Doctor Who – The End of Time Part 2, OR Weepfest 2010 (Spoilers-desu!)

'He will knock four times'

Yesterday, January 1st, I witnessed what will probably be one of, if not the most, traumatic TV events EVER. (Won’t be bested unless Eric Kripke decided to kill off Sam+Dean when SPN finishes, whenever that will be.) It literally made me so sad, everytime I even think about the episode, or the last 20 minutes at least, I will tear up, and I will have to distract myself from it somehow. It’s actually painful to think about… yes its just a TV show, BUT its the end of an era, and its the end of one Doctors life basically…. it feels like someones died, we loved him that much, and I know people will agree. I know boys who cried at this, who don’t even like Dr Who that much lol.

I warn ye all, spoilers lie ahead, so those good little Americans+Australians+so forth who haven’t downloaded it and watched already, don’t read ahead if you want to remain innocent to the details of Tennant’s final two episodes. Though I’m really focussing on one lol, the 2nd, as the 1st was a pretty big let down, if I’m completely honest and don’t try to lie to myself, Tennant + Cribbins + Simm were all brilliant ofc, but it was just so over the top… over done… overblown… whatever the words… it was too big…. Anyways… *ahem* yes… don’t go below the cut if you wanna wait to watch the episodes yourself. SPOILERS DESU!!!!!!!!

For all those who vaguely know of Dr Who, I’m sure you’re aware that the 10th Doctor, David Tennant was due to regenerate on the 1st. In ‘The End of Time Part 2’. And that he did. Into Matt Smith. Who I’ve grown accustomed too(after the ‘OMFG HE’S TOO YOUNG!!!), and I’m sure, with Steven Moffats brilliant writing, we will all grow to love him. He may not be David Tennant, BUT he’s still the Doctor. Even I, as a hardcore Tennant fangirl, will not be put off watching the new series in Spring. As I LOVE Dr Who. And I love Steven Moffats writing. So its gonna be awesome, no matter what anyone says.

Pretty much an in depth/deep conversation the Doctor had with Wilf had people close to tears, am I right? Thats how it was in my house lol.

Back to The End of Time. These two episode were Tennant’s final hoorah so to speak. The last time we would ever see him as the Doctor. Which, everytime I thought about in the weeks preceding the episodes, I would almost tear up… I was looking forward to seeing more Dr Who, but not to the fact it was Tennant’s last, as he’s my all-time favourite actor EVER, and even with him doing other stuff… its not going to be the same… might be better for all we know, but I think its safe to say, even now, Tennant will remain my favourite Doctor forever.

Part 1 was…. well…. far from perfect. It was a romp. But it was all over the place. I never really want to admit when my favourite shows are sub-par, but you gotsta sometimes. This is one of those occasions, where you can’t ignore its shortcomings. The acting for all as usual, fantastic, it was just…. the premise…. the Master being half-revived, gaining all these powers, going crazy and laughing, ALOT, which was really annoying, and then mapping himself onto/into the entire human race(bar Donna and Wilf, Donna cos she’s half Timelord now, and Wilf…well… supposedly cos he was locked in the control box and the Doctor filtered out the waves, but lots of people are speculating about that. Which I will elaborate on a bit later.). The Naismiths. WTF. They were just added in so the Master could fulfill his plan…. there was really no reason for them otherwise. And then the Timelords coming back… after being supposedly killed off years ago, some were hiding in a ‘Time Lock’. It’s all very iffy really… but its Scifi, so really a writer can do whatever the hell he wants.


