Interesting finds…

Maybe not interesting for you, but they are for me lol. Maybe more nostalgic than interesting though… either way, was hunting through my room for a blue pencil case thats filled with my phone charms & danglies, cos my dad moved it from where I always left it. Took bloody ages, but *finally* found it in a box under my bed, right at the back very helpfully, long as my arms are, ain’t easy to scrabble round for heavy-ass boxes lol.

In the process I of searching, I also found some of the many Pokemon models I made out of Fimo when I was younger, and some of my own creations, but in keeping with the Pokemon theme of late, I’ll just show them, and some other stuff from anime franchises from my childhood lol.

My two favourite Beyblades. I had two others, maybe more, but Driger F(on right) and Driger S(on left) were THE BEST. Driger F was my first Beyblade, got it in Woolworths, remember having to beg parents to let me get it cos it was fairly close to christmas lol. Beyblades was an epic franchise. Spinning tops. Customisable, battling spinning tops. So simple, so brilliant.

Found in an easter egg funnily enough. My mini, rubbery Hamtaro figures. Never did get a Stan to go with Sandy though… Or a Jingle… I liked Jingle cos his birthday was near mine lol. Howdy was cool too. Missing a few actually, never bought them, got all the furniture that goes with them still though lol. (And the only reason I remember the names is cos theres a poster behind my bed with all the names, dates of birth, basic info, owner, height etc lol.

Found the box of my twin pack Pokemon figures in too. Love em. My Bulbasaur evo set ROCKS. Technically a 3-set, but twas one of the few exceptions to the twin packs.

And as for Soul Silver, I’ve been playing about 20-or so hours so far. I think I’ve gone the wrong direction after Ecruteak…. but if it means I get Fly quicker I don’t mind. And its not like it tells you where to go with any real direction…

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4 Responses to “Interesting finds…”

  1. the amazing fantastico Says:

    i totally remember buying some of those fimo things of you! i think they are on the mantle piece actually! not sure though, cant actually remember what they are (like what creatures)

    oh and beyblade ftw

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    I still have a whole binder of Pokemon cards, I’ll pull it out and look at them every once in a while. I still remember the excitment of finding my Charizard card!

    Cute post 🙂

    • meimi132 Says:

      I still have all my Pokemon cards. Am never getting rid of them. Hell, I regretted selling off some of my Yugioh cards lol, so I’m NEVER selling any of the Pokemon ones, I have 2 binders, 1 in number-order, 1 filled with just shineys/star cards haha. Then I have tins & boxes of duplicates & ones used for the actual game lol.
      The Pokemon Trading Card Game on Gameboy color is how I learnt to play lol, so addictive…

  3. purplezest Says:

    ahhhhh you’ve made me wanna find mine now haha – and hell yeh pokemon cards ftw never getting rid of mine, i love them toooo much and pogs another thing i can’t bring myself to throw away haha

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