Otaku? (+ some not-so-random bishies)

You don't get it right? Thats cos only hardcore, obsessive fans would. Don't argue with me on that. (This is one of the many epic designs from Detour Design on Cafepress, click to go there.)

Now, I thought ‘otaku’ was just a word for someone who is obsessed with something, yes it’s more commonly connected to anime/manga etc, but thats not the proper-proper use, is it? In Japanese its a word for someone with an obsession for a certain area(there are other meanings I’m aware of too, its also a suffix like -san/-dono/-chan etc which I wasn’t as aware of lol), but some still want to use it just for anime/manga/eroge obsessions. After becoming a fan of anime/manga when I was 13(I think…) I wasn’t really aware of the use of otaku at all, why would I be? I live in a country that once wrote off most Japanese cartoons as pornographic thanks to Urotsukidoji lol. That was then though, this is now. Much more accepting of it… I think lol.
I’ve always been… easy to get obsessed with something, when I was ickle, it was Dalmatians, thanks to 101 Dalmatians. Favourite Disney movie of all time, and will remain that way, for mostly sentimental reasons I think lol. But that lasted with me, and still is with me now really, until I was 9 or so, when Pokemon arrived, and Pokemon is still with me now lol, can’t wait for Soul Silver to come out!! Am soooo tempted to import… even though there’s only a couple of weeks in between US & UK releases… still seems unfair that we have to wait…

Obsession comes easily to me, and sticks like superglue… not always a good thing lol. But I am a fangirl through and through. More recently, I’ve discovered the super fun of going to cons with other fangirls(my tweeps!), before they’d been more shopping trips than anything else, buying all the stuff I usually had to get online, and then lugging it back on the train(FUN! lol). But going to a convention, with the sole intention to see/meet an actor, and meeting up with other fangirls with the same intention, is fecking amazing! It kinda spurred me onto to go to more lol (I refer to it as ‘confever’ cos it really is like a sickness lol)

I love this so much. Makes me lol. And when I won a free tshirt, this is the one I picked. Detour Design once again. Slightly easier to understand if u arn't a Lostie lol...

Yeah… anyways…. there was meant to be a point somewhere among this rambling… but it seems to have gotten away from me lol. Simply put. I’m otaku. I’m otaku for Lost. For anime/manga. For David Tennant. For Pokemon. For re-finding those series I loved as a kid(some of which were anime and I just didn’t know it then lol). For Supernatural. I am utterly dedicated to these obsessions, and that, if I’m not mistaken, is essentially what otaku is. I’ve never used ‘otaku’ as just a word for the obsessed with anime/manga/figures etc. I’ve used it as the much wider term for those obsessed with anything, from stamps to music to bottle tops!! My brother, a music otaku, or an audiophile, my dad’s a Trekky/Whovian, though he doesn’t like to admit it haha, still a kind of otaku. My youngest brother…well right now he’s on Mass Effect/Assassins Creed games… but he wobbles around on lots of games, ah, I know, its 24, the boy is obsessed with that damn tv series… so much so he hasn’t even started s5 of HIMYM!! A crying shame…. he still loves his light novels too. Bought Shakugan no Shana season 1 on DVD just last week too. And he’s played ALL the way through Clannad, several times. Even I haven’t done that lol. I’m not sure my mother has an obsession or not…sad to say the closest she has is probably Twilight *sigh*… I wish I’d never recommended them… I haven’t even finished the 4th one lol.
I have not once pigeon-holed the term otaku. And I never intend to. I don’t care about the negative connotations that go along with it, I’m aware of them, but decided to not let them bother me. I like using some Japanese words in everyday use, not loads & loads, not in weeaboo amounts lol. And for some stuff, its just more convenient, instead of saying ‘Japanese animation/cartoons’ every time, we can say anime instead, and same for Japanese comic books(God, my brother had a right go at me when I called manga comics lol, he had a hissy fit cos he’s gone text book-old school geek/nerd lol.) I used ‘otaku for’ as a replacement for ‘obsessed with’ which I think is fine, cos they mean the same thing, ne?  Anyways, times change, definitions change. I’m not *big* on change lol, but it happens, for instance, faggot used to be used to describe a bundle of wood. How it came to be used as a derogatry term for homosexuals I’ll never know lol. There are other words too, mostly insults that I can think of, off the top of my head at any rate. No one can know the one true meaning for a word that was only really used in this way a few decades ago. And no one has a right to decide what it means. Unless they’re from the Dictionary company I spose…

