Romeo X Juliet Episode 1 & other musings

After getting the SFX magazine today, and it having a disc of 3 eps of anime on(sadly dubbed only, not even any subs for the op/ed themes…), gave me a chance to finally watch (the 1st ep at least, of the) Romeo&Juliet anime. When they say ‘based on’ its taken *very* loosely lol. Pegasus’s, fine. But masked crossdressing town heroes like Marian in the BBC Robin Hood? lol. And the Japanese version of ‘You Raise Me Up’ made me lol too.  Animations all nice though. Gonzo standard(?) This is being written while I watch lol, as dubbed makes it easier to multitask haha.

Eeep at the creepy blonde Shakespeare though…

Its turning out to be alot more…. ‘creative’ story wise. Very loosely following the original so far lol. No destruction of the Capulet house in the original haha.

I hear Rakka from Haibane Renmei. As the cute blonde Romeo’s being set up with lol. (Hermione it seems.)

lol, Shakespeare seems to be made out as a slight perv, which isn’t an unheard of description lol He was a ladies man in the ‘Shakespeares Code’ ep of Dr Who lol.

And now Odin/Juliet’s being made to dress as a girl and go to a ball. Where no doubt, Romeo will see her and fall madly in love with her. I like the long faces of this style. Like that of Ridebacks lol.

All the cuter/younger characters look very gender ambiguous, all got the same type of face lol.

And I find it laughable that all the anime on this disc (RXJ,Fate Stay Night & Rosen Maiden) are all at LEAST 3 years out of date. Wow the UK still sucks at getting anime… *sigh* I don’t get what takes them so long? Hasn’t Rozen Maiden been out in the US for a few years already? Its nearly 6 years old and we’re only just getting it…

Oh…. the episodes over. Twas suprisingly good. But thats probably cos it was a fairly loose interpretation of the original play lol. Shakespeare can get terribly dull after all.

Anyways, of late my friends been pestering me to download numerous Japanese/Korean movies/tv series featuring cute Japanese/Korean boys. Namely Kenichi Matsuyama and Bi Rain(who we recently discovered in Ninja Assassin lol). She went and bought ‘Full House’ though, good thing really, as it would take ages to dl it all, & they wouldn’t be very high quality. I have managed to get my mitts on a fair few though.

We seem to be on an east asian film kick atm anyways, we watched 20th Century Boys tonight, enjoyed the first part before the giant robot bit alot more than the giant robot bit. It got ever so confusing at certain points too… But I did like it. Arata was hard to spot… and there are 2 more movies… ack…. got ahold of the Aquarian Age movie too. And Shindo. And Gohatto is almost done. (My friend wanted to see it after I told her bout the impossibly pretty Japanese boy who gets….violated by samurai…lol I saw it on BBC4 one night, was a little disturbed lol.)

This is Rain. My friend wuvs him. He was in Speed Racer. Finally gave us a reason to watch it lol.

Put on Rozen Maiden, just cos I can. And yaaaaaaaaaay Izzy from Digimon! Love him/her haha. And GOD I’d love a Rozen Maiden dollfie.

Anyways, I was up this late(4:30am) waiting for SPN/Grey’s Anatomy/TVD/other things to finish. Have to watch SPN in the morning, as I’m going up north for a funeral and will be laptopless for a few days, as I’ll be back sunday and as much as it pains me to say, it doesn’t seem worth it to lug my laptop up north… though I’ll probably cave and bring it anyways, as its only an hour journey to Peterborough… am being picked up from there….

I should really go to bed… well… I say bed… its more like Greys Anatomy or Fringe then sleep lol. (Daaaaaamn the internet works faster at this hour.)

Oh yeah… forgot to mention….. channel 4 failed….. they lost the rights to show Friends… to a Sky/Virgin channel…. so it means, come Autumn… I’ll never be able to watch Friends on tv again… which means I’ll need the DVD’s that my father ever so helpfully pointed out I’ll never need cos they’ll never stop showing it… alas….we don’t have Sky… and the bastards at Comedy Central have taken away one of the most reliable laughs on free TV we had. I hate Rupert Murdoch… I’m pretty damn pissed about this… makes me weirdly sad… like when Tennant left Doctor Who… I wonder what E4 will show instead of Friends 3 times a day…. Will they just up the repeats of How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs? Will they give Gilmore Girls a better timeslot? Will they buy extra shows that’ll never live up to the shadow Friends leaves behind? Ofc they might just repeat Glee untill people are sick of it. I think 3 times a week is as much as I can take lol.

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8 Responses to “Romeo X Juliet Episode 1 & other musings”

  1. chubbybots Says:

    Hmm wonder if you have seen Rain dance, he is a very big star in korea 😀 I love his dance moves…..

  2. purplezest Says:

    WOOOOOO lve u em :D, hehe i can’t wait 😀 😀 😀 full house better be here next week unless i may cry but it will be a week 2moro from when it was posted , squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    and i have seen rain daince (and bumble wiggle hehe) hes just awesome, wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv him, i wish he was a big star her as well but i am sure he shall get here and if not over to america i go haha. and really hoping for a ninja assassins 222222222 😀

    wooooooooooooooooo SPN time, well thats if u wake up emily haha

  3. vixums Says:

    RomeoxJuliette is an anime I want to get in to, there was a preview of it at a convention I went to over the summer, but i never got the chance to sit down and actually watch it.

  4. roserosa Says:

    Ha ha you have the latest issue of SFX, I bet you’re very happy with the Sexiest Male and Best Actor Awards. I was disappointed that Colin Morgan and Bradley James didn’t make it onto either list as Colin is amazing and Bradley is just gorgeous…the fact that people voted Bradley as sexiest female made me laugh though…not enough people for him to be in the top 10 though.

    I need to watch that DVD, I want to see Romeo X Juliet and my best friend loves Rozen Maiden but I may just be watching my new Merlin DVD first XP.

    Ha ha Asian films…Kenichi Matsuyama is an amazing actor, Don’t Laugh At My Romance looks like it’s a good film and well Kenichi strips down in it. It looks like a good Japanese rom-com though *thumbs up*

  5. Nopy Says:

    It’s always entertaining to see how the Japanese interpret/adjust foreign stories. Shakespeare as a perv might not be too far from the truth though.

  6. roshelle novie Says:


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