I remember just…seeing Rookies mentioned/advertised on a site, I think around the time I was looking for the Higurashi movie. Musta been early 2009… But I wasn’t really in the mood for a J-drama then, was just looking for Higurashi. And its about baseball fer-cryin’ out loud!! Baseball!! I don’t watch sport. Occasionally if its a big match for the UK/England I’ll have a look, but even then, its mostly boring. The winter olympics is slightly more entertaining cos of all the ice lol. Ice Hockey’s pretty awesome. Anyways, sport-based drama’s. Generally they’re meh in my oppinion. BUT I had a semi-decent reason for watching this time. As me & Purplezest were kind of in need of distraction from the secondary, unforseen hellatus(stupid US TV hiatus….)6 weeks+ without our favourite shows… So we… improvised.

And as we’re currently having a fun time obsessing over Haruma Miura. We thought we’d expand & watch other J-drama. Lots of these actors cross over to other series we’ve watched/plan to watch… Its fun to spot them, but oh-so confusing sometimes…

Anywho… Rookies. Thoroughly enjoying it so far. On episode 10, and really worried as to whether or not they’ll sort out all these problems… Kawato-kun being banned from coaching them during their match… Kei-kun injured… how the hell can they win?! But theres a special & the movie… so they HAVE to win… HAVE TO!!!! Who knew a series bout baseball could be entertaining lol? We find ourselves shouting at the screen fairly often lol… they keep *almost* getting into fights and its really quite annoying lol. Might as well do a chara rundown hehe.

Flourish in your Dreams! Sparkle in Tomorrow! Aim for Koshien! By: Kawato Koichi

Kawato Koichi (Sato Ryuta) The newbie teacher in the school. Who stepped down from his last job for *accidentally* causing a kid to fall out a 2nd story window… in his defense, the kid was attacking him & threatening the class with a wrench lol, and Kawato only wanted to help… but…he punched him  a *tad* too hard and he kinda kept running & fell out the window…oops…. Occasionally we get reminded of his strength in little ways too hehe. He’s way too smiley, and way too loud, and cheesy too, but unbelievably adorable. Not sure quite how that works… its probly the undying optimism…. His belief in his baseball-loving delinquents… I dunno…

Aniya Keiichi (Ichihara Hayato) A character I *think* we’re meant to like, but neither me, nor Purplezest have warmed to him yet… we cheer him on while he’s playing sure, but… theres something we still don’t like. He’s a good character though. Best player on the team, very fast pitch, most accomplished compared to the rest, who have to work hard to improve their skills. Oh, it seems like each member has like… a partner, not a partner, but a pairing you usually see them in. For Aniya its Shinjo.

Shinjo Kei (Shirota Yu) The baddest boy of all the bad boys in the group lol. Serious anger issues lol. Smashed Sekikawa’s head through a window cos he thought he was the one who gave the clubroom key to Kawato… Serious anger issues… but he carries around a Purikura photo print of him & his friends, he’s the type who doesn’t want to admit he needs people, but really, he still wants to play baseball with all his friends. There is ALOT of ETMA(emo tears of manliness) in this series lol. Seriously, someones gotta cry in at least every episode(so far).

Mikoshiba Toru (Koide Keisuke) The stereotypical weed of the group I spose. The only non-delinquent of the group. The first one to join Kawato-sensei. Because all he wants to do is play baseball, and with the clubroom turned into a funhouse, and the rest of the club smoking and playing Mahjong all the time, its just not easy to accomplish lol. He’s kinda… puppyish. Looks really young… might be the hair, its kinda juvenile lol. His pairing is with Sekikawa, or mohawk, as we first referred to him. Before we learned the characters names, we used their hairstyles to identify them when we needed to lol.

Sekikawa Shuta (Nakao Akiyoshi) Mohawk man! Sekikawa. Yin to Mikoshiba’s yang. Essentially lol. Seems like a nice enough kid who just happened to get mixed up in the wrong kinda crowd…maybe? The baseball incedent probably didn’t help any. Decided Kawato-sensei was right fairly early on, which is good, cos he is :D. Purplezest likes Sekikawa & Okada lol. I prefer Okada. And Kawato… Weird really, cos I tuned in because of Shirota Yu, the height enticed me lol. My favourite had switched by the end of the pilot I think haha.

Wakana Tomochika (Takaoka Sousuke) Theres alot of weird hair in this show lol. Wakana has like….a Grease style quiff thing… His pairing is with Hiyama, they both have quiffy things, but only Hiyama has a tash & goaty. Each chara has had kinda their own episode for a ‘crisis of confidence’ lol, ep 4 was Wakana’s. Not really sure what to say about Wakana… spose he’s part of the comic relief….?

Hiyama Kiyooki (Kawamura Yosuke) Hiyama is the one you’ll see most often with Wakana. Again, not sure what to say about him… he has his clownish moments. We call him Pirate.

Okada Yuya (Sato Takeru) We started out calling him dreadlocks, even though we knew thats not what his hairstyles called. Its some sort of rasta-hair we think… but… we can’t remember… But I do remember he’s called Okada lol. Takeru is popping up in lots of the shows we’re watching… theres this, Bloody Monday, Mei no Shitsuji when we start it, plus other things…

Yufune Tetsuro (Igarashi Shunji) Yufune is gingey. Seen most often with Okada, spose their hairstyles are kinda similar lol. He says ‘nya’ at the end of sentences alot lol. I’d like to think its a nod to Sato Ryuta’s first baseball series, Kisarazu Cat’s Eye, where nya is… fairly…important I’d spose lol. Purplezest calls him marshmallow.

Hiratsuka Taira (Kiritani Kenta) This guy is hilarious. Total comic relief. In a good way, not an annoying ghetto-robot way like in Transformers 2…). Last of the slicked back hair lol. Oddly enough, had a semi-dream last night that he died in the movie… which isn’t right far as I’m aware LOL. Weird thing to dream of though, it was very brief & right before I woke up though lol. He runs around with Imaoka, checking what colour panties the school nurse has on everyday lol.

Imaoka Shinobu (Onoue Hiroyuki) Hiratsuka’s pairing. Throws a mean underhand. Not sure how underhand pitching is useful…does it confuse the batter? Eh… This character has probably the worst hair of the group lol. Tho we’re not a big fan of girly-boy’s hair lol.

Yagi Toko (Murakawa Eri) The team manager. Close to Aniya it seems, calls him ‘Kei-chan’ lol. Like… apart from Mayumi-sensei, the only female in the cast who’s been in multiple episodes & been vaguely important lol. That I can think of…

So yeah, thats the main cast. The important folk. The team!! My favourite is definately Kawato-sensei. Followed by Okada Yuya. I think Shinjo is too bad a bad boy lol.

Right. I need food. Not sure what…maybe waffles… I’ll see…lol

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6 Responses to “Rookies”

  1. DEEP Says:

    just had to have a pop at transformers didnt you

    • meimi132 Says:

      …Deep….gonna take a wild guess and say theres normally a strike at the end of that lol.

      And yes. I did. 😀 Was the first thing that came to mind, I’m sure there are other things I cudda used tho hehe.

  2. DEEP Says:

    it was my allspark

  3. jicks Says:

    Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

    It’s all good baby that you didn’t like Aniya as much as I did because then I can have him all to myself lol

    I loved ROOKIES alot too (as you know) because it is always fun to see a bunch of guys running around in sports uniforms w/ lotsa bro-mance all up in the air xDD

    Oh, & I am a fan of Miura Haruma as well… but it makes me feel kinda wrong as he is the same age as my younger brother lol

    BTW, nice blog you have here ^_^b

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