Oh yeeeaaahhh!! Thankies for the 100k+ views!!

I know its like 12000 views late… but I was in blogger-hiatus mode at the time it hit 100k I think… And thank you also for the 2000+ comments 🙂

Where would any milestone on this blog be without some Chie-love? Ahhhh that green haired gal.

More Chie loveliness below the cut 😀 Proper Chie picspam today lol. Mucho cuteness :DD

I know there have been fluctuations in content for a while… less figures sadly… mainly due to me budgetting slightly better than I did last year lol. And all this faff with course switching hasn’t helped any, just been a burden on me mind really. I’m still endevoring to get the figures most important to me though 🙂 I need a Yui figma… I do… I so do…. I would also like a new phone though… and many-MANY other things lol.

I miss my Michiru figure… she’s in the barn atm… just not enough room… *sob* I feel bad cos she’s like the yin to Chie’s yang… they look so good sat/stood together…

.... k....

99.9% sure I've used this one before... but its so adorable why not again? lol

Slightly outraged they're not the usual green shimapan... half tempted to edit it myself to make em the usual lol.

Ok…. is that enough? One more? Ok then….

Love the style of this pic. And GAWD I want the figure of her wearing this outfit dangit...

Oh, and just because it was in the same folder, and I saw it and it made me lol,

From the Hanazakari no Kimitachi e special. Which I haven’t actually watched yet… just skipped through, and found a really funny bit in it haha. I didn’t know its short name was Hana Kimi at first, cos I knew of that manga lol…knew of it as boys love… probably wouldn’t have dl’d if I knew it was… BUT there are some nice chara’s/actors, and reverse harems are always nice lol.

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