Bloody Monday

Holy cow the characters in the manga are different…(May have been overreacting after reading the beginning lol, and rewatching the beginning of the TV show lol.) Otoya Kujo’s the president of the newspaper club, all serious & wotnot… and Takagi Fugimaru(Haruma’s character) is kind of a perv lol. Kind of a goof ball from the 1st 28 pages or so. And The appearances are all off, but thats somewhat expected in a manga/anime to TV/Movie thing lol, manga/anime hairs not exactly the easiest thing to replicate, though all the hairstyles I’m seeing so far are totally doable. Some spoilers for the TV & Manga in this post btw, just to warn you. 🙂

Spose theres not *much* difference in appearance after all lol

TV Fujimaru’s hair is slightly longer, not much difference really. Aoi’s is longer in the TV show…but her character seems more like the manga version, and Anzai’s in shorter. Maya’s also different, Longer hair, bigger boobs. Hide seems the same. I seem to be focusing on the hair lol…

Oh yeah, no uniforms in the TV drama, which I was kind sad about, but not the end of the world lol.

I got attached to the father, convinced he was a double agent for the good side, Third-i lol, even after they said he was a bad guy on the terrorists side...

Was quite a blow when he took a bullet for Fujimaru in the penultimate episode…*sob* and then they tricked us in the final episode… made you believe something that was in fact false… stupid…annoying…arg… and its different in the manga… *sulk*

I tried my best not to cover up the cleavage for you, but luckily its a screen cap of Maya looking down, so its a bit funny lol.

Kinda haircut reversal in Mako & Aoi’s case lol.

One thing I’m noticing a big increase of. Nudity. Or semi-nudity lol. No nudity whatsoever in Bloody Monday. Not even the good kind that I remember… but mind could be blanking lol.

If this was in the TV series, I musta blanked it out lol. But I'm pretty damn certain it wasn't lol

Neither was this lol;

I can safely say there was zero fanservice of this kind in the TV version lol.

Fujimaru makes the same joke bout going to his room to check on his porn in both TV & manga though haha. And he checks out the new teacher Maya like in the manga, but her ‘assets’ are less in your face in the TV version lol.

I really enjoyed Bloody Monday, even if I was on edge the entire 11 episodes lol. EVERY episode ended badly for Fujimaru, with him in some sort of dangerous situation… And all the sound effects in Third-i sounds *just* like 24 lol, couldn’t help but keep comparing the two. Similar plot too really. Terrorism, virus’s, guns etc. More serious than the other series we’ve watched so far too.

More actor crossovers again, Sato Takeru, who we saw, is in Bloody Monday as Otoya, and he’s in Mei-chan no Shitsuji which we’re currently watching, and Hiroki Narimiya, who plays J in Bloody Monday, is in Honey & Clover which I’m trying out at the moment, adorable series so far. And he’s in Kisarazu Cat’s Eye somewhere too lol.

Righto…thats it for now I think, will update it if I think of any other crossovers lol.

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4 Responses to “Bloody Monday”

  1. lovelyduckie Says:

    hhhmmm I might read the manga, this looks interesting

  2. glothelegend Says:

    I almost read this manga. I almost did it. Then I stopped after 3 pages, because I lost interest. I suck, I’ll probably go back to it.

  3. jicks Says:

    I never realised how pretty a boy could be until I watched this. Haruma-kun & Takeru-kun are actually prettier than their manga counterparts here xDD

    I’ve never read the manga so perhaps I was able to enjoy the live action drama more as a result. I loved the super fast pace. It has inspired me to increase my speed-typing skills lol

  4. James Says:

    I love the manga but the drama series really pissed me off a little, the story is somewhat the same but the people who directed the drama made fujimaru takagi look liked a real idiot. Like in the second episode he openly asked his sensei where she was during christmas.. like it wasn’t obvious he was prying.

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