No clue where this pic came from, has been sitting in my picture folder for yonks 😀

If I had to pick one thing, just one thing to be obsessed with, it would be….David Tennant OR Lost…. I just can’t pick out of those two things…. Tennant is fantastic and Scottish and awesome… but… Lost is JJ Abrams.. and I absolutely LOVE that man for helping create Lost. And then Cloverfield…Fringe….doing the Star Trek reboot(yes I love Star Trek too :D, not obsessed in the same way I am with other TV series, like Dr Who/Lost/SPN/Fringe/all that jazz, but I love it, tis my fathers fault :D.) Life’s not long enough…not to fit in all this stuff… and get any work done lol. How does one cope? How do you stay sane? I bet everyones got *something* they’re obsessed with, whether or not they wanna admit it or not, be it cleaning like Emma in Glee(GLEEEEEE:woop: lol) or Taiyaki like Makoto in Kanon, or demon blood like Sammy-dear in Supernatural. Everyone will have something they can’t live without, thats like oxygen for them.

I can't see this movie fast enough. Seriously. Where the hell can we find it!? (We being me & Purplezest lol)

This blog was never intended as simply an anime-manga otaku blog, it was about the stuff that I like/love(hence the name, and the Japanese under the main name), which covers a WIDE number of things lol. It just so happens that Chie Yoshioka is my blog header. I’ve considered changing it many times, but it wouldn’t feel right lol. (Not sure what spurred me on to finally write something like this, staying up till past 6am lol… so bad….. but apparently night time is a better time for creative types…)

So OEG, you can go suck it 🙂
You’re angry. (However many angry little men/women are involved in this thing.)
You can attack people like Danny Choo all you want. But I like him. He’s exposed me to alot of stuff I wouldn’t have seen without him. And I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing. They’ll always be haters like you lot. Kinda makes me think of ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ where they fly all over the world beating up the anonymous folk on the net who were talking trash about them :D.
And I’ll keep using the fact I’m a girl and an obsessive/otaku/fangirl forever and always. You can say what you like, long as it gets me hits lol. And when I started my blog, thats mainly what I wanted, hits/views/readers what have you.
I hope you lot, however many there are,(and what I can only assume are angry little men/boys) read this lol. As you can analyse away allllll you want, but you’ll never really know me 🙂 Bummer for you! LOL

Cos I'm currently listening to the Samurai High School soundtrack lol... so sue me... *grin*

Me & Purplezest have begun watching ALOT of J-drama lol. And some K-drama when we get our mits on it. I think its partially cos of the damned Hellatus… and partially because of Bi Rain in Ninja Assassin lol. He made Purplezest want MOAR. And since we kinda wanted some more Matsuken too….we got some of that aswell…. Zenigeba… Shindo…some other movies too. We also tried new stuff, just cos, like Aquarian Age, and one day, while searching ebay for DVD’s, Purplezest stumbled upon Samurai High School, starring Miura Haruma. Opened our eyes to a whole new world of tv obsession haha. Now theres Sato Takeru too… Shirota Yu, and I like Sato Ryuta, a bit too much really… he just reminds me so much of Ted from HIMYM & Mr Schue from Glee though.. and he’s so full of energy & positivity in Rookies…its adorable and dorky all at the same time, he’s adorkable!! lol. We finished Samurai High School day before yesterday… and started Rookies the same day, and now, to balance it out, we have Bloody Monday, which has Haruma-kun AND Sato Takeru in. Which is…. good…. lol… I’ve also got ep 1 of Zettai Kareshi for when we finish other ones… which features two tall Japanese dudes. The height is the happy thing. Most of the ones we’re finding at 178cm+ apart from the odd few lol. Theres other stuff too. Like the 2nd Higurashi movie to watch… and all the other harder to find Matsuken stuff… plus ‘Ping Pong’ I remembered seeing it on BBC4 ages ago, same for ‘Taboo’ lol. Got my hands on them…. Great thing about alot of these actors, they keep crossing over into other series & movies, presents moments of confusion, but mainly awesomeness. For instance, MUST see Beck when we can. And Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge, I just started the manga yesterday, Haruma would be perfect for the main chara, but Ichihara Hayato got that… he’s in Rookies too lol. And many other things… they just keep popping up everywhere…. we have to stop mid-show sometimes just to dramawiki/imdb them to check if we have actually seen them before lol. The head teacher/principal in Rookies… we know we know him from *something* but we haven’t found out what yet… its evil… we know the voice…. Ibu Masato is the name. Anyways. Have some photos. lol.

