Zoo Trip – With an agenda ~ (Evil jumping monkey vid added)

Usually I’ll just go to the Zoo for the sake of going to a Zoo, granted I’ve only ever been to two different Zoo’s my entire life… both situated in East Anglia… I think my little brothers been to London Zoo, but I didn’t for some reason… not sure where I was….

I love this duck. I do. It was the one stand out animal there. No clue why.

(Is it bad I wanna name the duck Denzel or Derek lol?) Anyways, yush, I had an actual reason for going. A good one. But I don’t particularly like to talk about ‘stuff’ I’m working on till its done/nearly done. Which is really helpful on the course I’ve been on, cos they make you report back/present stuff every 5 seconds pretty much… I hate presentations… scourge of the education system… I don’t plan on doing any presenting later in life, I plan to be the one sitting in a dark room doing the work lol, other people can present for me, thats what I like to think anyways…

So, went to Banham Zoo. The reliable zoo. 35 acres of land or something like that, I didn’t get to see all the animals I wanted cos we had to be home in time to meet my little brother… *sulk* Means I didn’t see the Arctic Foxes, Meercats, birds of prey, heavy horses and a few other things I woiuld have liked to see. AND sods law ofc, the weather yesterday was unbelievably dreary and cold and damp, and today, its sunny. Not warm as such, but sunny!! It said it was gonna rain and hail and be even worse than yesterday. DAMN YOU WEATHER MEN. GET IT RIGHT!!! They got it wrong earlier in the week too, said it would be horrible and it was fine weather.

Pictures. Animal photos. I got videos too, one of a monkey jumping at the window several times lol, Did it bout 5/6 times but I only got 2 on film sadly. Still funny.

I'm gonna go in order of what I saw. Easier that way lol. 1st up. Owlies!!

Owls are adorable. If a bit snooty-looking… its like they’re always looking down their nose at you, like they’re better than you…

Now, is that not, one disgruntled looking owl? lol

Or evil… not quite sure lol… either way, it ain’t happy. Nor pleased.

Glad I got a pic of it when it was still staring at me lol. Even if the damn fencings in the way.

Just one pic of the Alpaca's. Twas in the barn area.

Got pics of animals inside the barn too, piggies, rabbits, a few chickens, no rats sadly, all hiding away from the cold, like sane things should do. But they’re all usual animals, and last time I went to the Zoo, and posted pics here, I posted the farmyard variety too. So I thought I’d skip them this time. (You know how hard it is hard to type and sing along with Pokemon songs lol? Words keep getting muddled…)

The Emu's & Kangaroo's weren't cooporating. So only 1, slightly blurry picture of an Emu lol.

Would have been nice to see one outside, but I couldn’t exactly blame them in that weather lol. Made it easier to take pictures at least haha.

Baby giraffe. Adorableness.

They LOVE to stare it seems. All the time I was drawing, there was always one staring. I wonder what they were thinking...if they have any idea of anything lol...

Twas good the staring, got staring on video too. Useful.

Next I moved onto the big cats. Pretty nice timing, cos there was a feed/talk going on when I walked by.

Though these two weren’t very big, brothers, still young, still had fluff from their mains. Is that how you spell ‘mains’ like Lion mains?

This is what I'd be doing in the weather yesterday. Hiding. Inside. Looking a bit grumpy. 🙂

Only got a few half decent tiger photographs. But I got some fairly nice video of em 🙂 Just gotta upload em to the tube.

I dub this monkey, Chad. After 'The Hanging Chad' in How I Met Your Mother. Very random I know.

Mini-Monkey Death Grip? lol

There were some freakin’ tiny monkeys there. Baby ones too. Lots of ‘Newborn’ signs on other enclosures that I recall too. Tis meant to be spring after all…

This one kept staring lol. Tis fair enough. They're probably wondering what the hell we're doing looking at them lol.

There were also some very sad-cold looking monkeys huddled for warmth...

There was this one, then a group on the other side all huddled on the other side, poor lonesome monkey…

The demon monkey. The one who kept jumping at me. Who I will post a video of. With some suitable cheesy-monkey related music over the top ofc 😀

Video of evil jumping monkey has been added 🙂

Penguins! Always a good choice. I missed them getting fed cause I had to go...which sucked a bit.

Now, one penguin of all these, stood out to me. The way it was standing, the way it looked somewhat displeased with the world. Or the weather.

This one. Just look at it. Made me lol. Cos it didn't move at all either.

I need to give it a name lol… Percy just sprang to mind… but I must stop with all this alliteration… its so overused with animal names. Yet I called My Mareep, Maurice lol… hmm…..

Liked these birds. But they kept moving round... got a few pics, some of just the head, some just he back lol.

I think the birds were the last thing I got to see before I got called back… I didn’t even have much time in the gift shop, which I was kinda gutted about, as I was gonna spend ages choosing the perfect plushie. BUT I was in a very giraffe mood at the time, and there were a nice selection of giraffe’s on offer. Almost went with a softer-squishier-cuddlier plushie, but when I saw some others, much nicer, cute quality, I had to pick one of them.

Now, much as I would have liked a huge-ass one, it would have been *much* harder to smuggle in lol. Ofc posting it here defeats the purpose of smuggling… but it is sitting on my bed in plain sight, and if the parents haven’t noticed it… well… more fool them lol.

These ones had gorgeous faces. Just adorable. Stiffer stuffing than the other one I almost bought, but these look soooo much nicer. I do believe I’m going to name her Laurie 🙂 Odd name for a giraffe maybe, but the giraffe’s at the zoo had oddly mundane names too lol. Johnathon. Hannah. Fiona. Josie. Some others. So Laurie kinda fits in well lol.

Now, I could have thought of something witty/funny/evil to post for April Fools. But I’ve never really done April Fools lol. Purplezests mum’s birthday is today though, she gets joke gifts ofc.

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5 Responses to “Zoo Trip – With an agenda ~ (Evil jumping monkey vid added)”

  1. Persocom Says:

    Nice pictures and video ^^ I should try and get video next time I go to the zoo here. Sucks you didn’t get to finish seeing everything, and seriously weather people seem to make mistakes frequently. I guess forecasting still has a long way to go.

  2. purplezest Says:

    EPIC just EPIC, omg the monkey video was pure gold and good choice of song i must say. and yeh i get what u mean with owls they are like the siobhans of the animal world hahaha (or is ther a better one?) i just had to hehe.

    and that penguin looks constipated, or it really needs the loo – its even crossing its feet. that prob why it didn’t move it had stage fright hahaha.

    yay toy buying its a must when you leave the zoo

  3. Vanuatu's Hottest Sport and Game Fishing Trip | Game Fishing Vanuatu Says:

    […] Zoo Trip – With an agenda ~ « Meimi132 no Itonami […]

  4. phossil Says:

    Cool pics.
    I thought penguins will be in some sorta simulated cold environment. ^^

    • meimi132 Says:

      LOL its the UK. They don’t need a simulated cold environment. It IS cold bwhahahaha. I think they just deal with the brief warm/hot weather in summer when it comes…

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