Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge XD

What a name for a movie. Less suprising when I found out it was based on a manga, but still, random-ass name.

Sadly for you boys, her skirt ain't that short in the movie. Quite long actually... bout knee length..just above maybe..

Okies, so this movie is fairly simple in plot, so easy to explain lol, a Yosuke, going through a hard time after one of his best friends deaths, steals some meat (yep, meat), nothing like some meaningless theft to make yourself feel better, ne? 🙂 In the process of running away, comes across a girl, Eri, sitting on her own in the middle of a park, tad different to how they met in the manga, but all in all, it seems a pretty faithful translation to the big screen, twas only 8 chapters after all. I won’t go into proper spoilers… but Yosuke kinda tries to help Eri, who’s going out each night to find the Chainsaw man, or so she thinks, but he ends up getting in the way more than actually helping lol. Ofc in the process of teaming up, one thing leads to another and you can pretty much guess the outcome lol. As I said, fairly simple plot. Though I’ve read some people got confused…can kinda understand why… but I ended up comparing the plot to something else which helped make sense out of it.

Ofc the reason me & Purplezest decided to watch this was simple.

Sadly for us, he was only in flashbacks, BUT there was something that more than made up for the lack of Haruma :DD


Ofc right after I saw the movie I had to scout out the full version of the song, thank god there was one, the soundtrack is nigh-impossible to find, had to go on & search the Katakana name of the movie to get a result for it haha, cos its not on CDJapan or anything sadly… but the song we wanted was there. *huzzah*. 4 minutes and 30 seconds of awesomeness.

Watanabe on left, Yosuke on right.

We spent a fair while lol’ing at Hayato ‘Aniya-BAAAKA!’ Ichihara’s semi-fro lol. Not a proper fro like Master’s in Kisarazu lol. And his friend Watanabe, is beginning to remind me of John Cusack lol Thats how it starts… I start comparing…. thats what I did with Sato Ryuta…. cos Kawato’s like a combo of Ted from HIMYM & Mr Schue from Glee lol…. nuff of that…lol

Anyway, have a trailer 🙂

Time for Bambino! & Mei-chan no Shitsuji, in that order! Cos Purplezest wants to end it on a happy show, not that theres anything unhappy about Bambino, Ban just has to go through some… trials… LOL

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6 Responses to “Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge XD”

  1. Persocom Says:

    oh hell yeah, I read the manga but I haven’t seen the movie. I’m very interested.

  2. purplezest Says:

    Harumaaaaaaaaaaaaa hehe 😀 ahhhh the smex was awesome – and the afro went between mini afro thing to fluffyness haha

  3. soulfringe Says:

    Ahhh, I remember this manga. Well not really, I didn’t actually read it, but I recall that this manga was by Welcome to the NHK mangaka.

    I could be mistaken though…

  4. lovelyduckie Says:

    @ soul – you’re correct

  5. newgeekphilosopher Says:

    Tatsuhiko Takimoto’s non-Welcome to the NHK stuff is just a bit weird.

    As I understand it the Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge manga is based on his novel, which was then adapted into a movie.

    I so want to see this even though Takimoto’s short story Ecco made me realise he’s not always as realistic as he is when doing NHK.

  6. jicks Says:

    Oooohh I need to watch this!!! Chainsaws freak me out but there is one too many pretty looking people in this for me to bypass xDD

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