The good bits of Part 1 were the quieter bits. Not all the running about+cannibalism lol. When Wilf+The Doctor were in the diner for instance. Which brings me to the question of, who is Wilfred Mott, really? How did he find the Doctor so fast with just a buss-full of randy pensioners? I first, half jokingly, said it was ‘The Master’ after he’d had his memories stuck in a stop watch, (like in Family of Blood in series 3), and then sent back in time, thus, remaining essentially human and growing old. BUT its highly unlikely to be something that complicated really lol. The more simple explanation is that Wilf is a random timelord who’s been planted on earth to help in times of dire need, without memories ofc lol. The other, what seems, highly favoured idea is that Wilf is really the Doctors father(and the lady in the white suit+Timelord at the end behind Timothy Dalton(Claire Bloom) is his mother.), which even I’m on board with, as during part 2, the Doctor said how he’d be proud to have Wilf as his father, or something along those lines, and then, before stepping into the control booth, to let Wilf out after he *sniffles* knocks on the glass….four times…. :weeps: *ahem* he says ‘It’s my honor’, I spose honor and pride are kinda similar. But I dunno… it’d be nice is Wilf was his dad, BUT at the same time, icky, cos that means Donna would be his Niece, cos she’s kissed him(in the Wasp ep, to shock him lol). Anywho.. yus… Wilf… we still don’t know… we still don’t know who the female Timelord really is… some are even saying its Donna or Rose lol. Might even be the Doctors Daughter, not the one from the episode, the one from the original series lol.

Now… Part 2, was ALOT better. What we wanted. Good Who. Still had its down-points, but nothing is ever perfect. EVER. So thats ok. But of course, Part 2 was the the part I was dreading… or the end to be more precise… for the last 25 minutes pretty much, I was in tears. Proper tears. Bottom lip trembling so much I had to bite my nail to stop myself from biting my lip too hard. Floods of tears. Silent crying….saved the actual sobs for my room after lol. But it really really upset me… more than I thought it would….. its a fictional bloody character…. its not like someone actually died… but thats what it feels like. Cos I can’t think about, or even look at clips from that episode without tearing up. While writing this for instance, while getting some of the screenshots, I was dangerously close to full on blubbing once again…. still teared up atm though. From here pretty much…..

"I'm still alive."

…to a fair while after the credits finished…. the only thing that kept me from curling up into a ball and crying my eyes out was Twitter. Seriously. Without being able to contact other fans who were feeling the exact same, I couldn’t have coped not nearly as well as I have, and thats still pretty badly to be frank lol.

The last 20 minutes of the episode were pretty much engineered to squeeze every last tear out of the viewer(you’ll see how when you see it, if you haven’t already lol). Russel T Davis(RTD) is a genius at tugging at our heart strings. As ‘Doomsday’ of series 2 will exhibit. And ‘The Parting of Ways’ in series 1, plus a fair few more. RTD has his ups and downs of course. But the man is a genius. He revived Dr Who. Successfully. A series which, when it finished, was considered a joke. And he brought it back and restored its original status, and then some. He gave it heart, something the original Dr Who was lacking, as it was more just about the Scifi then. Now it makes Saturday night, Saturday night. A National Treasure n whatnot I’d say. I believe RTD is in the US atm, working for BBC America, doing what I’m not quite sure.

Not sure how long the mourning period for a fictional character is…. its because it was Tennant… and he’s been the Doctor for over 4 years, he’s made such an impact on us, his exit really does mark the end of an era. Because he was brilliant. So very awesome as the Doctor. What makes it more awesome is, that it was basically his dream job. And he did it. How can anything else compared after that? It’s what my dads wondering too. What can top being the Doctor? Which makes it all the more sad that he left, and in such an emotional way…. his last line… heart-wrenching…

“I don’t wanna go…”

I can’t understand how anyone couldn’t feel a pang of pain as he said that…. if you didn’t…. you must have no soul. No heart. Be a dried up husk of a human being…. He’s just such a good actor…. :sob: God….. It’ll be a tough act to follow. A very tough act. But what I’ve seen of Matt Smith in Ruby in the Smoke+The Shadow in the North+a few vids on youtube, he’s good. Very good. And he’s got that sparkle and energy that the Doctor definitely needs. He will never be Tennant, people gotta remember that. All the teenage girls that started watching Doctor Who because of Tennant, have to give Matt Smith a chance. Those who call him hideous are obvious blind/stupid/both. Its just the one bad photo which makes him look like he has no eyebrows lol. He grows on you. I just wish he was like… 3-4 years older lol. Maybe if he stays the Doctor for 3 years or so. I hope they don’t go switching after a year again… trying to pick a new Who is hell…. I was lucky when Tennant got picked, already being a fan hehe. Sceptical of Smith when he was revealed as the new Doctor. BUT recently I’ve grown to accept him. Rewatched his previous work, that I’d seen before anyways, just had to get through the tedious cockney accent in the Sally Lockhart TV adaptions lol.

