Corp Haruka, and another one I think…

Anyways.. I hope you can forgive my prolonged abscence and we can get back to the way things were before I got excited and went to Collectormania on the 28th of November, as I think thats where the problem began… getting hyped up for it… then afterwards…. convention fever set in and I felt I HAD to go to another (Minion-related/SPN-specific) one. Even considered going to Barcelona or Italy for one haha…. but then… Roadhouse came along and solved all my problems!! A Supernatural convention in the UK, run by the same people who did Collectormania(which was AWESOME!!!), so I had to get a ticket. Did so on the 27th I think it was…. Couldn’t before, no money. Birthday+Xmas money helped alot hehehe. Got a Gold Pass. £195. Loopy amount of money… LOOPY… DAFT. But I’m so excited lol… Two awesome guests already lined up and more to come!!

Must….stop….fangirling… I can do that elsewhere if I need to… which I will need to do lol…. might revert to Live Journal for that… if Twitter doesn’t suffice lol…

(Full size pic of Maid Clalaclan can be found here. And the one I was originally gonna use, before I realise there just wasn’t enough chest on display, is here.)

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10 Responses to “I’m sorry… I’m so so sorry….”

  1. louki Says:

    Yes, you’ve been a really bad girl.

    Apologize is not enough, now you will have to blog everyday and talk about hentai or ecchi stuff if you want to be forgiven by your readers :3

  2. BCOtaku Says:

    Bad girl!
    Hmm Actions? Post more often and don’t keep us waiting =3 And maybe by adding me to your blogroll? =x

  3. MaftyNavue Says:

    Well this time it’s a roll of blog then..
    actually it’s not definitive that a blogger that don’t update his/her blog in x months is a bad blogger..

    • meimi132 Says:

      It may not be definitive…. but I still feel bad about just leaving it for such a long time without rhyme or reason.

    • Guy Says:

      If they didn’t tell you beforehands, it probably is.

      A blog is not a blog when it is not read, it is also not a blog when it has no material. How can it be a log when nothing is logged? Heh.

  4. Optic Says:

    Happy Late B’day. ^^
    I can remember ur one because it’s the same one as mine. lol

  5. Blowfish Says:

    Bad Bad Meimi,Wicked naughty Meimi!

    Reading and watching Ecchi stuff is only the beginning of the long and hard way to forgiveness XD

    Welcome Back little Miss Meimi!

    Dont you have an Anime Club at Uni?
    I bet there are dudes who have tons of Anime on their HDs. Wear some nice clothes,flash some cleavage and I bet they are more than happy to share their Anime Collection with you 😛

  6. Tommy Says:

    Welcome back. I think a lot of people were busy for the last month or two anyways.

    I used to have that problem with the slow connection at my residence…that was until I FOUND OUT THEY USED T3 CONNECTION IN THE LIBRARY!!! 1MB/S!!! I think the connection is faster, but the hard drive had a hard time keeping up. You can hear it run. Have you tried downloading at your uni’s library? But do it during non-peak hours on one of their computers.

  7. Guy Says:

    Good to have you back. Seems half the blogosphere almost up-and-left, or at least vacationed for the last month or two, myself included, mostly. I did get some stuff out, but barely…

    Also, holy smokes, 195 pounds for a convention ticket? Is it made out of solid gold? Heh.

    Try using rapidshare/megaupload (and sites like Cyber12) along with J-Downloader, it often beats torrents, especially for slightly older series, doubly so when you’re behind a firewalled router.

  8. lovelyduckie Says:

    Welcome back 🙂

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