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Avatar didn’t need to be in 3D…

January 24, 2010

Seen the movie 3 times now. First two times in 3D. And today, in 2D. I’ve wanted to see it in 2D since I first saw it lol.

I do love the movie, I didn’t want to, but I do… I just don’t see what 3D adds to the experience… all the special effects & CGI look just as good in 2D, and you don’t have to wear those damn clunky 3D glasses that block out everything around you. Until theres a way to see 3D movies without making us wear the glasses… I think they should stop plugging it so much… its such a gimic *sigh*… I can’t wait till this 3D phase dies down…

Sure it has flaws, and a few continuity goofs I noticed, but I’m willing to overlook them lol.

Oh, I kept forgetting, but remembered just now lol, the noise alot of the creatures on Pandora made reminded me of dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. I think it was the horse-things(Direhouse/Pa’li) & the banshee’s(Ikran)… Yeah… definitely Jurassic Park.. the noise Raptors make.

Lucifer is Coming – Viva la Minionlution – Living TV’s Supernatural ARG Has begun!

January 20, 2010

The Supernatural ARG game has BEGUN! Already 3 sigils have been released and the competition is going hard. I LOVE this kind of tie-in stuff. Reminds me of when Lost first came out, only its better, cos its more gamey.

(The first video released to promote the ARG(Alternate Reality Game))

Please join my army if you do wanna play, and all those Supernatural fans (UK only 😀 FOR ONCE! We get something decent that the US doesn’t lol)

It comprises of collecting enochian sigils online and in real life by following video clues from Castiel himself, getting armies of fans to amass points, and spreading the good word of SPN. Go to this site to take part, and join my army at the same time if you will :).

On the hunt…

January 11, 2010

…for a new Twitter compatible mobile… I’ve become somewhat addicted…. and my phones too basic to handle any twitter application(that I can find), its a Nokia 2680 Slide. If anyone knows of twitter apps any that work with more basic phones, do tell!

I love Nokia’s to bits… and I’d love to get another one… with a keypad, touchscreen-only bugs me… qwerty would be nice, but the N97 is crazy expensive, and I’m not willing to fork out for that. Ofc I won’t restrict myself if theres a nice twitter compatible phone which has a keypad/qwerty keypad with decent battery life lol.

Any ideas?

Doctor Who – The End of Time Part 2, OR Weepfest 2010 (Spoilers-desu!)

January 2, 2010

'He will knock four times'

Yesterday, January 1st, I witnessed what will probably be one of, if not the most, traumatic TV events EVER. (Won’t be bested unless Eric Kripke decided to kill off Sam+Dean when SPN finishes, whenever that will be.) It literally made me so sad, everytime I even think about the episode, or the last 20 minutes at least, I will tear up, and I will have to distract myself from it somehow. It’s actually painful to think about… yes its just a TV show, BUT its the end of an era, and its the end of one Doctors life basically…. it feels like someones died, we loved him that much, and I know people will agree. I know boys who cried at this, who don’t even like Dr Who that much lol.

I warn ye all, spoilers lie ahead, so those good little Americans+Australians+so forth who haven’t downloaded it and watched already, don’t read ahead if you want to remain innocent to the details of Tennant’s final two episodes. Though I’m really focussing on one lol, the 2nd, as the 1st was a pretty big let down, if I’m completely honest and don’t try to lie to myself, Tennant + Cribbins + Simm were all brilliant ofc, but it was just so over the top… over done… overblown… whatever the words… it was too big…. Anyways… *ahem* yes… don’t go below the cut if you wanna wait to watch the episodes yourself. SPOILERS DESU!!!!!!!!


Happy New Year! + Sometimes Neo makes me sad…

January 1, 2010

First off, Happy New Year. I’ve never made a fuss about it, seems like an overblown holiday which ends up being pretty lame anyways lol. It’s probly my families fault, we’re not the most social, and never went to any New Years parties or such like.

I know, its a xmas pic, but its cute, and Rozen Maiden-related. So there.

Onto the more pressing matter. Of that sometimes Neo makes me sad…. I got the new issue(its a magazine if you don’t know, which you probably don’t lol) this morning, 67, and its the 2010 preview issue. And the preview for next years anime releases in the UK…. its sad…. because we’re sooooooooooo far behind everywhere else it seems…. for instance, Naruto Shippuden, only just getting released. We haven’t even got Ponyo yet…. And I cudda sworn Rozen Maiden had already been released here, but NO. Just the manga. The anime is being released this coming March. The anime version of Romeo n Juliet too, February. Code Geass R2 aswell. We only got the first season last year… same for Gurren Lagann. We’re so far behind! Its bloody depressing living here sometimes. Its the same with games…. :sigh: No wonder so many are drawn to the bad side….downloading n’ wotnot…

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