Happy New Year! + Sometimes Neo makes me sad…

First off, Happy New Year. I’ve never made a fuss about it, seems like an overblown holiday which ends up being pretty lame anyways lol. It’s probly my families fault, we’re not the most social, and never went to any New Years parties or such like.

I know, its a xmas pic, but its cute, and Rozen Maiden-related. So there.

Onto the more pressing matter. Of that sometimes Neo makes me sad…. I got the new issue(its a magazine if you don’t know, which you probably don’t lol) this morning, 67, and its the 2010 preview issue. And the preview for next years anime releases in the UK…. its sad…. because we’re sooooooooooo far behind everywhere else it seems…. for instance, Naruto Shippuden, only just getting released. We haven’t even got Ponyo yet…. And I cudda sworn Rozen Maiden had already been released here, but NO. Just the manga. The anime is being released this coming March. The anime version of Romeo n Juliet too, February. Code Geass R2 aswell. We only got the first season last year… same for Gurren Lagann. We’re so far behind! Its bloody depressing living here sometimes. Its the same with games…. :sigh: No wonder so many are drawn to the bad side….downloading n’ wotnot…

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9 Responses to “Happy New Year! + Sometimes Neo makes me sad…”

  1. Marshmallow Says:

    Wow… Rozen Maiden. The first season? Well, even if it’s the second it’s pretty old anyway. Geneon released it (or at least the first?) R1 and they’re long gone… although I think Funi took it over?

  2. MaftyNavue Says:

    well.. it’s really a blog roll hahahaha…
    Happy New Year to you too..
    well Code Geass really a must watch anime for me.. Don’t forget about S2 Darker than Black too..
    and how about FMA:Brotherhood?

  3. biotoxic Says:

    Happy New Year Meimi. Nice to see you back blogging again.

    Yeah UK anime releases are a joke. I really like that crunchyroll and a few other streaming sites are bringing us the latest anime legally. Although even they like to block us from certain shows (Sora No Otoshimono :fistshake:).

    I’m looking forward to Code Geass R2 this coming year. Been waiting patiently for that. Season 1 was great :D.

  4. Blowfish Says:

    Frohes Neues Jahr!

    What?Youre getting Shippuden Now? its like already 1 1/2 year airing on German tv!
    Thats quite sad that youre that much behind

  5. Matt Says:

    Hey Em! Cool-moar blogging again! Hope you had a good birthday, and christmas and new year and…..you get the picture>.<
    Like eveyone else, it's annoying waiting for manga and anime here in the uk, but it's a joke when you look at the anime dvds. For example- the naruto series- the complete forst series has already been dubbed a long time ago (for the american market) and about half-way through the other one. Yet we still haven't had the first series finished yet- all they have to do is add the menu's and a couple of trailers=__=
    This country is about as good as parcelforce.lol. I got another package before christmas from them, except it wasn't delivered to me like it should have- he just gave it to some random person in the street T_Tlol. enough raging, anyway.speak to you soon!

  6. The Envoy Says:

    Happy New Year!

  7. gundamjehutykai Says:

    Wait, you actually read NEO???

    I remember picking up one of the early copies with my mates at my local comic shop and we all agreed then and there never to buy it… EVER!

    • meimi132 Says:

      I’m subscribed to it…. but I’ve long since evolved past Neo since I started reading it. I just random spotted the first issue in a newsagent years ago. With Kusanagi from GITS on the front. Was excited to see a mag with anime on hehe, but I’m always ahead of the content now… lol

  8. lovelyduckie Says:

    The worst is when a series becomes licensed and the ones that got the rights to it just sit on it! They actively go out of their way to stop any downloads of that series, but then take years to actually release it officially.

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