Fail-figure: Gutto Kuro Figure Collection Nogizaka Haruka

Now… because I’m such a sucker for Haruka-chan… I literally preordered this as soon as it went up online, BUT what I should have done was seriously consider the quality, since the other Gutto Kuru figures weren’t fantastic… but I decided to disregard it and hope for the best.

Big mistake… Cos from the promo photos…

From this, adorable little figure, 16cm of cuteness

To the final product…

Scary huh? The pic comes from Hobbysearch.

(Haven’t gotten round to taking pictures of her because I try to avoid looking up close at her, mostly, & I only just recharged my camera lol.) Now… main-body wise, its not too different. Its just the face!!!! The awful awfulness of the face…… The sculpt of the figure… not terrible… but you’re drawn to the awfulness of the face…. the wonky eyes…. the mouth looks wrong too… And god knows why she’s cast off… whats the point… I got the arms off, head off, the white bit off, but I couldn’t bring myself to yank the skirt bit of the dress over the body in case of paint rubbing. Oh yeah, the stand… thats stupid too… why not just give her foot pegs like normal figures? I don’t care if she’s non-scale… Anyway… yeah…. and the 5000 yen RRP, complete joke. And even at 15% off, it still makes it 4250 yen… $48… $48 for 16cm of shoddiness…. *sigh* I should have cancelled and waited for a properly decent Haruka in uniform. Not the 10000 yen cold cast one though… arg…. I just want a nice one… still love my Clayz Haruka.

Figures should make you smile when you look at them… this figure… does not… if you want to see more pictures of a figure that might make you sad… go here

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9 Responses to “Fail-figure: Gutto Kuro Figure Collection Nogizaka Haruka”

  1. Jerok Says:

    wooooooow! xD

    This is a serious case of “fooled by the picture”. Where the legit product looks just like a bad bootleg! @,@

    No one can blame you for preordering it based on the promotional pictures, she looks pretty ok there, with some decent shades on her hair and cute eyes…. but… just wow, looking at the closeups of the prototype and the actual product… it’s sad… just… sad. Mostly the hair… just… awful.

    Now I really wish they’d bootleg this figure, just to see if the can actually make it look worse (shiny!!!) or if theid surprisingly bring some improvement over the legit! xD

  2. chubbybots Says:

    Argh can see the mold lines all over the main body, puggy face and miscolored stockings….really big difference from the promo….hope you next figure buy will be a more enjoyable one.

  3. Nopy Says:

    It reminds me of those bootleg figures that you can find off ebay. The good thing about preordering is that you’ll get the figure for sure, but it looks like the downside is that the figure might not be that great.

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    Honestly…her quality seems on the same level as my $20 prize figures. I’m sorry for the sadness this figure gives you. I was in the same situation when I blindly purchased my Sanji (by First Class). He looked TERRIBLE! GAG!

  5. Zanber Says:

    Let that be a lesson for you! Make sure to check the manufacturer next time!

    • meimi132 Says:

      I did… but I chose to ignore the quality of their other/older figures and preorder her anyways… out of… desperation for another Haruka figure I think lol. I’ve learnt my lesson never to ignore past figures if they’re naff… I was just *hoping* they’d get their act together… *sob*

  6. Persocom Says:

    looks like a Gashapon 😡

  7. Blowfish Says:

    Holy Shit!

    And here I thought shes a Game Prize Figure.

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