He just looks so sad.... like... more than just acting... which is understandable...

"I'd be proud."

Any time Tennant wells up. I will well up. It’s automatic. So basically, any convo with Wilfred Mott lol. God he’s good…

Right… anyways…. the series 5 trailer. Which, I must say, looks EPIC. I can’t wait to see what Steven Moffat has done. And Matt Smith at the end ‘Trust me, I’m the Doctor’ has a real ring to it. Carries some significant weight. Shows he’s got the stuff to pull ‘The Doctor’ off.

If ANYONE ELSE complains about the bloody vampire-looking things, I will sock ’em. Theres already been vamps in Dr Who anyways! In the Tom Baker era! And since in the new Who, we’ve had witches and werewolves, vampires are a natural progression, wouldn’t you think? So shut the fudge up complaining you moany little twilight haters!! ARRGHEGRHEGRHG!! Still not as annoying as people calling The Doctor, Doctor Who though… thats the most feckin’ annoying thing EVER. Considering its been back for over 5 years, and people are STILL failing…. even in interviews, you’d think people would do some research before writing the teleprompter…. *sigh* (Ok… mini rant over lol.)

Not particularly keen on the *slight* Tardis redesign, or rather, skip back to a previous Tardis lol. The logo and new title card looks VERY retro. Which I wasn’t keen on at all to begin with…. but its growing on me… new head writier, new decade… new Doctor. Why not a new title card I spose? If Moffat wants it. I’ll go along with it lol. Lucky really. I got my 1st choice as Doctor for over 4 years, and now my 1st choice for writer is taking over as head writer. Pretty damn nifty if I do say so myself lol.

Not just me who thinks they look retro right? lol

And finally, a shot of the new Doctor. Cos I thought I should… ‘Trust me, I’m the Doctor’ gives me hope. Lots of hope.

"Trust me. I'm the Doctor."

Ok, my feet are cold and its past 3am here in the UK. And I’ve got some filthy-fangirling to do on twitter. We’re smut-hunting LOL. Its gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuun!!! But I really should go, and I think I just hit 2000…. so I think thats enough really… Ok. I’m going. But not offline just yet lol. Hope the rant/review/sobfest wasn’t too much lol. Was a damn long post though…. haha.

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10 Responses to “Doctor Who – The End of Time Part 2, OR Weepfest 2010 (Spoilers-desu!)”

  1. V Says:

    Are you still crying?

    I’m like Chandler from Friends I never cry… I thought it would be bad… I knew this would be a time when I would cry… but my God. Then watching Confidential (did you see?) and David crying after his last take and stuttering.

    I’m now in shock, I literally feel nothing at all. Then I know I’ll watch tonight and be devastated still. I’m in paralysis.

    • meimi132 Says:

      I watched confidential after writing this pretty much, him crying after his very last take, trying to make a speech…. how can you not cry at that? When he himself is…… gawd he’s lovely… :sob:

      lol, and now those gates are open, you’ll cry at anything, like Chandler does in that ep haha.

  2. V Says:

    I know its all suppressed right now (thats how I dealt with a family member’s death) then suddenly some random event and out it pours.

    The thing that’s brilliant is DT being so amazing as an actor and in interviews and me loving the Doctor, but when I watch I don’t recognise DT being in it. He IS the Doctor.

    Only 3 hours until we open the floodgates again…

    • meimi132 Says:

      I’m using any distraction I can to avoid thinking about it. Cos if I don’t, I’d be in tears half the day just thinking about it…

      I can’t possibly watch it again…not this soon… not all the way through… not without breaking down and being a wobbly mess at the end all over again… Watching bits and pieces while finding screen caps was bad enough… and then confidential…. its not good for the heart if nothing else lol.

      Tennant isn’t just the Doctor to me, he was Casanova first lol, then Doctor, then Peter Carlisle etc etc. Though right now, the Doctor is the one that’ll stand out. I just wish he wudda used his real accent for the series, I love his voice so much….
      I just love that he loves the show as much as we do. Cos he’s been such a big fan since he was youger.

