LOST Madness Bracket

Found at the wonderful ‘FUCK YEAH LOST‘, I felt compelled to fill it in lol… there were a few ways I coulda done it… by chara, hotness, dead/alive etc. But I chose to go with my choices. My favourites. Governed mainly by character personality/character importance I think… Pained me to do so on some of em…

Tried to find a font closest to the original as I could...

I could explain my reasoning… and I think I might, though I should be playing Pokemon right now… need/want to hit 50 hours before 1:30pm tomorrow, (exactly a week from when I began playing SoulSilver.) Below the cut is the reasoning behind my choices. I’ll be going left to right, in rounds to make it slightly easier lol… Some spoilers for those who’ve never seen LOST before. Beware 🙂

Round 1

Vicent/Jack – Yes… ok… really I should have chose Jack, but he was never gonna be Faraday anyways. Far more interesting character than Jack lol. (Jack was meant to be killed off in the pilot anyways….)

Faraday/IlanaIf I can’t remember who the character was, they obviously weren’t that important. And its Faraday ffs. (I stick by my ‘if I can’t remember’ theory, but I googled to check, she’s important, but not as much as Faraday was…imo)

Sun/Frank – Frank wins. He’s just made of win. He may be of less importance and have alot less screen time than Sun, but the man is made of win.

Sawyer/Boone – I know alot of girls will pick Boone, but I never liked him. Heck, I didn’t really like Sawyer much till he got with Juliet lol. But I picked Sawyer. Boone didn’t even last a whole season fcol!!

Shannon/Ben Linus – Yeah, cos Shannon would win over the epic character of Ben. I don’t even like Ben, but I acknowledge his epic importance in the series. So much more so than Shannons. I just felt bad for Sayid when she kicked it…

Claire/Desmond – I like Claire. I do. I just like Desmond more. And *technically* his role was more important. Though Claires kinda interesting now she’s all batshit. Still. Scottish wins. (This is more a case of I like the character better lol)

Sayid/Aaron – LOL. Just LOL. Whoever would pick Aaron, however important he may or may not turn out to be is a crazy person. Its Sayid ffs!! And now he’s Batshit-zombie Sayid to top it off.

Jacob/Widmore – Epic as Widmore’s actor is, its Jacob. JACOB.

Locke/Rose – Awesome as Rose was, this is Locke we’re talking about. Locke. LOCKE.

Juliet/Rousseau – Rousseau was very cool yes, but Juliet… I warmed to her… I did… even after she flitted from Jack to Sawyer just like Kate did, she didn’t bug me in the same way Kate does.

Richard/Michael – Guyliner vs ‘WAAAAAAAAALT’? Guyliner wins. He’s immortal ffs. He never ages… he knows so much… and he’s hot along with it all!!!! :woop: Go Nestor!! (Ricardo’s ep a few weeks ago, epic win.)

Hurley/Mr.Eko – Eko was awesome, but Hurley is the epitome of awesome. And far more important. To the plot/story/everything.

Man in black(Flocke)/Bernard – Flocke/MIB. Hands down, no questions asked. I mean really people.

Charlie/Jin – Daniel Dae Kim is a GOD(*cough*Crusade*cough*). A smexy Korean god. When spoke using his english accent that one ep… *thud*. I swear thats not why I chose Jin over Charlie though. Charlie… well what, apart from ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ did he do? Well, that and lots and lots of drugs… Jin just seems… more integral.

Miles/Penny – Never much liked Penny after we finally met her, seemed like a slightly wetter version of Juliet to me… Miles is far superior, not only can he talk to the dead, but he can shoot spikes out his face!! No…wait… thats X-Men….oops…

Kate/Charlotte – Now… this is simply a case of who annoys me the least… and over the years, Kates really began to grate on me… not sure why… but she has… Charlotte I didn’t like much in the first place, BUT I felt so bad for Faraday & her… more bad for Faraday, but still. And as it turns out, Kates not even important to the island! Bwhahahahaha, so I chose Charlotte.

Round 2

Vincent/Faraday – Vincent was a joke lol… Faraday would win over Jack anyways. For me anyways… yes Jack’s been in it longer… way longer… but he’s gotten so wet…

Frank/Sawyer – Agan, my liking for a character showing through in my choice, as I picked Frank. Sawyers cool n all, but Frank is Frank. Motherfuckin’ Lapidus!!!!!

Ben Linus/Desmond – It actually killed me to make this choice… as I love Desmond… but even I’ll vouch for Ben’s importance sadly…

Sayid/Jacob – JACOB obv. Though Batshit-zombie Sayid still has work to do, Jacob is Jacob.

Locke/Juliet – It’s Locke people. Come on. Much as I was saddened to see Juliet kick it… Locke is still far superior in his level of importance and awesomeness. Even now. When technically he’ s dead too… Though its LOST, is anyone ever really dead? lol

Hurley/Richard – Hot as Richard is, doesn’t beat the fact Hurley is AWESOME and adorable. Without him LOST would not be the same. Not one bit. And he is pretty damn integral.

MIB(Flocke)/Jin – Another one I must acknowledge as superior in importance. Smokey beats Jin. Sad but true…

Miles/Charlotte – Very easy choice. Miles ofc. No need for any explanation really.

Round 3 – Quarterfinal

Faraday/Frank – Faraday wins. Simply because he’s more important, as I love both the characters this is based purely on importance to plot.

Ben Linus/Jacob – Without Jacob, there would be no Ben. Ergo, Jacob wins. Jacob would win anyways. Its Jacob!!!

Locke/Hurley – Ummm duh? Locke ofc. Its Locke. Think of where the series would be without Locke? Just take a minute to ponder on that.

Flocke/Miles – Sadly Miles gets knocked out at this stage…. as Smokey/Flocke/Man in black is far superior in importance… *sigh*

Round 4 – Semifinal

Faraday/Jacob – Jacob ofc. Awesome/adorable as Faraday is/was, Jacob wins. Easy. Not that Jacobs not awesome too ofc. We’re just not sure where he’s coming from most of the time…ok all of the time….lol

Locke/MIB(Flocke/Smokey) – Locke wins. Though it makes far more sense to have a showdown between Jacob and Man in black/Smokey… Locke is more important than that. Smokey may have been in it just as long, but we knew hardly anything about it for bloody ages, and Locke has been awesome and in charge for yonks. And without Locke, there would be no Flocke, remember that.

Round 5 – Final Round

Jacob/Locke – I took so long choosing this one… I even considered not choosing at all… but I think its down to the fact Terry O’Quinn is freakin’ epic. And without Locke, LOST would not be the same. Ofc Jacob is bloody important to the story, but Locke just feels…. moreso… I also ponder over my favourite character in LOST, and usually its down to either Locke or one of the younger hotter characters lol, probably Faraday… but Locke has just been sooooo important… its hard to ignore… yes its hard to beat Jacob… but… this is just my choice lol. Just mine lol.

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