J/K-drama Watch List

Title card for Samurai High School. We loved it. & the ED theme.

Thought I’d make a list of what we need/want to watch lol.

We’ve already got through;

Samurai High School

We’re currently watching;

Bloody Monday
(And I’m watching on my own, Bambino! lol… I shud control myself & wait… but…. its awesome…)

And we will eventually watch;

Gokusen 1/2/3/Movie/Specials
Mei-chan no Shitsuji
Massugu no Otoko(Maybe just I’ll watch this lol)
Zettai Kareshi
Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes(Well…maybe this just I’ll watch haha, but still..)
The Game

Theres Full House & some Banjun Drama for the K-drama so far, but its harder to get lol, and we’re picky.

We started out with movies first though, Shindo, Koizora, Detroit Metal City, Aquarian Age, I’m a Cyborg, but thats OK, not in that order lol. Theres still more to watch though, but TV has distracted us…

Ultra Miracle Love Story(which we’re watching tonight finally, awesome Matsuken-ness!!)
Gachi Boy(Which I started watching one night, but forced myself to stop haha, its so adorable… and it’ll be sad…)
Do Not Laugh At My Romance
Gohatto(Already seen it, but Purplezest hasn’t lol)

Transferring files around is a bitch…… 4.7GB should not take over 8 minutes….. grrr…

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3 Responses to “J/K-drama Watch List”

  1. Snark Says:

    While I was in Japan, I saw a J-drama about a plain girl who studied in a rich, upper class high school, where all the girls had butlers. And then she got her butler to fight the bitchy girl’s butler in a cage fight. Sorta like pokemon. It was awesome.

    Do you happen to know what the show is called?

    • meimi132 Says:

      That would be Mei no Shitsuji hehe. We’re gonna watch that & Bambino! When Bloody Monday & Rookies is finished.

      From what I’ve seen of Mei no Shitsuji so far, some of the butlers are treated more like pets haha.

      Your lucky you picked one that I knew of, there are so many I don’t know about hehe.

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    I’m still waiting on Skip Beat! That will be my first live action drama.

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