Is it wrong?

(Not that I would ever get rid of any of my John Cusack collection, just using this as an example pic. Damn I need Pushing Tin...)

If you own a DVD, but you’re thinking about culling your collection, and want to keep a digital copy of the movie or TV series in question, is it wrong for you to download said movie/TV show? Since you’ve already paid for the movie/TV show… and more and more often, DVD’s are being released with digital copies of the movie included on the disc.

Is the ownership passed on when you sell a DVD? To a secondhand shop or someplace, since you’ve paid for it originally, even full price if you were desperate to own something, are you still allowed to keep a digital copy even after you’ve got rid of the actual DVD?

Just a random thought I had… cause I do have far too many DVD’s, most of which I hardly ever watch. Some of course I’d never get rid of, but some, like the naffer of Colin Firth movies, I could see myself parting ways with more happily, BUT what if I wanted to watch them after I’d sold it on… spose theres a similar dilemma with games too… I don’t have the heard to trade in any of my games as I always ask myself ‘what if I have the urge to play that game and I don’t have it anymore?!’ I’d be kicking myself of course…

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6 Responses to “Is it wrong?”

  1. the amazing fantastico Says:

    fraid its not legal. you buy a copy of the movie, at no point do you own any part of that movie. even if you rip a copy from the disc it would still be illegal to have that digital copy once you sold the disc.

    the only solution is to download all your movies and only buy blu rays! thats what the amazing fantastico would do

    • meimi132 Says:

      But what about the DVD’s that give you digital copies of the movie with the DVD? How does that work?

      • Snark Says:

        They do that? I’ve never seen a dvd like that before O.o

        • meimi132 Says:

          *nods* Yuhuh. I remember seeing em in HMV. I think Transformers 2 & Terminator 4 had em… And Journey to the Center of the Earth(the new Brendan Fraiser ver…all CGI&3D so I have yet to put myself through that… even for Brendan…)on the double disc version I think… And on the UP Special edition… either the Blue Ray version or normal DVD, maybe both… But it deffo happens.

          • the amazing fantastico Says:

            i’ve only seen that with blu ray! gemma got the fantastic mr fox blu ray and it came with a digital copy and a dvd copy. the digital copy is really limited. its a bit like itunes you can watch it but only in a certain way, not like an .avi file or anything

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    I sold off all my DVDs a couple years ago and decided that only for VERY special movies am I buying them in a non-downloadable format.

    So far on blu-ray I have Pride & Prejudice (A&E), Coraline, Cars, and WallE.

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