Just got through watching episode 11 of the final season. JESUS that was some good shit right there. Pretty much all Alt-verse BUT in such a good-good way……. a seriously good way. GAWD I can’t wait till next week. And I just HAD to vent somewhere, so where better? Haha. Seriously… omg…..just…. I love it… I don’t wanna say anything remotely spoilery… but I do… might do under the cut…. this won’t be long anyways haha. (Added the (1) on the title in case this becomes a week occurance. There are only 7 eps left after all… *sob*…)

The Alt-verse is finally getting properly interesting. Instead of just a possible alternate timeline showing what their lives could have been, its finally giving us some of the good stuff!! Praise the Scottish man. Desmond is a proper man as well. Just swell. Desmond episodes have always been good cos they’ve always been…answery….instead of questiony, and if your a Lostie, you will have totally understood that, if not, you’ll have no clue what the hell I’m on about 🙂 Charlie was so the trigger… and I love that he was… with the hand on the glass in the water just like before… though is Des sorts this out… like Daniel ‘Widmore’ says/mentioned/talked about… he’ll be dead again… and I don’t want that… even if its imperitive to the story 😦 ….

And I have a horrible feeling Desmond might have contracted a case of the batshit-crazies just like Claire and Sayid have… cos he seemed all too willing to follow Sayid’s orders right after agreeing to help Widmore in whatever way he planned… stupid electro magnets… maybe they really did fry his brain like she said…. I really-really hope I’m wrong… but we’ll see…


So…yes… time for Ikepara ep 10 :DDDDD GAWD I can’t wait to see if Nakatsu actually does fully realise.

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  1. glothelegend Says:

    Just like the last episode with Desmond at it’s center, this episode was AWESOME. 2nd best episode ever! (the first was the other one with Desmond). I think both worlds sort of exist, and Desmond can move between them like he could in the other episode where he was the main character.


  2. Clotilde Debien Says:

    I am really bummed that Lost is over. I can’t believe we are seeing the final segment tonight. What are we going to do each week. Nestor Carbonell is so sexy! Where can I see him in the next show? Is there going to be a sequel?

    • meimi132 Says:

      The world won’t be the same without LOST to mindf**k us into oblivion each year… XD… Nestor is mucho sexy yes XD.

      And sequel? Very very unlikely.

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