  3. V Says:

    Yes did you see ‘secret smile’? He was excellent in that and I liked the adaption of Hamlet on Boxing Day.

    Because I’m so pent up its healthier for me to watch it and get upset, because otherwise I’ll be so apathetic I won’t be able to do anything.

    He’s such a whovian geek, I can imagine him sat like I do with my DWM or fact books feverishly looking through, or spending three hours on DWO talking to other fans. His description of meeting Tom Baker is so poignant, because that is how so many people would feel if they met him today and yet he doesn’t even seem to realise

    • meimi132 Says:

      Seen Secret Smile ofc. Imported the DVD from europe before it was released in the UK cos it was taking so bloody long… I want Recovery on DVD… you seen that? I think I’ve seen all the stuff he’s been lead/2nd lead in. Its just some of the little things I haven’t seen yet. ‘He Knew He was Right’ was suprisingly good, yet he wasn’t a big part in that, the main character was really good lol.

      Did you see him in The Quatermass Experiment remake as well?

      Hamlet was AWESOME. I’d seen it live beforehand at Stratford too. I saw him do Loves Labours Lost too. On the first night, on the front row… *dies thinking about it* God that was awesome….

      One thing I really wanna see is Duck Patrol, I think its on Youtube, but I want either a DVD or decent quality video files.

      And I NEED LA without a Map. NEED it…. thats one of his main roles I haven’t seen yet… *sob*

      I’d love to meet previous Doctors… Peter Davidson especially… Tom Baker obv lol. And Peter Cushing… if he wasn’t dead…

      • V Says:

        You saw Hamlet live! Wow that must’ve been incredible and you sat in the front row. (couldn’t beat a tour of the DW set *dies thinking about THAT* but thats so exciting).

        I haven’t been to the theatre in such a long time, but the last thing I saw was good (adaptation of the book ‘looking for JJ’ not a spot on the book but still good- some teenfiction that works).

        Hope you’re ok, I still feel dreadful. Chin up thats what the Doctor…would…do *almost cries*

      • V Says:

        You saw Hamlet live! Wow that must’ve been incredible and you sat in the front row. (couldn’t beat a tour of the DW set *dies thinking about THAT* but thats so exciting).

        I haven’t been to the theatre in such a long time, but the last thing I saw was good (adaptation of the book ‘looking for JJ’ not a spot on the book but still good- some teenfiction that works).

        Hope you’re ok, I still feel dreadful. Chin up thats what the Doctor…would…do *almost cries*

        Are you on DWOnline? You should join if you’re not.

  4. V Says:

    Can’t speak still crying

    I kinda threw up a bit I was that upset!

    Now I’m just really angry, then sad, then happy-sad

  5. mia Says:

    I still can’t think about that last episode or even journey’s end for that matter…it was just so heartbreakingly tragic for the doctor…I’ve never been so depressed after the end of a character…I think cuz most of our favorite characters, altho they may have past away, still died fulfilling what they wanted….but the doctor – he lost so much – all his friends, the way he had to leave rose (to HIMSELF – bizarrely enuff – but human…) and leave her again after having lost her once already..and then donna returning back to her loud shallow self after all they’d been thru…it was too heartbreaking for me. I kno he’s just a tv character, but my god, tennant is unbelievable…i never for once thot he was acting…he just was…he was and is the doctor. pure genius he was as the doctor and i don’t think anyone could top him (altho i’ll hav to give matt smith a chance…perhaps later in the future – i’m too hung up on tennant still to give smith a fair chance at the moment hehe). And i’ll admit it – i sobbed like a baby at the end of Tennant – full on hysterical sobbing. couldnt stop for an hour that nite. i just wish RTD, maybe if he gave the doctor a slightly happier ending (not completely…but just something) it wouldnt hav been so bad…but when he saw rose again b4 having met her – i died. I felt so unbelievably bad for him…it was just so cruel how he lost practically everything…and then had to “die”. I think Tennant’s doctor is and will forever be one of my all time favorite characters…just had so much depth, power and gravitas, not to mention personality =) k done with my rant now lol…i sadly caught onto the show after it already aired so had no fellow fans to rant to while watching it =(

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