Haruma to the left, Takeru to the right. Takeru has awesomely funky hair in Rookies.

Awesome hair such as;

This!! I'm not sure what to call this style... cos its not dreadlocks... but I just can't remember the style...

Oh, another crossover is Koide Keisuke who we first saw in Koizora(Sky of Love, the movie, not the TV series), but didn’t really take note, mesmerised by the epic hair of Haruma lol.

2 pics of the awesome hair.... which was changed part way through the movie... we were sad when it went away lol.

Its Koide’s hair I think, the shorter hair in Rookies, makes him look younger, when in fact he’s older than a few of the Rookies cast lol. We didn’t recognise him as Yu from Koizora thats for sure lol. Anyways… nuff of this… seeing Percy Jackson 2moro. Need sleep prior. lol.

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9 Responses to “Otaku? (+ some not-so-random bishies)”

  1. purplezest Says:

    OMG love it love it love it 😀 epic thing in the morning to wake up and read – but now clearly i am gonna be late haha woops, maybe should have got dressed first and omg sooooo much we MUST see and eeeee full house wooo (i wants it now been waiting far too long for it) i will laugh if Gokusen 3 and Gokusen the movie beat it haha

    there are just too many hot dudes haha, at least we now have a collection to watch haha 😀 eeeeeeeeeeeee i am soooo happy.

  2. Snark Says:

    Don’t change your header. Chie has tits. NEVER remove tits.

    • meimi132 Says:

      LOL But u can barely see them haha. I don’t think I wud change my header. Chie is part of my online persona. She’s linked to me, cos no one else would use her haha.

  3. Blowfish Says:

    Its good that youre taking that OEG stuff lightly.As far as I heard they went pretty personal with you.
    Personally OI could care less about the wrong use of a term and as language eveolves over time even a term used wrongly can turn into the correct term.
    Keep Chie! Se reminds me of your ecchi side and everyone loves an ecchi girl

    • meimi132 Says:

      They weren’t….unpersonal lol. I’m not gonna let what some randomer/s on the net says about me bother me loads lol. Net’s net and RL’s RL :DD. I was kinda flabbergasted when someone told me bout it haha, wud never have seen if not lol. I spose there’ll always be disgruntled people whether its online or offline lol.

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    I think the anime/manga world gives too much thought into when the use of the word otaku is or isn’t acceptable. But I do admit that I think the western definition of otaku is a bit warped from its original Japanese meaning. But is that really such a big deal? I don’t think so, I have better things to do with my time (like taking pictures of toys) than worry about that. Oh also I don’t think otaku applies to just anime/manga, it’s an obsession with something (probably to the point of being socially unacceptable). In detective Conan Ran calls Shinichi a “Mystery Otaku” all the time because he loves mysteries so much.

  5. nitro2k01 Says:

    Regarding the word otaku, I read this on a page about Japanese pronouns: (tvtropes if you want to look it up, the pronoun page was pretty informative)
    “An old term for “you” that fell into general obsolescence and became a subcultural shibboleth, giving the word its more common meaning. Still pops up as a pronoun once in a while, typically by the military sort who might refer to himself as jibun. “

    Furthermore, I’ve read in a book about Japanese grammar that Japanese doesn’t have proper pronouns – the pronouns are in fact nouns which meaning has been warped over the years. (Possibly influenced by the Western idea of grammar)
    Boku for example, actually means (or used to mean) slave and kimi, prince. What otaku used to mean way way back, I don’t know, but it should be possible to find out…

    • meimi132 Says:

      Oooooo interesting!! Mucho thankies Nitro. Words all round the world seem to change with time lol, just a case of which meaning you know & hold on to I spose, didn’t know of the previous ‘Boku’ meanings, slave huh? And kimi meant prince… coolio! Works well with some stuff I can think of lol.

  6. anirocks.com Says:


    * while the theme is okay, the intentions of being profound over a superficial matter is still a bit unclear. or did you even try to be profound here? i read it as: anime haircut– the underlying notion of your childish appreciation of it vs. how it oug…

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