How to Train Your Dragon – How to make an awesome movie about awesome dragons, more like :)

Lovely, lovely movie.

Saw this on Wednesday instead of seeing Chris Addison at the Norwich Playhouse, which sucked… parentals forgot I’d be home for the holidays, so didn’t get a ticket for me. BUT it gave me the chance to go to the cinema, and I hadn’t been for weeks, one of the things that sucks bout living in the countryside, you gotta drive/be driven to get ANYWHERE.

I loved it. It’s a wonderful movie, made me smile sooo much. I remember seeing the trailer god knows how long ago, and thinking it looked cool, right after I played the ‘How to raise a dragon‘ mini game on Armor Games. Thought the dragon looked adorable. The dragon in question being ‘Toothless’, a Night Fury. Apparantly the scariest of all dragons because no ones ever seen one and lived to tell the tale.

How adorable is that? I mean really, Toothless is damn adorable... I want a toy of it....him I thinks...

More pics below the cut. After seeing the movie I became a tad obsessed with tracking down a plushie or toy, just something!!

Love Toothless. Soooooo much lol. I'm not obsessed...

I think part of the reason is Toothless reminds me of my cat lol.

I loved this bit so much. When he tried to smile/grin. Creepily adorable hehe.

I saw it in 2D. From the other 3D movies I’ve seen in 2D I can safely say nothing would be better about the movie if you saw it in 3D. It’ll be just, as some would probably call it, ‘breathtaking’ in 2D, so save the money, see it in 2D. Nothings gained from the glasses, cause the animation is just as fantastic without them. Something I read likened the flying scenes to those from Avatar, which is wrong really, because stylistically they’re very-very different movies. I would have to see them again to make a proper comparison though…

The cast of voices included many familiar names to me, like Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Craig Ferguson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kristen Wiig I know the name… but not so much the face… might be from when I was looking at the IMDB page originally. And most importantly, the voice of Hiccup, Jay Baruchel(Canadian :D). It seems like a fair few actors related to Judd Apatow movies were in this actually lol. Crazy random happenstance? lol

More important that any of the other cast though, David Tennant. Played Snotlout. Right hand man of Stoick apparantly, not many lines. Not distinguishable ones anyways… lots of yelling Vikings lol. And LOTS of Scottish accents. Good thing. None of the young people had Scottish accents though, just the older Viking’s, what the hell was up with that lol?

And because I’ve become so sappy for some reason… (I blame Ghibli’s…) I will well(tear) up at pretty much any animated movie. And at completely random, non-emotional moments too… must have welled up like 6 times or more while watching How to Train Your Dragon. I’m not sure if its the animation being so brilliantly fantastic that does it, or if its the story… or a combo of the both… but I just do…. for every Ghibli movie, for every Pokemon movie… and that’s not even fantastic animation, thats probably more me being a sentimental sap for the days when decent TV existed for kids lol.

Another cute pic of Toothless, just slightly different from the first lol.

Ok, as you can tell. I liked it lol. More than liked. Twas a choice between this or Kickass, and I figured seeing whats quintessentially a kids movie at 8 at night would be less busy than a 15 rated flick at 7:30. I hate a busy cinema. I’m used to going in the morning/early afternoon usually. Sooooo quiet. Soooo awesome. I can’t wait to see Kickass though. I just felt more in the mood for something… less violent, on Wednesday lol.

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8 Responses to “How to Train Your Dragon – How to make an awesome movie about awesome dragons, more like :)”

  1. phossil Says:

    havent watched yet but heard good comments about it and this post confirms it.

  2. lovelyduckie Says:

    I plan on seeing this in 3D

  3. J.J Says:


  4. therese from Norway Says:

    just watched it!! OMG!! Toothless is a cutie! ❤ end this movie was really good! recomended! 😀 my sister and I watched it,and we're 18 and 24 years! end we LOOOOOVED it! 😀

  5. Amri Says:

    What is it about Toothless that makes him so endearing?!!! I can’t get enough. The most adorable creature (CG or live!) I have ever seen!! Our school mascot is a dragon and I really want a Toothless plush or something. Any suggestions? He is just toooo cute!!!

  6. Jackson Warner Says:

    Toothless reminds me of a house hold pet, mostly like a playful cat. I think that’s what makes him so endearing. Also his eyes are very expressive. Awesome movie, part 2 in 2013!

  7. Joshaphine Says:

    I love this movie it is soooooooooooooo cool 🙂

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